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  1. Russia has dominated since release, almost one year ago. Whether there will still be a player base around to witness Russia's collapse remains to be seen.
  2. Plenty of players will have a stack of screenshots to prove you wrong on that one. The only reason more third rates and above don't die from Snows is because they can't tag them.
  3. Do any port battles take place without Russia's approval? Russia has half the map plus nearly every port worth having, RVR is pretty much dead and uninteresting except to the usual handful of players that seem to live every day of their life by it.
  4. Or how about no single expensive mods that casual players can never afford to use or mod stacks to begin with that are going to use up half the available slots. Doesn't do much for the game when new and casual players are getting smacked by experienced players sailing 15kt fourth rates with rep mods that literally give them a new hull every 10 mins.
  5. Russian Nation, that's hilarious. I hope you are vetting these guys strongly because I'd bet some are the same players telling me they are an alt for another nation and ask to be let go. More alts sailing traders in Gulf under Russian flag with or without clan tags than any other, especially low to medium ranks. Easy to pick out, they either flat out tell you, delayed in dropping sail once battle starts, or don't drop sail at all.
  6. The reason small ships in this game can so easily stern camp and defeat larger ships is because there is no musket fire modeled during battle. The Snow was always a very good ship and too easily able to stern camp and defeat larger ships. Now it's a worse joke than even the Requin ever was, at least that ship could just be ignored by sailing downwind.
  7. Two Age of Sail sailors combating the tedium of Covid 19 Lockdown Painting is 'His Old Ship' by Ulster artist Arthur McCormick
  8. Dawson "Clipper Lahloo" - Smaller than rivals like Cutty Sark and Thermopylae, she was swifter in light airs, resulting in her being first home in 1870, having taken 97 days to run from Foo-chow in China to London with the new tea crop Montague
  9. That must be an old screenshot. These days it's nothing but Snows and DLC ships.
  10. Ivan Aivazovskiy - View of Odessa by Moonlight, 1855.
  11. LOL Those turn rates are higher than the couple of Trincs that I captured and tried to use lately.
  12. If anyone might be interested to read more about muskets for the time period and their effectiveness in battle, along with a fairly detailed account of the tactics, techniques and weaponry for the time period I can highly recommend this book. The Sea Rover's Practice: Pirate Tactics and Techniques, 1630–1730 https://www.amazon.com/Sea-Rovers-Practice-Techniques-1630-1730/dp/1574889117
  13. I have the answer! Dam Guacata. Turn it into a lake, add a port for every nation and Snows can just battle it out in their historic setting. Genius.
  14. OP was about the cost of mast mods. You might be able to fit out every ship with Elite French + Kiri but most other players can't especially casuals.
  15. Is there any RVR these days that doesn't involve one side or the other having already bent over to Russia? Russia holds nearly every port worth having on the map and the entire gulf. Other nations are left to play fight over the worthless remains, but it always seems only at Russia's approval just to give them something to do.
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