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  1. As you all can't behave with proper civility as per tribunal rules, thread will remain locked to avoid further posts and will be reviewed by the admin board in due time.
  2. Hehe that's where Oak&Iron comes in 17th century galore.
  3. https://www.wargamer.com/reviews/black-seas-the-age-of-sail-battle-game/
  4. Naval and Command&Control types of strategy/tactical wargames are on the rise, in computer or other media types like tabletop ( naval has always been a niche within a niche ). While many of us know that there will be no remake or new generation version of War in the Pacific ( Victory at Sea Pacific fell short in some levels albeit a good game ) this project ( shared through a wargaming group ) definitely caught my attention for those two major reasons: - command and control tactical level - ww2 pacific air naval As far as I know is not competing directly with any other developer - pure hex wargaming won't count versus this one - and rekindles the fire of a sorely missed part of military history and related technology. https://drydockdreams.games/about-the-game/
  5. Reckon the representations are just generic and model designers just went with what would fit in that spacing - X guns at model length. Reckon hobbyists can and will definitely make their own named models with papercraft and balsa hulls at 1/700 if anything is missing. Big issue is ( and damn companies like WG for doing that ) the tie up the rules with ship cards and lock it behind their model shop. ( they don't design rules only, they design the models for the games. Other companies only focus on rules ). As DeRuyter points out, the elements like gunnery are just too abstract in a odd way to even kind of design your own ship card. ( in other rulesets even with abstract values is more visible why the Santissima has 12 gunnery and a 74 gun has only 7 just as an example ). No idea about the "singular" vessels coming like the Victory, Constitution, L'Unité, etc. Some can already be seen.
  6. I do not dislike their philosophy of what fits, meaning the very basic and then complete the game with the rules the players wish. Can play pure basic but with advanced wind for example or add even a bit more flavour with shot type allied with aim high. In that regard I see possibilities. I'm not a Warlord Games customer at all so no idea if the other products work like this in their designs. I read the shot similar to fighting sail, a sum of shot power instead of definite type of guns carried but still quite high compared to the frigates ( let's say it is a 18pdr frigate, typical of napoleonic period ). Very abstract. Guess given the scope of the game - definitely squadron vs squadron rather than fleet engagements - they could've opted for a more detailed approach. my M&C box should arrive at any moment and will look into the two extra sections of rules and see what comes. Definitely like the models and some of the solutions they come up with. The design of the ship cards is my biggest no-no. First thing i'll do is sleeve them and just use a marker instead of the silly sliders. On that specific vid I like the way Gerry, the fellow on the left, arranged his battle tray with all the cards and markers and actually makes it quite standard clean and neat. Having the wake markers to be used under the models always gave me convulsions and after all... is just a sail setting marker *chuckles*
  7. https://www.academia.edu/14515791/Golden_Harvest_The_British_Naval_Prize_System_1793-1815
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/firelockgames/oak-and-iron/posts/2636126
  9. 1:1 scale even if with a more restricted area map, say Bahamas, or Eastern Mediterranean, or even just the Lakes during 1812 war. Simulation of actually taking advantage of the wind by controlling the rig as much as possible considering tech possibilities, not abstract accelerated speed. Same with gunnery. Would love less of mmo MP and more of simulator MP even if it means losing the great open world. Even if at the expense of being a big MMO but becoming a "big online war server" like other simulators running for 250 players and resetting at the end of the "war". Technically it is totally possible. Some projects being developed already do it at a grand scale of 1:1 scale and tens of thousands of unique connections at one spot, or anywhere in the world without time dilation ( eve ) or true instancing ( most mmos ) but actually being seamless.
  10. Hethwill

    Bug or cheating

    Entered a Kill Mission ?
  11. check Gamefor app, can come handy finding opponents in your area ( if not keen in checking in local hobby store that is, that's hard sometimes, i know it. too much scifi too little historicals -.- )
  12. All items should be capturable. I agree. Including coin. Alas it isn't as there's safe chests. I see no immersive hardcore
  13. This was posted in the wrong section of the forum. moved to a more appropriate board.
  14. Less MMO and more Simulator... at all careers levels, and more Simulation at those same levels - true dedication to your chosen activity - crafter, frigate commander, fleet admiral, etc ( is sandbox so a career is simply the choice of what activities you dedicate more time on ). Thank you.
  15. It was like that during a certain time in EA ( patch 10 ). I loved it. Majority disliked it Trade goods and more important, crafting resources and materials were the main cargo being transported. Same with warships - capturing them was challenging but truly rewarding. And would deny your enemies a ship ( and time and materials involved in building them ) while providing your own nation with a new vessel. Alas the drive towards less than realism approach and more gameplay mmo type won the heart of the designers. Still the game can be very fun, albeit flawed in a "simulation of the grand age of sail in the caribbean".
  16. Sorry then. Thought fighting was the purpose of the game. Build ships, fight, build more ships, fight even more. You are right, i don't even play the game properly. I just blow up pixels anyway Carry on with whining in the forum and doing nothing in the map.
  17. Yes, I understand it would get somewhat wrinkled if i'd mindlessly farm AI in the War Server all the i'd spent in NA. Thanks for the warning. Hope you improve.
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