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  1. Is anyone else finding that tagging small ships, even if you're in a small ship, is nearly impossible now? Between the desync, OW turn rates and light-speeds, theres realistically maybe a 5-second window of tagging. Its kinda nuts.
  2. I just tried it with Firefox and it worked... another reason to hate Microsoft. Thanks!
  3. any reason you can think of why it still wont fully load for me?
  4. This is an unfortunate side effect of simpler crafting
  5. Dammit. You beat me to this..... If nothing else, it should cut down on the ridiculousness of "battle joining" in a time compressed OW....
  6. Think of it only as an “honorable use of flag” mechanic instead. It’s easier to wrap your head around. If you are the one actually making the tag, at least it’s “honorable” and acceptable to gentlemen of the period, even enemies. If you “join” an already started battle and take on a flag other than your native flag, that is seen as “dishonorable” to gentlemen of the period and your reputation will suffer.
  7. I see someone's been reading some Patrick O'Brien.....
  8. Some people say they want “realism”. And some of those same people would lose their shite if they could only sail upwind a bit past beam reach. You know, like in real life.
  9. You don't have to brawl against a snow with carros… nor should you. You need a fore-aft rigged vessel like the Prince. However, most players have the attention span of a flea and get really pissy when you stay just outside of carro range and peck away with your 6-lb longs. The best way is to pull away upwind and turn and put single shots through his bow, slowly taking away his structure. The trick is to save enough chain for when he inevitably starts swearing at you and calling you a pussy for not going yardarm to yardarm with him. Its great fun.
  10. Sail a Prince de Neufchatel for a bit.... you can whoop their ass to your heart's content.
  11. Magic, must-have super mods and books that allow for Franken-ships. Having two of the”same” ship where one is 25% better at everything is not my cup of tea. Too many mods stack and are way too high of a bonus %. Ship bonuses should be capped at 5-10%.
  12. Some of us have already spent a considerable amount of time on this topic... Unfortunately nothing every really seemed to come of it...
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