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  1. HMS Cossack and HMS Comet landing a mixed force of marines and sailors in 1808 to destroy coastal fortifications near Santander in Spain to avoid them falling into the hands of the advancing French
  2. GB has less RVR clans at this moment than any other time in recent years. But if you want to spend time with your alts painting the map in colours Mama Russia allows then go right ahead. No one cares when the balance is so one sided.
  3. Unless one of the seven players that the devs listen to make this suggestion we are just wasting our time. If ports and ship building wasn't such a huge investment in time and resources then some sort of war goal and map reset would be good. Currently with Russia owning over half the map and the other nations holding the ports which Mama Russia allows RVR and any incentive to really play NA remain dead. Player base and activity is almost back to how it was leading up to the wipe before release. If they do ever reset the map, please return the game back to 4-5 historic nations and
  4. Battle Chat is going to be removed in a future update, RK's idea is commendable but soon irrelevant.
  5. Of course some go beyond just smack talk. Hence OP mission is a good one. Removed the players name in respect of the clan.
  6. RIP? Once he actually engaged it was over in less than five minutes, boarded and won.
  7. I'm going to miss battle chat when they remove it from the game.
  8. Urchin

    Barrack Ships

    Thanks for that photo Archer.
  9. Urchin

    Barrack Ships

    Barrack ships in Portsmouth. Many veterans of the Age of Sail were used as barrack ships well into the 20th century, a practice that insured the survival of some, including USS Constitution and HMS Victory.
  10. Seems I sail two of the most unpopular ships for the most unpopular nation.
  11. No because now mast mods will have little to no effect at close range. I've never been demasted in a Prince with Elite French and Kiritimati Masts, now that will significantly change. Anyway see what happens but expect the change will favour bigger ships more, 5th and 6th rates will be seen even less than they are now.
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