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  1. Vernon Merrill

    Question (looting system sucks)

    That certainly what I'd tell my crew to do if our ship was sinking, no?....
  2. Rumor has it their may be a quantity of live oak available in a few hours at Tortue again... Oh, and more White Oak as well.
  3. Vernon Merrill

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts enters testing phase

    I’m very interested as well....
  4. Just to add to the database: I've built 4 Princes post wipe. 2) In Rio Seco... Both Purple with added bonus 2) in La Tortue... Both Blue with no bonus I make no claim to know the exact chances. Just giving my personal observations.
  5. 2) I would venture a guess that many “PvP’ers” have everything they need already and, thus, don’t really need to spend many. (But are most likely hoarding them because A) that’s what people do in this game and b) it’s still new and they may become more limited). And also, “RvR’ers” seem to be still contemplating and evaluating the cost factor of waging war still. So these players, too, are probably hoarding until the new RvR meta is determined.
  6. Vernon Merrill

    What Quality of Life Features do Merchants Want?

    I’m not attempting to “pressure” anyone into stopping their chit-chat. I’m attempting to point out that the forum users may not represent the entire spectrum of NA players. Only the devs have stats and data to back up their decisions. Everythi g on our part is merely conjecture and opinion.
  7. Vernon Merrill

    What Quality of Life Features do Merchants Want?

    You mean the same 6-8 people that have been predicting the death of this game for the last two years? Come on, man.... the game hasnt even been advertised or released, or even finished... Just because it’s changed, so that those who have become used to certain ways, doesn’t mean it’s not better. Many of us think it’s better than before. People need to stop thinking that what THEY think is what EVERYONE thinks. Its getting pretty old.
  8. Vernon Merrill

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Prince, though... I’ve nevervsailed the Pickle. Alucard did it to me not too long ago. Lol. First broadside took my masts and second one put me under. Great fun!
  9. Vernon Merrill

    Naval Action Meme collection

  10. Vernon Merrill

    Moderation rules

    Man, the attention-whore crowd is out in full force today.... it’s pretty simple. Dint be a bitch and you won’t get banned. Hopefully the ban-hammer stays out, if you ask me.... Theres providing feedback. And there’s trolling. Dont troll admin and you won’t get banned.
  11. Vernon Merrill

    Forum post deleted

    Who cares?
  12. Have you ever heard of this thing called advertising? Its the latest fad and supposedly it makes people want to buy things.
  13. Again... there is no PvE and PvP.... there and just.... enemies now. And I can’t confirm, obviously, but it certainly FEELS like there’s more targets out in the OW. Perhaps #admin will confirm? Because before the patch, the game had turned into “sit in port and check my contracts every now and then” action.
  14. Dayyyyyyuuuuuuuummmmmm.
  15. Vernon Merrill

    Crafting requires too much doubloons

    Can we stop it with the pearl-clutching and teeth-gnashing?!? There's nothing preventing ANY player from capping or crafting SOL's. Yes, if you want to do it faster, it may help to be in a clan.... most things are easier to get done in groups. Effing doom merchants. Ugh.