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  1. Given the question is more about mechanics than about what game represents or allows player to enact - "What present mechanics do you enjoy in NA" - i dutifully fulfilled all that apply. - a word - Freedom to enact credible career life character in the west indies during the age of sail and centered in the Napoleonic Wars. Possibility of multiplayer cooperation with friends and enemies also being other persons. Some days a trader, other days a ruthless corsair and other days a humble captain in a man'owar fighting a battle with strategic repercussions, port battle. It could be a single player simulator for all I care as long as it simulates the ships, the lands, the opportunities of career, the enemies and ultimately the historical period.
  2. Please present proposals in each of the specific threads. This is for ease and fast access by the Development team. Appreciated. Combat - https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/35587-new-feature-proposals-combat/ Trading, Crafting, Economy - https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/35585-new-feature-proposals-trading-crafting-economy/ DLC - https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/35588-new-feature-proposals-dlc/ Conquest ( RvR ) - https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/35586-new-feature-proposals-rvr/ Various features - https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/35592-new-feature-proposals-art-and-other-various-featurs-not-related-to-combat-rvr-dlc-or-economy/
  3. Do you ? I think not. You don't really really play the game. You game the game. That's why most of the answers for the questions are skewed towards a certain outcome and do not present opposition response. You searching for a pattern that supports your claims. I'm out. Fair winds.
  4. This is the important part. Devs will assess and decide. Using a crowbar to force their brain will not work. That was the intent of the comment. Sorry for not being clear.
  5. What's that... a fully developed port yadda yadda !? Most ports are not used so you put all eggs in one basket. And yes, was in nation that lost all regions the first time regional conquest was tried -1 PB entire region of 5 ports changed hands. In a single swoop day all regions were lost. Glad i tested all of the game.
  6. instead of asking "How can we make it more enjoyable?", the devs are asking "How can we make it harder?" I am sure you haven't seen hard in NA. I am very very very sure. Because at the moment is one of the easiest moments ever to acquire anything at anytime, money flows like honey and there's no meaning in loss for enemy nation, just for enemy player individual. No. You didn't see hardcore patches and you are very confused.
  7. That's 73 ppl man. Many clans have more than that. That sample is absurd. Go offtopic somewhere else...omg...
  8. I am sure the wording will be reviewed by the Devs. Comments already sliding to an agenda of "dead game"... instead of staying truly on topic locked
  9. Yes but only LGVs or Indiaman(i). And they should have an escort that matches the value of possible cargo.
  10. Hethwill

    Peace option

    You are in the Introduction Mission. Read the text carefully. You are in command and must reach port. You must also do damage to enemy vessels.
  11. Hethwill

    Open world

    Complete the initial assignment. Read the instructions. You must reach the indicated port while making damage to enemy ships. Your captain has been shot. You are in command now. Once you reach port you will have access to everything. It is Introduction Mission. I don't know if it can be skipped.
  12. Try this. You sink one. Access hold. Cancel. Access again until items show up. Sometimes there's delay/lag for items to appear. I've been having zero issues with loot.
  13. No. Privateer is 30BR and will get chased by Small.
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