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  1. I'm not wrong, they handle different in different conditions and sail settings. The rest, i like having both models. The more the merrier.
  2. Control is different. Both have different rigging individual areas, size of stays, etc.
  3. Gotcha. Then, in regards to OP subject, it will still be smaller gain of experience. I'm just focusing that specific issue and the truth is, XP is scaled with challenge. So no fast experience with easy or even more easier challenges.
  4. You take as granted that all players do want it easy while many actually do want challenge, but fair point. I ask again, what will happen when your 55 point region is taken by enemy ? Will you change again ?
  5. The 500xp ones instead of the 2000XP ones are slower and easier. Those are the examples posted by the OP, the second by Koltes. There's also even slower and easier for total newcomers with 7th rate missions from capitals. But OP suggests it is too slow if it is easy.
  6. You mean put all eggs in one basket ( so many points in one port ) ? What happens if said port is taken and all your eggs are smashed ? What is the difference to now ? Actually a region ( capital + satellite ports ) can have a lot of points, permitting to spread that region industry. But I'd like to read more of you reasoning, it seems you may be on to something, just not explaining it too well.
  7. ?? You are very very confused, but is typical when someone doesn't read and follow the thread. Upon changing name that character is gone *poooof* it has no past, no handle in clan history, it is like it never existed. It is a blank in the clan logs, if they ever existed from the OP suggestion. That is what Master Forger offers and why it is used.
  8. You will know who the person is, no matter the name. I totally disagree with the proposal. Master Forger promises a new identity without ties to the past. GL out there.
  9. Totally agree on the bad apples side of things, but the machine doesn't care about human concerns. How does it know if a player changes name because of being a scammer or simply because the player feels like a cool new sparrow name ? It doesn't.
  10. No. Master Forger services would be useless.
  11. Odd. Had a Snow engage a Prince and battle closed after the 2 minutes. 70BR vs 65BR. Technically the same as the Herc vs Pandora.
  12. Then capture them first. I suggested something regarding ports open to all without any concern for specific wants&needs. That's on the players if they want or need to attack something.
  13. FFA ports should lose Conquest timer and go default.
  14. That is indeed a sad story
  15. Why is the solo player so scared of the clan that could give him access to PvP and crafting gameplay ?
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