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  1. Could be worse.... Tiger tanks get stopped by road signs in Post Scriptum. Engine limitations can be such a drag.
  2. You ARE aware that only a small percentage of players engage in RvR, correct? There's a new knowledge for you. Not EVERYTHING has to be geared towards it.
  3. What you meant to say was, it encourages concentration of forces. Always a smart move in a war game. No?
  4. Crazy how every Tom, Dick and Harry believe they're entitled to have their ideas given any credence by game developers, eh? Who would have thought.
  5. Dude... How old are you? And why are you getting so worked up over a damn video game?? (Especially one that isn't even released yet??)
  6. I was wondering why even the other Russians said they didn't like the NN guys....
  7. Come on, guys..... I get it. I really do...... Yes, I agree that it would have been better for them to roll the ports back immediately after this was done.... THAT BEING SAID: It really just goes to show that we are probably really close to release... (and that the game isn't really even a game right now.... its an experiment.) If you're playing to win right now....you're doing it wrong. So lets just have fun sinking the ships we have while we can.... and try and be magnanimous about it. Its only time and pixels, guys.
  8. But these are one of the FEW things you can actually find Privateering these days that are actually useful....
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