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  1. My opinion 'bout NA, now? I love this game but become borin' for me, now... Why? Hummm... As hunter player, solo, Pyrate "RP", Patrol Zone 've emptied Open World. I can find maybe one or two rare good pvp fight in OW after 5/6 hours sailin' out of capitals. If ye sail a bit too close to capitals, ye lose 15min to escape Patrol Fleet to get tag again by another Patrol Fleet, nice! 'bout ships, ye (almost) only see Redout., DLC Vic... Snow, 32pd carros,why? (i love Snow but that's too much) Except Endymion, few 5th rates are competitive. 6th Snow is meta. 7th what 'bout Pickle? Cutter? Lynx? only Privateer... And how to know if it's a noob or alt or not? Ye tag, try to speak and finally lose time when ye let a newbie go (if he know how to use battle chat) RvR, i don't care... Economy, seems pretty fine. Outlaws/true Pyrates 'till dont get any place in game I'm slowly leavin' NA like @Pagan Pete did.
  2. Few chains broadside are always usefull at the start of battle, particularly in these cases! But aye, that's 'till a bad thing Loki can escape battles...
  3. Merci Surcouf! Pas de date de réouverture pour le moment? Elle bouge pas de Rochefort en 2020, il me semble, nan? Faut vraiment que j'me trouve 3/4 jours pour aller à Rochefort la voir...
  4. Thx for the Diana event but, @admin How can i carry Santa Cecilia note if i farm it on a 5th rate? 500 weight is too big for a 5th rate (agree for a Ruyter but need less for smaller), i dont want to farm it on +4th rates...
  5. Need more schooners! Lynx is nice but few crew, Privateer is good but a bit tired of it, Pickle is tanky and so slow and Cutter is so slow too... Edit: need a TLynx refit, too! #makepyratesgreatagain
  6. Capturing AND sail back to port, easy to cap, but harder to sail the ship capped to port to *put what ye want, sell it, keep it, give it, etc*
  7. Maybe that's because ye attacked us (there's somethin' with Attackers and towers)? (fun fight, btw, haha) And the tag was pretty far of Terre de Bas at the start? Don't know, but was surprized they didn't fire at us, too...
  8. Oh merci! Ajouté aux marques-pages, j'irais y jeter un oeil quand j'aurais le temps
  9. Haha, non, le kit c'est pour finir le Pickle, pour l'Ontario j'ai que le bouquin pour le moment, ça va attendre en peu avant de s'y attaquer... Mais je compte partir de zéro (enfin zéro... j'ai tout les plans et cie dans cette bible du Snow, hehe).
  10. Bon Noël à tous, c'est pas la fête que je préfère, mais j'vous la souhaites tout'autant NN que FR, que VP et ceux qui sont chez chez les Pyrates! Si j'en oublie, excusez moi.. Pas besoin de cette fête pour aider les gens dans le besoin, au cas où... J'ai offert de la Tartif' et j'ai reçu "L'île au Trésors" de Stevenson en échange, ce soir, mon meilleur cadeau! (même si je l'ai d'jà deux fois)
  11. Let's go to Santa Fe to plunder ROVER!!! haharr joke... But ye can make some good trade runs from almost all ports... I hunt everywhere (most in emtpy areas) i catch a lot of goods! and... from an useless port, i can make 500k for an only TBrig, but that's borin'... Have to know the good runs! (nice for ye if ye like trading, better for ye if ye know the enemys trade runs)
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