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  1. Didnt the admin say somewhere last year they want to integrate a mechanic that allows national clans to take ports of "unwanted" clans in the same nation somehow? What happened to that?
  2. a small triangle of grass floating in the sky
  3. What is this propaganda? The good people of Pajase did happily live in the peaceful Empire of Sweden, until one night, not long ago. A band of angry Danish Vikings cam in the night, when the city guard was asleep, burned their houses and took their children to sell them on the slavemarket! Sweden has liberated this dreadful place of burning and slavery, and the remaining good people of Pasaje are once more part of the Empire.
  4. I dont think this timeframe was choosen by accident, as it represents exactly 100 years of the golden age of sail
  5. Attention! Attention! The peaceful Empire of our beloved King, His Majesty Gustav IV Adolph, is by no means a threat to any honest Seaman out there! However, I do take the liberty to suggest to you all, that if you are in fear of loosing ports close to the Swedish Homeland, you do NOT open them to harbor Raiders, or support any such action directed against our most peaceful and humble Empire.
  6. if you dont know what an example is, i produced this link for you https://www.dictionary.com/browse/example edit: @Thonys, What does anything in your last post have to do with the topic (didnt understand half of it, can you translate it to english, i mean, the words look fine, only i can not make out the sense behind them. Is there any?)? xD
  7. This was just an example. I could just aswell state that sweden is pretty far stretched at the moment, but had we more outposts, the map would be blue with a yellow cross now your arguments sound to me like those of ppl that want to be able to craft everything on their own as a one man company tbh dont forget that this is an MMO!
  8. I also dont have any problems getting the permits i want. I i guess the "trick" is to play in team with others, do missions together and share rewards so everybody gets what he wants
  9. As much as i would like to have more outposts to raid everybody, there is a reason we dont have more. More outposts would further reduce the need for teamwork (I have 3 homewater outposts for crafting but need to rely on mates for Teak or other special woods). Also with more Outposts it would be easier to expand/defend everywhere without any downside. This is probably the reason not every port has a russian flag yet.
  10. some of us paid for flags aswell
  11. Related: Would also be nice if the "Frigate" gets its proper name in cyrillic thats written on the back of it
  12. The only effect realistic limitations on ammunition would have that i can see, is that raiders would get faster the longer they fight due to expendet ammo, but they would not run out of it ;D
  13. Here they fought for 4 Days, ammo is not mentioned once, so it probably was not a problem for them to fight for that long without running out of ammunition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Days'_Battle In this icident brought to my attention by Liq, two frigates fought eachother for 14 hours straight, until the danish frigate ran out of ammunition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Tordenskjold also not a problem for us, or do you know of anyone who spends 14 hours in battle without docking inbetween?
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