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  1. Hethwill

    Quarantine Stories

    ( is FRIDAY ! woo hoo ! ) All systems nominal at the office. All taken care of. Morale is high and everyone cheers up everyone else that shows up. Nay sayers and negative chatters are purely ignored. Everyone, including board and directors that were in there today gave a hand to the team preparing the supply bags to be delivered to the elders during the weekend. We are either part of the solution, or a piece of the problem Supermarkets are well supplied ( thanks to all logistics workers ) and established a 2 hour for elders. Is working perfectly and everyone is pretty civilized. No one is taking excess so there's enough for everybody. I know some areas are not this peaceful and some situations arose when clients trying to hoarde too much of anything were invited to reduce the quantities - invited meaning, you either do it or you get expelled without anything. "No sir, you do not need all the pineapples in the store!" kind of thing. A elder lady in the supermarket insisted in not using any gloves as she touched every single piece of fruit until she found the one that please her touch. Kindly had to remind her that is her and everyone and suggested that she used her hand inside a bag to do it. It worked, as she didn't thought of that and was thankful. On the other hand a young adult male was quite rude when he was told to keep a healthy distance in the queue. But i guess he was just suffering from hard drugs withdrawal symptoms. My area looks solid following the emergency protocols that entered in effect since today midnight. Sadly there are areas with much higher population density where risk is ultra high and bosses not giving a rat's arse about both public and employees - all non essential commerce had to close. That includes smartphone stores, lingerie and other similar luxury items commerce. These bosses will have a surprise during today or so a bird told me. We are not confined to our quarter. Which means anyone can make a good walk, by seaside ( in my case ) or along the parks, but circulation is advised to be very low density. Majority of people in my area spread out throughout the day in their walks, which means there's never a lot of people anywhere. Remote classes are working perfectly, in the cases i follow. Teachers are always on for students. Schedules are maintained although there's more free time overall. Health personnel keeps working round the clock. Military been side by side with them since the very first day. Same as all social support institutions. Air is way way less polluted, there's not even a comparison. It feels the same as when one goes to the countryside away from any town.
  2. Hethwill

    Quarantine Stories

    I could 100% work from home but the couple hours in the morning i go there, check the systems and deliver some good humour to the people at the place. Nothing like a laugh to make a gloomy day much more bright. Remote school classes started today and the youngsters are busy setting all up and seeing how it all works. They already made a test of French and have a Maths one after lunch. Pretty solid so far and actually the teacher can dedicate time to a couple students explaining stuff without the normal interruptions of a classroom. An important thing for us citizens of the Free Societies is that we the people make our own safety and protect each other and we don't need to rely on authoritarian measures to provide it for us. We grew up in liberty so we can do what we must to protect all of us when needed. So don't be an idiot and don't force the hand of freedom to act against you by acting against the health measures. Been spending less time at the PC and way more at the table playing Black Seas ( and painting and modelling the ships ), playing Tank Duel which is a blast and even the kids and gf love it albeit not being wargamers or liking history that much. On the solo side, going through The Last Hundred Yards and learning Wings of the Motherland.
  3. Let's all chill out with the "idiots" and "retards". Use "immature" and "short sighted" instead. Thanks.
  4. Hethwill

    Quarantine Stories

    Despite our "libertarian" nature here, and our addiction to anything social the majority of my area ( Lisbon ) is fairly solid. There are slight shortages but nothing extremely major. People exercise daily ( 5 minutes walk from the sea help a lot ) so there's plenty of space. My building is only a few neighbors and we all care for the general cleanliness of the place ( we always did, is not only now 🙂 ) On the other hand we have a comunal garden of the building to tend to, and lots of tabletop games to play here with the kids. All sanitations rules are a bit more harsh at home but that's it for the moment. I'll be working half remote and half location ( IT ) but being a 10 minute drive isn't as bad as many that have to commute for hours. Gladly i don't work on a "profit" organization but rather a "social support" organization which despite all shortcomings ( lower income, etc ) has extreme benefits in crisis events, with zero impact on income and full support from health services and similar protection services. The walk at the seaside was good today. 2 hours walk opens your lungs, keep the joints working and keeps mental sanity 🙂
  5. Hethwill

