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  1. I just tried it with Firefox and it worked... another reason to hate Microsoft. Thanks!
  2. any reason you can think of why it still wont fully load for me?
  3. I see someone's been reading some Patrick O'Brien.....
  4. Some of us have already spent a considerable amount of time on this topic... Unfortunately nothing every really seemed to come of it...
  5. IMO, periodic breaks are key to having fun in NA.... Burnout is real when you try hard to support the clan day in and day out. I'm currently on my yearly NA break and while I dont currently have the urge to play except for maybe a quick sail here and there), it usually will return in a few weeks and I'll start enjoying myself again. We shall see...
  6. hahahaha.... looks to be something like that. Be careful, its the high powered "assault keyboard" style...
  7. There is nothing truly "scary" in a game. You either enjoy it, or you don't.. No? I mean, does anyone REALLY feel fear when playing this game?
  8. Them too.... Best to go down fighting rather than cowering like a dog, no? Besides, its only pixels... Real life might actually be scary at this point!
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