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  1. You are the one expected to behave in the first place the very first minute you enter the forum. There's no need for any proof. You break rules of communicating with others, you get warned. You keep breaking rules you get invited outside. Carry on participating in the forum with good spirit and clean language and everything will be perfect. Friendly warning.
  2. Stop making assumptions and saying lies. Discipline moderation is delivered by type of speech used, words. Not ideas. How you say it gets you muted, not what you say. Now stop spreading lies and try to follow the rules and you will NEVER EVER get warned let alone banned. Consider this post a warning btw.
  3. exactly why imo all must go ( either wiped or removed entirely or 100% available in admiralty). either is difficult for all at d-day, or none at all and everyone is wiped but access them all in admiralties.
  4. How low must you go to "impersonate" known players by using their names as steam handles... What a bunch of "peasants"...
  5. *yawn* If i'm a US fellow i'll pay 69 dollah for a certain product. But if i'm a certain EU country i'll pay 69 euro ( 69 euro is NOT 69 dollah "my dude" ). And actually will pay less in rubles, 45 if i'm not mistaken. The only thing complicated is your attitude towards prices in other countries for the same product. The only thing complicated is also - you either want and can, or you want and cannot. And that is on you. No one else, let alone Steam international transaction departments.
  6. Read what I wrote. Steam, Gog, Epic, etc regulationes per country and the country where you live in and the taxes you pay for products reflect end price. Read what I wrote, not what you want reality to be. In some countries 2/3 of the price of a steam product is tax.
  7. I advise you to check Steam policies and taxes per country before making 1:1 comparisons. It is the same with ALL steam games, with ALL EpicGameStore games, with ALL Slitherine games, with ALL GoG games...and so on.
  8. Movie Maker as stand alone disappeared but you got the same through Story Remix in Photos app. Just to add to the options presented.
  9. Came across Warlord Games also working on a age of sail line. Warlord line of minis are good so quite interesting to see what they come up with for this age of wooden ships ( photo from Salute2019 con http://www.warlordgames.com/frontline-report-warlord-games-salute-2019/ ) http://www.warlordgames.com/frequently-asked-questions-black-seas/ According to them it kind of hits the shelves around the same time the first Oak&Iron pledges start shipping
  10. Thanks for bringing this up Jodgi.
  11. Mahogany/Mahogany, no books, basic quadrant(3% speed) module only. loaded with 50 repairs of each, hull and rig, 100 total, and 100 rum and can do 13.30 knots with full longs ( no swivels ); 7 knots at fighting sails ( battle sails ) at beam reach. Starting a evolution through wind, still had 10 knots when close hauling at 35ยบ degrees then it suddenly dropped. Was a good tack through the eye of the wind with minimal sternway, felt fairly good ( better than the exagerated sternway of other models ) BUT the inversal of rudder felt odd ( same effect as all other ships). Acceleration is fast ( same as all other ships ) and can reach top speeds really fast ( same as all other ships ). Note: we are playing with 4x acceleration when compared to P.9 ( we are in P30 ). But this is not related to Pandora, just a sidenote. ( thx Jodgi and royal speed trials society for the info ) She will be raider. Not a fighter. Has little staying power versus a heavier frigate. Will not be a meta ship for combat, but will be a fine trade raider. 100 BR feels short. The model itself is beautiful with the entire rigging and all the details. The original painting and the textures "grain" are great.
  12. Not defending it. I'm saying anyone is free to do whatever they want with their cash. The opposite is more true, some seem pissed that someone else might have the cash and actually spend it because they want and they can... Gimme a break ...!
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