    Quarantine Stories

    There's several ways of contagion and any droplets can compromise any surface, be it from breath, coughing, sneezing, etc. That's all. Same as plenty other diseases. This one has a contagious factor way above health services response, hence isolation or else the entire health system collapses in a week. 🙂 With an average infection factor of 2.5x is no joke. And people must keep working else everything stops. Easy to talk about "work from home" when the majority of services cannot function remotely. While a grocery store is setup for uncrowded workforce the health locations are ramping up the staff. And that's what i worry about. Anyone can sell groceries, but not everyone can be a nurse 😉 and those are the frontline warriors. How easy we forget those that contained ebola some years ago... In any case, same stuff as before. Keep the house aired, sunlit, lots of hydration and mental sanity with books, modelling, hobbies and alike. For southern europeans is really hard to cut off the social as in general we are always atuned to everything social. Any large gathering of friends is a daily occurrence 😭
  6. Hethwill

    Quarantine Stories

    You are correct. Direct touch does not ... but then you lick your fingers to turn a page of a book or touch your eyes with an itch, etc,. That's how it enters your system by "touch". Keep your homes aired, sunlit. Eat healthy, drink a lot of water, keep disciplined and stay focused. And remember to help whomever needs, even with simple things like bringing groceries to a elderly neighbour that can't walk long distances/being a high risk target. Little stuff like that. If you are involved in health services, God bless you and Godspeed. Sometimes you are invisible, now you are invaluable. Snappy salute.
  7. Another admirable work from Benerson Little and this time he takes the focus to the other side of the coin with a in depth approach to the "pyrate" problem faced by powers and civilizations since antiquity. What is fascinating is the down to earth ( or should i say to sea! ) presentation of each era solutions while completely avoiding a rationalization of contemporary knowledge and hindsight. Little takes us into a voyage to the time he portrays and presents with clarity the challenges faced by the ruling powers, same as the opportunities open to criminal sea rovers. This is a important aspect, for me, as it places my mind onto the strategical/operational and tactical options when having to deal with pirates and free from modern pre-conceptions and tactical options outside the scope of what was available at the time, which is also a issue breaker because many things we take as modern... aren't. There's a chronological sequence and a linkage between all - the hunt for pirates. From antiquity, and even before that with linkage between myth and recorded history mainly hellenic culture, mediterranean powers, passing through the dark ages sea raiders, medieval world and through the discovery age and grand age of sail up to modern days. While "Sea Rover Practice" was very focused on the ship, crew and captain, Pirate Hunting is very much focused on tactics and operational logistics and how they worked and how they failed with the reasons behind them. This is a must have if you are into age of sail subjects or pyracy subject as a whole. It is not a revisionist work, i really loathe those, but a factual analysis of pyracy and how established powers fought ( and fight ) them on the sea and on the land into their lairs. I got myself the hard cover edition which is really good binding, old style, with a beautiful illustration dust cover. The prices vary but is not a expensive acquisition.
  8. Realism when it fits 'me', not realism to fit all. I get it 🙂 Tavern talk, drunk talk. * I once knew this lass, in a tavern back in the ol' country, her breasts as wondrous as two thirty two pounder shot; and then you'd say, there' goes a broadside and all the crew would jeer *
  9. Applies in blockade duty and being brought up necessaries by tenders. At operational level the captain of a frigate had to be resourceful regarding supplies. Some could be arranged at natural anchor points away from any ports - usually for wood, water, forage - and then to ports - again water and forage but also tools and any specialized items and repairs - and also major ports - ad-hoc refits, repairs and replenishment of whatever ship needed IF said port had the facilities ( a major trade hub is not necessarily also a naval base ). At operational level, a SOL fleet would sail with purpose, not to just cruise around. If strategic objective not met, they would return to base. All of this cannot be simulated in the game. Design choice of infinite ball meets realism as you may shoot, say, 180 broadsides during a full engagement, 2 per minute, 90 minutes. That is not far from any realism. If anything is "realistic design not considering exceptions that might have happened"; and a few did. More important, for any ship in all ages, than the amount of ammunition is the amount of water. And we don't have to manage that.
  10. Looking at numbers - for example odds of combat, or percentile accuracy, and so on and forth - and correlating them to historical data is many player's hobby inside the hobby and when done beforehand during development can prove invaluable for the devs. Thing is, many players of games can't help it. They will naturally dissect the numbers no matter what.
  11. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/02/14/the-flare-path-talks-task-force-admiral/
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