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  1. Anxiously awaiting the plasma cannon and cloaking device upgrade patch.
  2. IMO, periodic breaks are key to having fun in NA.... Burnout is real when you try hard to support the clan day in and day out. I'm currently on my yearly NA break and while I dont currently have the urge to play except for maybe a quick sail here and there), it usually will return in a few weeks and I'll start enjoying myself again. We shall see...
  3. Clan-focused everything was a bad idea... IMHO...
  4. That inferior ships can beat superior ones. Stop being intellectually dishonest. Yes, superior ships will beat called ones a majority of the time. But this should lessen the gap between the haves and the have nots. If you’re into the whole RvR thing, and you still don’t participate after this change, it says you don’t want to “play”. You just want to “win”.
  5. Tell you what... we’ll do a little experiment. I’ll take a 3/5 prince against you in a 5/5 prince and we’ll see who wins.... Deal?
  6. I think THAT is what some of these heroes are really worried about.
  7. They just did. You can cap all the AI first rates you ever need now.
  8. I’d like to report a mod for spreading misinformation, please!!!! Ban!!!!
  9. I’m glad SOMEBODY finally figured out what this mechanic was all about.... Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t most games, especially MMOs, have decay mechanics? Hell, even in DayZ, your loot decays steadily and anything you bury is deleted if you don’t use it after like 3 weeks. This feature wouldn’t even be a big deal if it were part of a previous patch and we weren’t waiting for PVP raids.
  10. No, i'm suggesting that the gear gap in the game is too wide. Nothing else. We have all seen the images of what the top players have for gear and upgrades in their warehouses. Stacks and stacks of all the best gear. All obtained fully within the rules and with great skill. Its certainly not his fault he has it and uses it. My point is: Just like PvP, players in RvR will only continue trying is there is a "reasonable chance" at success, it would seem. It would appear that its easier to A) flip to an easier nation (which is what many do) or (for those with really big egos), b) stop playing (and chime in with the" I told you so"s on the forums).... I love the game. I really do. I'm at over 5000 hours now (don't tell the admiral). And as someone who prefers small ship privateering and has lived out of Freetowns exclusively before, I have little fear of losing all my ports. But as we have seen, PLAYERS CANNOT BE COUNTED ON TO BALANCE GAME MECHANICS. And as we were discussing on the ROVER Discord, this has been a real eye-opener for me, as someone who has never played MMO's previously. I don't envy your position, Mr. Admin... because it would appear that it is IMPOSSIBLE to please every type of player that plays Naval Action. The ship combat is incredible. The models and damage have given me, like I said, over 5000 hours of enjoyment and fun. The problem really is us. We want more than what you offered. Probably because we have seen what you are able to do with half the game, the ship combat. We want an economy, OW and political environment that is as good as that ship combat. But honestly, you never promised that. And I'm not sure we deserve it. Every good idea that has been attempted for is has been ruined, at least in part, by us, the players. Resource balance/alliances/OW RoE..... so many good ideas left in the past because of human nature.
  11. Insert video of Reverse beating 12 players single-handedly here.... Skill, yes... but also gold 5/5, full port bonuses, unlimited cartegenas/art of.../gunnery ency./Northern Masters/Elite etc..... #balancethefrankenships #effingmods
  12. Limits could actually make trading/hauling profitable (worth it) again... Making things super easy for everyone to obtain clearly did NOT contribute to retaining players (at least, in my opinion). You don't have to go hardcore, but it only makes sense that bigger factions should deplete more resources and that resources should NOT be limitless... The underlying problem is that the game gets EASIER as you progress... the "haves" get all the good stuff and the have-nots feel like they have to join the zerg to become one of the "haves"
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