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  1. i believe there is a way to use pedals for car/aircraft sims for rudder input, but it didnt try it
  2. I have no idea about streaming and AMD, but given that i can play with a resolution of 1920x1200 on medium settings with 60fps+ (limited to 30 because of noise tho) on my 11 year old pc, im pretty sure you can run this game on allmost anything ;D
  3. I heared that they made it a 3rd rate because of its high HP, and it makes sense if you only look at HP. But ofcourse it doesnt stand a chance vs other 3rd rates, even if it had 3 times the hp it has now
  4. Ahoy, I assume other players allready complained about this, but today was the first time i ran into problems regarding the Constitutions too high BR, so heres the deal: It is allready hard enough to fight 4th rates with this ship, as they all have an big advantage regarding firepower and turnrate. The worst thing about it is, that if you attack a ship like that, wich can outturn and outDPS you easily, the battle wont close since the Constitution has more BR. Since that battle didnt close, i had to run away. Its hard enough allready to fight an Agga 1v1 with this ship, i did not want to have to fight a 2nd rate at the same time. It seems like 5th rates and traders are the only ships i can fight, since i can sink those befor reenforcements arrive. Please change something to make this beautiful ship compatible with 4thRates again. o7 edit: Apart from the problems mentioned above, it also has no place in the patrol zones, since it cant enter battles in the 4th rate zone, and in the solo zone it has to fight against Bellonas and other proper 3rd rates.
  5. yeah im sure its pretty close, was just wondering if that is the exact formula? one could imagine other factors (grain orientation in the plankings wood for example should give more thickness on a horizontal angle then on a vertical angle)
  6. i still dont understand why that man who doesnt have the time for a single battle (worst case 1,5h battle plus sailing towarts it and back = more then two hours) has to handycap himself by turning this into a singleplayer game? why not combine his manhours with 9 other 2h-a-day-mans and suddently have the eco power of a 20h-a-day-man. with that he and the other 9 can get any ship without a problems. specially since he wont have the time to loose all those ships a 20h per day gameplay can provide them every day?
  7. what happens if one of the fleets shows up late? what if you join with a spy alt and leave instantly? instant win? might not be THAT simple
  8. Since we are on the topic, does anyone know how the effective thickness is calculated in NA? something like this maybe? t=thickness/sin alpha° o7
  9. saved some ships from getting wiped yesterday: o7 KPR defense team, was fun
  10. a good captain in a snow can take apart any average/noob in a herc or requin, no matter the wood. and if skill is more important then equipment.... what exactly is your point?
  11. a few minutes ago i got 500 xp for 2 chain broadsides in a fight where nobody died and i left after a couple of minutes. so much for how hard it is to get xp ;D
  12. Nobody forces you to grind. And i bet that most high lvl players can tell you, that they have 5-10 ships of the line in their docks collecting dust, because sailing small ships is so much more fun. If they increase the xp threshold needed to sail 1st rates im happy to sail a snow for a long time, as its so much more fun to be fast and agile As this is a "Sandbox" game, there is no need to lvl up, get the biggest ship etc to be able to participate in endgame content. You can do what you like not what you must. You want to sail in Portbattles? no need to bring a SoL, fast and small ships are needet in those aswell.
  13. to me, playing OW successfully, has some things in common with this description of my favorite pool varient (0:50-1:30):
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