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  1. @admin, can you disclose if there will be any paints for the Prince? If so, any chance of a sneak peak?
  2. I feel like I’m talking to a recent college graduate with a undergraduate philosophy degree who learned a few big words and catch phrases here.... red herrings and false dichotomies. Oh myyyyy. Ypu have your opinion mate. I have mine.
  3. Excellent. My Princes must be made to be pretty before they are sunk......
  4. Hahaha. Awww, Slim. Are you feeling ignored and lashing out? I get it. I mean nobody likes to be smacked down by authority figures, right?! I almost feel bad that you’re trying to joint the cool kids over in the barren wasteland of Naval Action Reddit. And remember, no yelling in the library. Real talk: there are ways to present ideas on the forums without being offensive and calling the devs hard work “trash”... I may disagree with the OP’s idea, but at least HE presented it well.
  5. Actually, I thought the letter delivery missions were a great way for newer or low-level players to get their hands on some money relatively quickly for a low-cost investment. Perhaps the rewards needed a bit of tweaking, but it was nice to see some players feel some sense of accomplishment early on in the game. Just my observations.
  6. See, in my opinion, THIS is why the number of hours in game is so prominent on Steam reviews. Because, at some point, it becomes not whether the game is "bad" per se, it's more about whether the rules or mechanics suit your "play-style"... This is why i have always thought its silly for Steam to allow reviews of "Early Access" games... Development requires testing. Which requires known negatives.
  7. Sounds like you should invest a few million of your hard-earned dollars and open a game development company so that you can create the game YOU want. With all the “choice”, “rights” and “lack of manipulation” you can handle.... What adults do when something stop being enjoyable to them is stop doing it... instead of throwing a tantrum. Or just stay in the nursery, as admin says. Bottom line is: if you want PvP, it can’t be purely “consensual”. Otherwise, there’s no reason for an OW.
  8. While you're here @Ink, what about waves? I noticed the open world seemed a bit more choppy the other day.... Was wave intensity increased at all?
  9. Slim, are you really still here after getting bitch-slapped by admin and begging for your life....? And are you taking over for Banished on the need to comment on EVERY thread? Stay in your lane.
  10. Not sure I see this as a nerf to fireships.... I see it as perhaps the opposite actually as so many times in the past the ship would sink before detonation. This change apparently will alllow the fire to spread more quickly, increasing the chances for it to actually reach the magazine.
  11. Well since you're gonna be a bit uppity about "choice", lets talk about it for a second... What you're doing by making the "choice" to play on the PvE server is removing a "choice" from another player to have additional content by attacking you. What make you guys so special that only you are allowed to make the "choice" as to who and what to engage? Stop making the "choice" to remove MY content. If you want to take the risks inherent with PvP, then grow a pair and get on the PvP server. Otherwise you're just asking to have your cake and eat it too. And nobody likes greedy bastards. There's a few convenient facts, truths and realities for you. P.S.--have you opened that 4th slot on your Pirate Refit LGV yet??
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