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  1. Pada

    blame prussia

    I was about to say something but then i remembered i don't give a damn anymore.
  2. Pada

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Showing Naval Action to my friends for the first time
  3. Pada


    Just attack a few ai traders. Good chance you get more than 2000.
  4. After release you need to give big Youtubers some press acc or whatever they are called so they have all the shit from start. The casual player doesn't want to see someone fight in a Cutter or a Pickle. They want to see 1st rates who 1shot everything.
  5. Pada

    Naval Action Meme collection

    MRW someone says he put a floating battery on his Pickle
  6. I thought at release the free cam will be removed or was that changed?
  7. I was worried about that too. But looking at the BRs smaller ships seem well balanced. For example you can bring 2 Niagaras for 1 Surprise. Also smaller clans can now fill shallow port battles which is imo the best thing about this change. I'm looking forward to test this.
  8. Pada


  9. Would be happy to help out testing. Looks very interesting!
  10. Probably suggested a thousend times but i would be cool that a portion of the dropped loot would apear on open world. So you‘d have to decide to continue chasing or if you pick up the loot.
  11. Pada


    Yes, and ship should be standing still like logout and towing.