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  1. Biggest drop i felt, personally, was two fold, first when ships of the line were blocked being captured from the AI, second and most severe, during Regional Conquest tests ( 1 PB to the region capital conquers entire capital ). I know it overlapped with the Rare Woods but the major axe was losing an entire national territory, down to the capital, with 3 port battles, in less than 4 hours. I know some small groups ( 5 - 15 players ) that did never came back after that testing.
  2. No idea. Reckon age of sail requires planning of operations. Say I can only play 2 hours today, and there's a PZ in Nassau, but I have nothing close. I can forfeit and do whatever else, or try to plan my upcoming sessions setting up a naval base there.In the meanwhile, while doing all that, i might myself become a target in the open sea, like being intercepted by raiders, thus pvp content. I have to defend myself, the opponent have to ensure they get the stuff or sink my ship.
  3. One small group i know for certain did stop dead in the Regional conquest. 3 port battles did completely wreck one nation. They stopped the day the nation collapsed never to return.
  4. That's what i like about the 1 life. And I agree with you. Insurance works. OP asked for discussion about insurance and provided comparison with another game ( with a mjor different philosophy though ), that's all. Add whatever you want, not matter how absurd it may look.
  5. No. The note is issued by admiralty, hence not insured. "Crafted by Admiralty"
  6. Absolutely true. Most of the guys also don't try to achieve everything in a day. They either make a transport of repairs and rum to a far outpost and logoff, or having done that the previous day, login and go to battle. Dunno, each player has its own schedule to do things which involve - transporting of ships to outposts, furnishing of outposts with goods needed for combat, etc. What a player that plays 12h a day does in a day, the guy that plays 2h a day will achieve in a week. There's no problem with that.
  7. So, if Patrol Zone would be a format equivalent to Small Battles / Duels but with proper sinking and loss, those two would not be needed. But then, why would we need outposts ? or the OW really... hmmmm...
  8. Good to hear you having fun. Main reason i see about Nassau and Deadman's Cay PZs....DLC ships ( and otherwise easily accessible ships - admiralty surprise )
  9. Unless you are GameLabs Naval Action development team you have no clue what's going on. I know I don't But here, have some toilet paper. Never know when you might need it.
  10. Correct, that's true, but you still have to USE your stock ship, especially for reputation to access the crew levels. And you cannot capture enemy ships to make up your losses. ( have lifetime ED upgrades as a founder ). ( again, ED has no player run economy where we set the prices directly, just indirectly by affecting systems power balances ) But this brings me to a point where Naval Action Insurance maybe could be better off, not by Reals but by a ship note ??
  11. Well... best advice given ever in the game, fairly long ago,... and in line with what Captain Reverse posted - This is fighting game. Sail ship, fight ships. Sink enemy or get sunk. GG. Grab another ship, fight more. The fellows ( i think they were RUS clan ) were really kind and honest and without any need for salt, and like it or not, they were raw honest when they gave that advice. - Combat game. Grab ship. Fight. Grab another ship. Fight more. Simple. All your individual considerations are void in the grand scheme of things. Either you like the combat game or you don't.
  12. Good morning to you too. Aren't we in a good mood...huh... Woke up and decided that you had to rant somewhere on the internet ? Jezzebus... play the game or go pester someone else. Or take a approach like Jodgi. A lot to learn from him.
  13. Given ED is one of my favs... 2 things 1. Market in ED is not run by players. The prices are stock run. So price for a "module" is not 400k ( as you can see in NA ) because free market, but would be 800 reals, as it is the "stock price". Likewise, resources are 9 reals in stock price, but sold 10x more in player made market. 2. Ships in ED are stock. There's no crafting. So technically, by making a equivalent, the only ships available would be Shop ships. The Insurance in NA at the moment covers the stock price of the resources used to craft the ship. NOT player made prices. ( see number 1 above ) The Insurance covers only player crafted ships, as the Admiralty ships / NPC shop ships / AI captured are essentially... "free" of any economic/crafting gameplay. Not sure if you aiming at the Solo player, but there's options to overcome the need for ships ( especially solo player that plays like a couple hours every other day ) and i nominated them above. NPC captured ships, NPC shop ships, exchange doubloons in Admiralty for ships, or... if playing in War server, maybe instead of sinking enemy player ship, just capture it. If there economy was purely run by the AI like in ED, then things would be different.
  14. Sea trials did indeed give that shock and awe feeling, cannot deny that. Funny i was more interested on the sailing than the combat during a while. And always got that feeling... "why can't I sail beyond the horizon... !?.... " Was a good testing ground.
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