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  1. Vernon Merrill

    Mission changes

    Nah. Its much easier to go on the forums and say that the "elites" are ruining the game mate. Get with the theme of 2019!
  2. Vernon Merrill

    Mission changes

    good thing they are not then, eh?....
  3. Vernon Merrill

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Do you have, like, a pet dragon man?... Cuz pet dragons are cool......
  4. Vernon Merrill

    blame prussia

    We don’t goddamn care.
  5. Vernon Merrill

    Clan Docks

    •shoot now button• • • • Because easy.
  6. Vernon Merrill

    Death to the non-believers

    I’m sorry. However your King and Parliament are thousands of miles away and have more issues than petty politics in the Caribbean. I mean, being at war with so many nations should bring all you countrymen together in this time of crisis, no?! If you want to do pirate-y things, turn Pirate.
  7. Vernon Merrill

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    The tutorial is there for a reason.... In fact, it has multiple reasons to exist. First of all, it’s designed to narrow the skill gap between players. As admin has stated repeatedly, if you can finish the tutorials, you can defeat most AI as well as have a good chance against an “average” player. Secondly, it provides the “nest egg” that all you players who advocate for an “easier life” need. It gives enough crew for a frigate, a shite-ton if repairs, a boat-load of cash and even a powerful ship.... If i'm in a game where I know that the vast majority have demonstrated a skill level that exceeds mine, I typically don’t complain about how the game needs to be changed so that things are easier for me. *cough IL-2 cough* I would either spend the time completing the tutorial (knowing that most others have so I should as well) or stay in low cost, low loss ships until I felt my skills improving. Captains have no business being in anything above a 5th rate if they haven’t at least finished the tutorial exam. To be more accurate: The game provides equality of opportunity, not necessarily equality of outcome. Which is how it should be.
  8. Vernon Merrill

    Join Time/Space Solution

    Nah. I'm legitimately worried.... You seem even crankier than normal lately.
  9. Vernon Merrill

    Join Time/Space Solution

    You sound really aggro, bro.... have you been getting enough sleep? Its very important.
  10. Vernon Merrill

    Join Time/Space Solution

    If you join a battle after 5 mins., do you even deserve to take ANY part in that battle? Its like people want to see the port-humping days of "quick, I tagged Lord Vacuous in his Santi near Cabo Canveral! Teleport to San Sebastian and I'll keep him tagged!" all over again. It was ridiculous then and its ridiculous now. Its really quite simple. If you want to fight together, you need to sail together. Maybe the fact that you're sailing around in 8 pimped-out Bellonas is the ACTUAL reason you're having trouble finding a good fight?
  11. Vernon Merrill

    Join Time/Space Solution

    I see you’re unwilling to accept that we’ve tested all this and found that the best “compromise” was what we currently have. I personally thought the “giant circle insta-close was best”. But I accept the current compromise. Good day.
  12. Vernon Merrill

    Join Time/Space Solution

    Sure. As long as you join at about a 90 minute sail’s distance. Remember that whole time compression thing? OW draw distance is approx. 20k in good weather.
  13. Vernon Merrill

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    He’s saying he’s a moderator. Not a developer. Therefore his opinion has the same validity as yours. Therefore he has no “master plan for player growth”. We all play the game as we see fit.
  14. Vernon Merrill

    Good job killing off solo players.

    Just ask if you want an invite man..... flattery will get you nowhere....
  15. Vernon Merrill

    Good job killing off solo players.

    Laughing at Slim for liking a post that admittedly increases ganking after bitching about ganking for 2 months straight. Identity foruming at its best.