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  1. Could you make the licornes/edinorogs randomly explode every few shots, to keep up with the realism?
  2. Let's say you have a strong group of people who do nothing but play NA 24 hours a day, and win every single port battle no matter what. Getting the Russians out of the gulf would take roughly what 7-8 months? 115 ports, let's say 2 days between PBs to acquire flags and move supplies. Of course RvR is stale. Also, port upgrades, doing RvR is a bad idea to being with, you lose your upgraded port and what? Regrind all that crap? Uhh, I don't think your idea will have many takers.
  3. That'd be great for the health of the game for sure. Admin worked very hard to make pve a pain in the ass for sure, but that may not be entirely good for the game.
  4. Will they fix the physics on the gunboat? It's annoying to sail constantly veering in one direction.
  5. You, sir, have won Naval Action, I mean you pretty much turned it into a single player game.
  6. Repairs available in EVERY port - removes the tedium of having to sail repairs to faraway places - increases activity all over the map - removes the dubious practice of buying up all the repairs at capitals and reselling them at ridiculous prices, I strongly suspect that crafted repairs are pretty much non-existent in the economy anyway.
  7. Reduce the crafting grind, some sink hours upon hours to get a leg up on the competition by doing the crafting grind. Make it simple and easy to participate in. The tedium of this is one of the worst parts in the game and the reason for all these alt accounts.
  8. I think this is a great idea especially if the part where you can enter your 'friends' ports is implemented.
  9. Eastern time N/A this game is as good as dead but if you play in UTC or around there it's pretty healthy.
  10. You really like those swing beds, don't you!
  11. If you didn't have to 'pop out' to see what's out there and could see it from the dock view, you'd get your wish, no more 'dockhopping'.
  12. It takes 10-12 hours to replace a ship and its upgrades (just blue, nothing fancy, unless you use basic upgrades then that's just about 2 hours). This includes hauling, grinding for cash/combat marks doubloons, waiting for contracts blah blah.
  13. If you engage in PvP and even if you lose you should receive some portion of credit towards your PvP missions, rewards multiplied for the lose if it's a gank. You may not win but at least it wasn't a total loss and it may encourage you to try again.
  14. I can come up with a number of ways this could be abused and used in ways not in line with the original idea.
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