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  1. You forgot to change the name of the PVP reward Connie. Should say United States now. Or you could change the reward to give us the new Connie.
  2. When i see negative reviews with 3000+ hours I always imagine something like this
  3. We will see what happens after release. But i think xp will be one of the least things why people will quit playing.
  4. Was talking about lineships in general. Everything that has the bigger guns is going to win.
  5. But I can't adept to something that has no weaknesses. If i still insist on my old playstyle and sail frigates, i can fight the worst Naval Action player who is in a lineship and still loose because all he has to do is point his doom cannons in my general direction and win. All i can do is bend over and accept the new meta and use it my own. Sailing lineships all day which i hate.
  6. Before it took around 2 hours to find a good battle that lasts 30-40 min. Now with this it's gonna take 4-infinite hours to find a battle i can actually fight and i doesn't even last 15 min. With the higher dmg the game feels way too fast now. Everything is useless but lineships and if, for some reason, you decide to sail frigate you have to go with carros because cannons are useless now too. In the fights we had yesterday on testbed you could clearly see that there's gonna be 2 new metas, Carros and Lineships.
  7. Frigates in general. Depending on the size of the facing ships and their numbers. It should never be a invalid option to attack someone just because he is in a massive ship all by his own. I'm all in to test this. I just don't want the big boys to one shot frigates and at the same time have no weaknesses.
  8. Dude this is a game. I can't remember that historically every nation had hundreds of 1st rates.They were used as flagships, so if you want to make the game historical we should limit every nation to a handful of 1st and 2nd rates and slow them down to 6kn, 8kn with full speed mods. You can't just make them invincible because it fits your historical sources. Frigates need to have a chance against a lone SOL. Even now the only advantage a Frigate has over SOLs is their speed and the captain behind the helm.
  9. Pada

    blame prussia

    I was about to say something but then i remembered i don't give a damn anymore.
  10. Showing Naval Action to my friends for the first time
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