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  1. I like the style or writing, well placed sarcasm and irony, albeit on some details a bit overboard with too much of this and that but can be excusable as the "magazine" says it all in the title - essay . All in all it reminds me at times of some of the Flare Path articles from RockPaperShotgun.
  2. that game is seamless, NA is not. ( I wish, but not with seamless time dilation as in the game you refer to... ) Battle Groups obey same rules. Need BR to tag. So make sure your Battle Group has enough BR. Same rule, no br no tag.
  3. https://drydockdreams.games/2020/01/28/wallabies-in-the-year-of-the-rat/ Dev update
  4. I can't command the posted ship at all times. I can't sail it against all tiers and just mow down low ranks at will. In NA you can
  5. ...right... Careful what you wish for... it may actually happen. 😣 ... and then the same folk will be asking for the opposite... Battle Groups work perfectly. BR difference for tag works good. I don't get the issue. Yeah sure, at marginal BR difference a group of 4 or 5 Snows can tag a lonely rank 1 SOL. Tough luck.
  6. Snow does not have enough BR to tag Victory BR. Has to be a entire flotilla of Snow ships for 1 single Victory ship.
  7. Should listen to his own dev team first, a small bit of the players suggestions and above all "listen" to the data - that's factual info, not feelings. Should do the game "he, GameLabs" wants. Taking the old soup analogy. Some like tomato soup, others hate it, but neither likes onion soup but actually the cook loves it. Eat the soup.
  8. And you are right, there's 0 incentive to surrender, then don't. ( unless RL calls, and if that happens... just pixels. Surrender and get on with RL )
  9. There's more than meets the eye working on the unseen parts of the code. I advice never to try this ad infinitum ... actually not even as a regular practice, but you know... it'ss, your account.
  10. 10k salt ? make salt usable again ? ( out of jk mood, i posted 10k doubloons just a measure of a tow ship being of paramount importance, can be whatever but not a insignificant amount, and 10k is at the waterline between the average commitment player, maybe has stockpiled some 25k, and the veteran everyday for a few hours which has excess of 60k or more. same with no stockpiling permits. buy them, have to use them in the same day.)
  11. 10k and no stacking, usable only on the day it is purchased.
  12. ok, so... if in game i set the convergence at 250m, the point blank will be before the visual end of the zone and gravity will take over after that The max energy is at the exit of the barrel. After that is a descendant curve in value. So the best value should be hugging the enemy, and the "best worst" value at 200m, with anything beyond being negligible unless light woods on the receiving end and even then... ( picking up on that example and translating it to game as best i can)
  13. Is definitely not 200m for all guns, all weights, all charges. But is a fairly good median estimate distance for most. @Lieste did make extensive posts about this subject.
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