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  1. They can stay rare, the distribution system is bad and promotes macro usage, just like the contract system is bad (also promotes macro usage). Trader ships is the simplest to implement and I'm sure there are more interesting ways to do this also that will require the player to actually play the game rather than buy an alt and write a macro/other hack.
  2. https://www.autoitscript.com/site/ If not this then other software is definitely used - when it says xxx online, I'm sure a large percentage are bots who do just that. This is why making NPC trader ships drop this stuff on occasion is probably the best way to go, that you can't script.
  3. It can get worse with the control perk and say a privateer who doesn't even have to shoot you to keep you there if he so chooses.
  4. This is not a very good feature and definitely not welcomed by the players.
  5. That'd be great for the health of the game for sure. Admin worked very hard to make pve a pain in the ass for sure, but that may not be entirely good for the game.
  6. Will they fix the physics on the gunboat? It's annoying to sail constantly veering in one direction.
  7. You, sir, have won Naval Action, I mean you pretty much turned it into a single player game.
  8. I noticed another issue - combat news sometimes doesn't show the kill but does credit you for it in the mission journal. Not a big deal really but still odd.
  9. Topic says it all - with the influx of new players who try to rank up, these logbooks just draw the vultures to these locations, how about making logbooks show PvP battles only?
  10. Just try and board one of those even after removing most of its crew, it's hilarious.
  11. See I spent my hard earned money on those DLC ships because a) they look great b) I couldn't care less about the crafting grind Why is your grind in-game worth more than my grind in real-life huh? Exotic woods for DLC ships or allow me to 'return' the DLC as I withdraw myself from this game due to shady business practices.
  12. Please allow redeeming DLC ships with the new exotic woods if there is enough of logs in the player's warehouse.
  13. Why are these wood stats not available in the UI? Or why is there no UI to show the points of sail of a ship, Felix has done a great job with his map but all of this stuff should be available in the UI if you want new players to understand what does what and not external websites/google docs spreadsheets. And again, why do you decide to make drastic balance changes when nobody asked for it months after release? I also want to be able to redeem my DLC with the new exotic woods provided I have enough of them in my warehouse, what if I just like my leopard but I want to build it out of african oak? How about implementing actual trade routes where these magical traders can be intercepted? Stop making half-assed changes nobody is asking for and focus on making the game's population grow.
  14. What is 'Danzic' @admin, did you mean Danzig/Dantzic/Gdansk? Also, where are these 'traders' coming from, can they be intercepted and their cargo captured or do they magically drop from the sky?
  15. The bad - The distribution system of these new woods is poorly thought out and befits mostly people with plenty of time on their hands and many alts and enough patience/macro to buy the goods. The good - more combinations of wood types? Hard to say, I'm not sure what drove the dev team to make this change.
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