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  1. Nick the cursed

    The time has come to make pirates hardcore choice.

    For my own, ATM, playin' true piracy, i dont need any extra mechanics, except Pirate Den, last reason i keep Mortimer as outpost... Only playin' from freetowns. RvR, i don't care; SoL and Fregates, i don't sail 'em. In my dreams, Pyrates only sails 7/6th rates and got only 8/10 hidden ports where they can dock.
  2. Nick the cursed

    La taverne du corsaire

    En dehors de tout ça (pour ne pas dire que je suis hors de vos sujet, haha), le Privateer en jeu, ce petit schooner/goélette qui me plaît énormément et qui peut faire mal, c'est une réplique d'un bout de navire qui a existé ou est-ce une "invention" des devs du jeu, style un Lynx ++... J'ai cherché pas mal, rien trouvé, ça m'a plus l'air d'être un standard comparé aux 99% de navires que l'on a sur NA, qui sont pour la plupart de +/-vrai répliques...
  3. Nick the cursed

    The Nick's adventures

  4. Hunt and Search and Destroy missions at Nassau are only against deep ships. Could be better to find missions against shallow ships in shallow area and deep missions in deep areas... I've to pay 10 DB to tp to another port (MT for exemple) to find Hunt/Search and destroy missions against 6/7th rates and pay again 10 DB to tp back at Nassau... BTW, Kill missions was good, all against 6/7th rates.
  5. Nick the cursed

    holding in battles and offensive "revenge" fleets

    Sometimes ya've to agree to be the loser, sink or surrender yer ship or fireship it, it's NA gameplay, it's the same for all...
  6. Piracy thanks ya...
  7. Nick the cursed

    La taverne du corsaire

    @LeBoiteux Arrr!!! Que ce navire est magnifique! Il me fait penser au Prince de Neufchâtel (ingame) ou le Pride of Baltimore (au passage, y'à t-il des correspondances entre ces deux derniers?)
  8. Nick the cursed

    DLC in the future?

    Paints 'll come back, for sure (i hope), Devs redeemed us some Bello White and ??? (i dont remembered), recall it's a beta, if ya take a look at the testbed, flags DLC seems to be close
  9. Nick the cursed

    DLC in the future?

    'Bout DLC could be nice to have DLC as pack, like, for example, 2/3/4 US special ships or French ships, Spanish ships, etc... and for a Pyrate ships pack, could be nice to have like a Cerberus refit or other ships like Devs did with LGV refit, why not a Lynx refit, Brig refit, or other new ships.. Sure it 'll need some times to build some new ships and work on the balance with all ships in game, but for me it could be a good reason to buy a DLC (like a Pyrate DLC ships haharrr)
  10. Nick the cursed


  11. Nick the cursed

    The Nick's adventures

  12. Nick the cursed

    Captains of the Black Flag

    Ya forgot the pretty Privateer 'bout the Nick's story, it's here:
  13. In the continuity of the new UI, can I suggest this kind of HUD for the free camera?! Being a fan of screenshots (and maker), this kind of tool could be nice, as can be found in some other games. I'm not an encoder, but this doesnt seem so complicated to code (not in high priority, of course)? And an idea if there are keys to fire such and such broadside in the free camera mode, if not, it would be a rather useful thing. And if possible, can add things like filters (sepia, black'n'white...), more/less contrasts, brightness, PoV from cabin, differents decks...
  14. Nick the cursed

    Bring back Outlaw Battles!

    Allow the outlaw battles only for the Demon and more ranks and newbies 'll be protected and alts 'll 've to farm before to cheat in game (or give up)
  15. Arrr, no! I built the best Lynx in the Caribbean, trained my crew mentally, made lots of training maneuvers in front of Mortimer to participate at this! 'll catch ya in game, too bad...