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  1. I think it happens when the album in the gallery of the poster is set to private (or friend only). If you embed images from a private album, the preview is visible for everyone, but enlarging fails because of the lacking permission.
  2. Love: - Graphics: The ship, the sea and the sky look great! - Gameplay: Good mixture of simulation and action - PVP battles are big fun! - Performance and stability: Although we are testing an early version, it's very stable and has good fps on my laptop. Don't like: - Collisions caused by AI, especially friendly AI. - The text chat function in the game. Writing feels complicated, reading more than two short messages not possible. - The lobby. I think it's only for testing and will be replaced later by a polished version? In future versions I would like to be able to select different mission types (smaller PVE) and different ships (once they are ready),
  3. I found a nautical map of the Channel Islands and the Gulf of St. Malo: http://www.harbourguides.com/charts.php/Channel-Islands You can see how many small islands, rocks and banks there are. Lot of fun, even without tides. I have read that the developers have been working on a map of the channel. Does anybody know how detailed the map is? Is it finished?
  4. The Channel Islands Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Sark and Herm have a rich maritime heritage. Lots of scenarios can be made from it. We have: Privateers from the Channel Islands, authorized by the English Crown, raiding french merchants heading to St. Malo. See: Guernsey Info about privateering Privateers from Jersey French corsairs (privateers) from St. Malo attacking english merchants in the Channel, e.g. Robert Surcouf. See: Robert Surcouf on Wikipedia English smugglers, especially from Cornwall, trying to transport goods from the (tax-free) Channel Islands to the english coast. English tax cutters (revenue cutters) patrolling the english coast and chasing the smugglers. See: Guernsey Info about smuggling King's Cutters and Smugglers 1700-1855 by E. Keble Chatterton French and English Navy fighting each other several times and destroying hostile privateers. Several attempts of the french to capture the islands. English Raid on St. Malo and Battle of St. Cast. The map could be either small, containing just the triangle Guernsey - Alderney - Jersey (about 20 x 20 nm). Or rather big from St. Malo up to the cornish coast (120 nm). If necessary the distances could be tweaked to shorten the travel times. Apart from the two navies, the vessels would be small and fast ships chasing or evading each other. The difference between high and low tide in St. Malo is up to 12 meters (link) which affects at least the navigability of the coastal areas. I have read that it's currently not planned to implement tides in Naval Action. But perhaps this is an idea for the long term. Finally, if the 3D designers have some spare time or are bored from modelling ships, they could add the Mont St. Michel.
  5. Here are some images from today's 2x2 PVP (1600 x 900 px, graphics set to high): Are the images visible? Reading the "My Media" help suggests that the images should be visible for everyone in the thread although they are in a private album.
  6. Can we use the forum's gallery to upload the images or should we use a picture hoster like imgur? I guess that setting an gallery album to public makes it visible even for guests, while setting it private makes it invisible for everyone apart from me. So only using a picture hoster will work? Is that ok for NDA?
  7. gdir

    UI explained

    Could you please add an option to remap this function to another key? Dell was so clever to omit the Home key from my laptop keyboard. I have to press two keys simultaneously to get the Home key. I've looked at the Input tab on the NA configuration window. It's not there in the current version.
  8. gdir

    Battle Plans

    Battle Plans
  9. I fully agree with you that this is not a key feature. It's a nice add-on in the long term, but other features are much more important and should be implemented first. I have no problem in paying for it as an add-on. I haven't made my mind up about an exact price, but I think you will find a reasonable price :-)
  10. After a PVP or PVE battle has ended I would like to see a replay of it on a 2D chart. Look at A. T. Mahan's plan of sea battles, e.g. here: (Source: A. T. Mahan: Sea Power in its Relations to the War of 1812, Volume 1, p. 333 on Project Gutenberg, Link) I think that such an animation would be a great tool to understand the outcome of battle, especially for large PVP battles. Where did we lose the battle? What was a good, what was a bad manoeuvre? What happened at the other side of the battle? I like the details in Mahan's plans: Direction of wind Position and direction of the ships a the same time Plotted course Orientation of the yards (in smaller plans) Identification of ships I would like to have such a battle plan after the end of a battle, but not during the battle. I shouldn't be a static plan, but a video/animation. It should be possible to pause the animation and to move forward and backward in time. Zooming in and out in larger battles would be nice. In addition to Mahan's plans it would also be nice to see when a ship fires a broadside. You can find more examples of historic battle plans here: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/25911 http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/25912 http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/16602 Edit: Changed the links to Project Gutenberg to match their terms of use.
  11. Are the servers down? After password entry, it keeps "connecting".
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