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  1. http://youtu.be/W12HLfpeb-A Worth a watch, really interesting are the parts about the Royal Navy and capturing rather than sinking ships.
  2. The crew diving overboard, dying, abandoning ship as your sinking, and generally more crew variation and animations. Oh and a avatar of your self ((customisable)) that stands on the deck shouting orders
  3. Any oneelse a get download ? (4 in total) anyone know what it is ?
  4. In the full game .. will it be like say Gran Turismo with a "garage" ((dry dock)) of ships, or will it be one ship .. ??
  5. The advantages and disadvantages of each .. 4lb v 6lb 6lb v 6lb long and so on ..
  6. I was looking up "battle of Trafalgar" and it came up with Sidestrafes you tube vid of the Trafalgar 40 Ship battle .. I was hooked, watched all the you tube vids, then rams, then Bismarck's then bought the game.
  7. Just wondered if there was any tips for de-masting a enemy ship
  8. Clan, Guild and or faction Flags and Ensigns for your Ship .. IE Ive just joined "Supercoolamazing clan" and they have there own flag ((Created in game, think any MMO)) and then we can have said flag or ensign flapping away in the breeze on our ship.
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Washington So the Above was a Real sailing brig back in the day and the replica has stood in for loads of TV and Film ships, primarily the Colour scheme as a variation for the brig in terms of customisation, (So we don't all look exactly the same) http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/memoryalpha/images/5/51/Enterprise,_sailing_brig,_Generations.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20110427203511&path-prefix=en https://d38ls2kcjnhfdj.cloudfront.net/5063c67b-7cd6-45b1-a9a6-f3443d04ef50_d.jpg
  10. Ok so I didn't fight at Trafalgar no am I a sailor, So all my Knowledge comes from books, museums and (Sorry to say) Hollywood, now in Master and Commander :The far side of the World, there's a moment where the HMS Surprise gets chased by the Enemy ship and it hides in fog/mist, will there be any considerations for this in the future game?, im being chased by those nasty pirates and so I head for the fog and mist hiding and slipping away for the pirates as they fire blindly into the mists.
  11. Ah .. for some reason I thought we got the Yacht AND a $20 ship .. silly me .. best close this thread then
  12. Personally I feel that all that hard grind and money should not be lost, wheres the fun ?,when the ship ive worked hard for sinks and im reduced to my brig again to work / grind back to get the ship I want .. no thanks, one possible way would be to limit the First Raters, and if those ships get sunk or captured then that IS permanent, and any sunk Fist rater would get replaced by the faction in a say a month (real time) but given to another high ranking Captain of the faction (that way giving a reprimand to the player that lost the Ship) if permanent is permanent, then you will have situations where (what I call) Ultra players will go up the tiers quickly and form groups to player kill large ships or capture them, as for smaller ships perhaps a Cap lvl of size so if you do Die / sunk / captured you get the ship back but only up to say Surprise size (as a off the head example) I don't have loads and loads of time to sink into a game, I wish to have fun and it would be really rubbish if my ship gets sunk and im reduced back to zero.
  13. Guessing when the games all live Alpha players will get a $20 ship bump in there respective Faction / Job / Career. Any thoughts what the £20 "premium" ship might be ? would get you ?
  14. Obviously We need to keep perspective and not turn the game into a Pirate Fest, but Why not include the most famous Pirates ship ?
  15. Or perhaps a mixture ? Basically at the Moment the game is in Alpha, So yes you can have 6 Victorys on the same side, however im Assuming ((Yes I know never assume)) that these will be Ship Hulls given out, so should you be able to name your own Ship ? Immediately I would say yes, however perhaps a more cunning way of ship name, for instance, if your a Private Shipper or Pirate you can name your ship, but if your say a member of the Royal or French navy your ship is given to you and you have no choice in the matter. in some ways that might stop there being 400 HMS BATMANVSUPERMAN. Thoughts on my ramblings ?
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