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  1. Eastern time N/A this game is as good as dead but if you play in UTC or around there it's pretty healthy.
  2. You really like those swing beds, don't you!
  3. This should make PvP a lot more common rather than the previous 'luxury' activity stuff
  4. If you didn't have to 'pop out' to see what's out there and could see it from the dock view, you'd get your wish, no more 'dockhopping'.
  5. If it's Tortue it is the foxes doing it
  6. Your game 'work' to game fun balance is out of whack. It's simply too much 'work' to play the game and the main reason why the population is slowing dipping. Port battles are still 25 v 25, the amount of effort to equip 25 players is ridiculous, even if you can find those 25 players.
  7. It takes 10-12 hours to replace a ship and its upgrades (just blue, nothing fancy, unless you use basic upgrades then that's just about 2 hours). This includes hauling, grinding for cash/combat marks doubloons, waiting for contracts blah blah.
  8. If you engage in PvP and even if you lose you should receive some portion of credit towards your PvP missions, rewards multiplied for the lose if it's a gank. You may not win but at least it wasn't a total loss and it may encourage you to try again.
  9. I can come up with a number of ways this could be abused and used in ways not in line with the original idea.
  10. One thing it did for sure is cut down on the number of high rated ships.. Maybe that's a bonus but on the other hand it definitely killed RvR.
  11. As long as the Russians and the Dutch stay away from this you guys will have some good fun, I'm jealous.
  12. If a clan's active pop drops below a certain threshold the port goes neutral, the original nation has 1 day to claim it?
  13. get rid of port bonuses and no crafter perks. This game does not need more super crap.
  14. I like what you're doing in those PZ zones and I also do think that port bonuses/super mods/gold ships do more harm to the game than good. I think the game would be better off if getting mods was a relatively easy task, sell every single mod that exists for 5 CMs a piece and you would have way more people willing to risk their stuff.
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