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  1. Makes zero sense as we all will start positive. Then we could never attack.
  2. I responded above. There's no mechanic that stops you from attacking. Only your willingness to change karma, so is a player choice. If they don't want to go Standard they cannot initiate attack. Same with joining a battle will turn Karma to negative. That's how I read the answer in relation to the opening post.
  3. Thanks. Correct, and the answer is correct to the question made. They cannot initiate attack if they don't want change their karma status. Is not a mechanic blocking player from attacking but a player choice of intention and consequence.
  4. Where !?!?! This is what I read about it. Nothing is said about "friendly/positive cannot initiate battle"
  5. And yet not a single gun over 6 pounds recovered from the wreck with majority ranging from half pound to 2 pounds. ( given nominal 40 guns, 28 recovered iirc, let's keep believing she was a big gun monster )
  6. Is actually the other way around and it does makes sense. Karma is not for protection. Karma is for declaration of intention.
  7. Lighter shot loses speed faster even with equivalent suggested charge of 1/3 weight. Further. Drop due do gravity is exponential. Batteries did sight "flat" at roughly 1º40', not zero, to make up for the initial drop. Roughly 3-4 feet in the first 200m ( actually 195, 100 toises), rises to 20-23 by 400m (390m 200 toises). ( Boudriot ) Majority of gunnery tests conducted on land or stable ramps. Zero continuous roll. Point blank for a 8 livres would be 500m. This is just trajectory and reach, nothing to do speed/energy carried ( which ship composite construction does help to dissipate, is not a slab of steel ).
  8. It is easy to understand when all Conquest is clan driven and ports managed by clans for clans. But now we have Neutrals factor into play, that can bypass the clan management.
  9. So Neutral captains ( other nations ) have access to Port Bonus but same nation captains do not ( except if they are on the Clan friends list). Feels really weird and hard to digest.
  10. Maybe i explained myself wrong. When attempting to make a specific mechanic credible in game in regard to RL ( leaving other mechanics untouched leads to odd results ) as opposed to make all mechanics work together as credible as possible ( if changing one aspect, it replicates equally to all others ). NA is not a simulator, i get that.
  11. That statement is not even close to reality. Damage to rig is present in absolutely every single naval engagement. From the ones that lasted 15 minutes with rigging getting blasted and masts falling overboard, to the ones that lasted 4 hours and more and seeing majority of ships with masts lost. One common factor across is that somehow for some reason the mizzen seems to always be the one that falls first. Just for the sake of anedocte, HMS Quebec battle against the Surveillante. Both ships ended with no masts whatsoever after an engagement that lasted some 3 hours ( is never non stop, there's lulls in battle, ships move away to repair etc, RL is not a game ) Now, let's get back to the game and talk about game. Timespace scale is 4x faster that RL in battle. Means we can accurately simulate 1 hour of battle in 15 minutes, and battle of 4 hours in 1. Is the damage that dramatic when seen at that scale ? Not a good thing to be dismasted in the first broadside ( note: if it happened IRL it should be able to happen in game ) but also not good to have invulnerabilities. I'd argue that modules and books stacking promote a specialization in dismasting, but all i read is suggestions focusing on touching HP and thickness and whatnot rather than - remove excess %% from books/modules to make marginal gains. I'd also argue that the gun batteries are stabilized with little to no dispersion connected to natural roll of ships, as we can keep the aim point steady. Game balance must simulate realism as a whole, not nitpick what fits. IMO
  12. Not about size nor rate. About rig and wind.
  13. All fine, especially with the effective ranges, contemporary gunnery tables are all fact in themselves and there's not "the one" that is absolute fact above all others, in which the others may present slightly different values, so the reasonable average for the game seems good. The ship as gunnery platform is intimately tied with positioning relative to - wind and opponent - as long as we can sail a 74 gun ship fast and beating ( 74 as reference, but applies to all ), the indirect effect to the gunnery is improved. Ship can sail and shoot from and to, almost to the eye of the wind and can wear back fast enough to make up for another reload cycle without pause. Happens too fast. Would enjoy a thoroughly review of all rigging type capabilities to be more approximate to real angles and speed. If a rig cannot beat beyond 60º... so be it. On a sidenote, related to the subject, added another study book to library.
  14. Ship structures under sail and under gunfire by Prof. Francisco Fernández-González Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Navales Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  15. Yes sir, but in game "deck height" makes difference, guess compromises is the word. There's a Module in game called Improved Mast Tops, specifically for use of musketry. I mean, musketry at sea at this time wasn't so different from bowmen during the transition of the late 16th century. Popinjay shooting remained and remains a specific drill born out of the need for use of shooting at sea. Specialised naval infantry could fight in land with regular performance, but land infantry would never get as good as purpose drilled naval men. One could argue that maybe Marines should be better in game, at firepower muskets, but i'd say it is actually the "non marine" crew that is too good. Marines are okay. One could argue "sniping" an admiral is a feat. I'd say is more a chance of luck and God know how many shot missed, but all that counts is the one that hits.
  16. Deck heights difference does. Say a 1 deck ship to a 2 decker will suffer penalties. So on and so forth.
  17. Esta discusión ha alcanzado su cenit y ahora va cuesta abajo muy, muy rápido. Cerrado.
  18. Me wanting more simulation and less mmo magic doesn't mean i don't care about population In truth I always believe a game that delivers what it intends to, especially regarding historical periods, will always have a community. NOTE: You refer EVE in all your posts like everyone knows it... There's players in NA that this is one of the few computer game they play. That's all, this one fellow have only have 2 games on the PC ever. NA and another one. They have zero clue what EVE is but they know what NA is. And that is what matters IMO. And they probably even sail tall ships seasonally That being said you aren't wrong, and I am not wrong. Hence why i wondered why i was quoted, as i'm not interested to serve as justification to prove a point of view. All are valid. The game is the NA Dev's and I am not a NA dev, nor are you. Fair winds.
  19. Ah ! That depends on what the LGV has. Enemy ship might have Barricades and you won't know as it isn't a module.
  20. No idea why I was quoted. Do i have to look to the game through your lenses ? I have no clue what you are talking about in half that post, nor do I care. I have numbers of players info / ping and fps turned off. I do pay more attention to the simulation than to the mmo aspect. Sorry man, can't help it. And been involved in good fights, but then i'm EU timezone. And EU timezone has the bulk of players it seems.
  21. This is what I talk about. Many many thanks in order to make it work.
  22. Hethwill

    help !

    You must read the text. Your orders are clear. I hope you read all the text, but in sum... Damage enemy ships. Reach port.
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