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  1. correct. And being chased by a superior force is not bad either. it just turns bad, for my taste, when you're in the battle instance and face that same force without any hope AND players start with insults or making fun of their prey for being so stupid to get caught or whatever. I am sick of it. Sure, there might be a language barrier since we have players from all over the world, and not everybody speaks more than his native tounge but there is this google translator thing that helps a lot, and is definitely enough to get a message across. unfortunately I mostly find insults when I use
  2. Well, the german part I could actually do myself but that somehow escaped me. Don't know, must be the heat. But yes, please go ahead, mate!
  3. Even more important to get moving now. I for my part consider this as a last attempt to get some of the fun back. Maybe it's naive but until now I refuse to believe that ALL players enjoy the insults or the sinking of significantly outgunned opponents. Fellow Captains, I invite all of you that want to participate in battles amongst gentlemen to join The Gunroom - Discord ( https://discord.gg/mTzUuVJ )
  4. Could someone, native speakers, please translate this section into spanish and russian and post it again, as a tl;dr. My spanish skills are ok but my russian is on a google translator level which i think is the wrong message if we want to improve communication and behaviour. Join The Gunroom, lads! Cheers
  5. Killing battle Chat to stop Bad behaviour is like chopping off the head to lessen the pain. Talking in battle is part of the fun, in my opinion. If I get my Stern skillfully whipped by the opponent I congratulate with glee. And when i outmaneuvre the enemy and prevent a boarding Or land 23 leaks on a trinco in a broadside I enjoy a "well done" more than sinking the enemy vessel.
  6. Cheers, mate, that is exactly what I'm looking for!
  7. Dear fellow Captains on the war server, I know, i know, this is an open World game and the devs stated it before: it's a hardcore game for hardcore players. I might not be a hardcore player, with family and a job and all this it is hard to find the amount of time that is needed to prosper in the game. But still, i love the game, the tactics in a battle and the sound of a broadside when it rumbles out of my subwoofer, loud enough to alarm the neighbours. And as long as the devs don't ban me from the servers for not spending enough time ingame I won't give up looking for
  8. Merry Christmas Devs and everybody! This is a shot from Hartlepool where the HMS Trincomalee still floats in the port. Thanks, devs, for the awesome gift! Three Cheers
  9. Connection test: NAS-1050776 Report Crash: NAS-1050781 Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.
  10. Ahoy, after the update today my game doesn't launch anymore. Is something wrong with the server, I try to connect from Germany? I checked everything on my side - internet connection, firewall, etc. Thanks for your help! Cheers
  11. Hi guys, I have the Impression that around some free ports the number of NPC fleets is depending on the number of (enemy) players nearby. When sailing alone, that is without sighting enemy players, there's very very little going on but as soon as an enemy shows up a fairly large amount of npc fleets appears. Is that just imagination, saltwater in my eyes, scurvy? @admin‌‌‌
  12. En contraire! Even if the crew manages to keep the bucket afloat - they would still be too busy to return fire. The smarter thing they can do is obviously to get hold of the better ship. Cheers!
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