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  1. In game, in port, top right corner, click the medallion. You should have a DLC separator and then the DLCs you purchased. Click Redeem. Voilá. Have fun.
  2. In battle: - Order them to stop - Sail alongside, access ship with X key - Select sink Pretty much same as you would do with a surrendered/captured enemy ship.
  3. Trade protection was one of the major factors that led to wars during this period. Traders are the least innocent.
  4. While the initial message focus the game as whole, it seems there's a very central concern on everything War Server, when in effect the game is two pronged - War and Peace. It would be beneficial to point out exactly which server we all mean when we point out specific things and reply, not to confuse readers that might be searching for a Peace single or multiplayer coop experience and not the additional War competitive multiplayer.
  5. Yep. This occurred on distinct situations - Neutrality towards both nations. If one ship fires another the fort will assist the offended. There's plenty of these cases and the latest i remember still with canvas flying was during ACW with Federals firing upon Rebels in neutral port, but there's a lot of "neutral port defenses fire" during the entire age of sail. Enemy vessels were always fired upon or apprehended. In NA all nations are enemies.
  6. Defense capabilities of the LGV compared to TBrig when faced with 7th and 6th rates is a major difference. Likewise Trade Snow combative capabilities compared to Trader Brig. Less cargo volume in exchange for that volume being occupied by the carriages and guns at the ready. Tbrig should, indeed, be in between both regarding cargo volume.
  7. Other game with insurance covers the full cost ( player must put the entirety of money on insurance though, is basically a savings for a bad day ) has no player to player trade so the prices correspond to what the market charges. Insurance in NA is in relation to what AI market charges, not what players charge. The beauty and the beast, and the more we charge for resources the bigger the gap from insurance. It affects both the buyer as much as the seller, because all lose ships. In that regard the NA insurance is well done.
  8. I don't disagree. Just stating the mechanic as it is now, the machine does not care about human arrangements. IIRC is one of the more requested ideas from the "less nation, more clan" players, to go full clan wars and in that regard yeah, it would be a mechanic in place and all clans could setup diplomatic mechanics between themselves.
  9. The Status at mechanics level is terrifyingly simple - all nations are enemy to all other nations. There's no tracking done by the machine to what the humans do or talk which includes clan level diplomacy with enemy ( enemy!) nation clans. ( all other nations/clans/players are enemies, that's the essential baseline that drives the mechanic so far ). Maybe devs working on alliances !?... who knows...
  10. Objective to take over the enemy ship is to take the prize, the ship itself most of time. So... who keeps the ship ? The original owner or the fellows that capture it ? There can only be one ship.
  11. You will not surrender... But the gank squad might force ( if they fancy your ship ) you to give up the ship, and capture it, by force of chain, some ball, a lot of grape and cutlass.
  12. Oh, this is interesting. So, for example, in a hypothetical Hornblower scenario where Pellew sends him to aid the royalist french army, one could select to play only Pellew part and stay with the fleet -or/and- also play Hornblower and the British and French armies Officers parts ? That's cool would love to play just commanding the naval forces, send marines and give them to land commander and "suffer" by anticipation IF the land forces would do it or not, even with "alternative" endings like having to evacuate the failed expedition.
  13. That's correct nowadays, technically a daily newspaper. But can also be a periodic that relates daily occurrences, such as the ones in the age we depict in the game. Could be weekly, could be monthly, but - and you are right in that - they would list all the daily occurrences during their period cycle. That being said, it is important for the gazette team to take note of daily events, minor, major, and even irrelevant funny ones, to populate the gazette
  14. More "Caribbean news" in this format needed. ( albeit the modern looks the gazette format lends itself to the period of history portrayed by the game, where every town had a gazette )
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