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  1. Good manners doesn't imply duels. Nor duels imply good manners. In truth good manners are and should be always the norm. Best of luck in your endeavours. The gaming world surely needs them.
  2. Is not, that's why i gave my opinion on the opinions Statistic prove no one right and everyone wrong bothers me that the thread gets cluttered with "nay saying"
  3. Hethwill

    Barrack Ships

    Not only after but actually during the era. Officers and enlisted men had to go through a "barracks ship" to get accustomed to the place, drills, space, routines, etc before setting on a cruise, no matter how short. Also many post Napoleon I wars RN men did serve their first commissions aboard the Victory at anchor, and other similar hulks. Simulating gunnery ( no powder, just the drills ), etc. Very cool photo.
  4. let @qw569­čś│ do his statistics and don't be a hooligan transforming his thread into a "statistics prove me right!!!!" discussion. GJ m8 thanks for the data.
  5. And yet not a single gun over 6 pounds recovered from the wreck with majority ranging from half pound to 2 pounds. ( given nominal 40 guns, 28 recovered iirc, let's keep believing she was a big gun monster )
  6. Lighter shot loses speed faster even with equivalent suggested charge of 1/3 weight. Further. Drop due do gravity is exponential. Batteries did sight "flat" at roughly 1┬║40', not zero, to make up for the initial drop. Roughly 3-4 feet in the first 200m ( actually 195, 100 toises), rises to 20-23 by 400m (390m 200 toises). ( Boudriot ) Majority of gunnery tests conducted on land or stable ramps. Zero continuous roll. Point blank for a 8 livres would be 500m. This is just trajectory and reach, nothing to do speed/energy carried ( which ship composite construction does he
  7. Maybe i explained myself wrong. When attempting to make a specific mechanic credible in game in regard to RL ( leaving other mechanics untouched leads to odd results ) as opposed to make all mechanics work together as credible as possible ( if changing one aspect, it replicates equally to all others ). NA is not a simulator, i get that.
  8. That statement is not even close to reality. Damage to rig is present in absolutely every single naval engagement. From the ones that lasted 15 minutes with rigging getting blasted and masts falling overboard, to the ones that lasted 4 hours and more and seeing majority of ships with masts lost. One common factor across is that somehow for some reason the mizzen seems to always be the one that falls first. Just for the sake of anedocte, HMS Quebec battle against the Surveillante. Both ships ended with no masts whatsoever after an engagement that lasted some 3 hours ( is never non stop, there's
  9. All fine, especially with the effective ranges, contemporary gunnery tables are all fact in themselves and there's not "the one" that is absolute fact above all others, in which the others may present slightly different values, so the reasonable average for the game seems good. The ship as gunnery platform is intimately tied with positioning relative to - wind and opponent - as long as we can sail a 74 gun ship fast and beating ( 74 as reference, but applies to all ), the indirect effect to the gunnery is improved. Ship can sail and shoot from and to, almost to the eye of the wind and can
  10. Ship structures under sail and under gunfire by Prof. Francisco Fern├índez-Gonz├ílez Escuela T├ęcnica Superior de Ingenieros Navales Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid
  11. Yes sir, but in game "deck height" makes difference, guess compromises is the word. There's a Module in game called Improved Mast Tops, specifically for use of musketry. I mean, musketry at sea at this time wasn't so different from bowmen during the transition of the late 16th century. Popinjay shooting remained and remains a specific drill born out of the need for use of shooting at sea. Specialised naval infantry could fight in land with regular performance, but land infantry would never get as good as purpose drilled naval men. One could argue that maybe Marines should be better i
  12. Deck heights difference does. Say a 1 deck ship to a 2 decker will suffer penalties. So on and so forth.
  13. Esta discusión ha alcanzado su cenit y ahora va cuesta abajo muy, muy rápido. Cerrado.
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