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  1. I agree with you, but make it a great ship. not a rank 6 or 7
  2. That's right, a survey was carried out years ago and the winning ship was the Montañes class
  3. Yes, although the ships of Spain used to be characterized by their robustness and not very good speed. They were generally heavy ships but very difficult to sink
  4. Oops I need your help. I wanted to publish this post in naval action. am I in another game forum? could you move the post
  5. I think the same as you. The Montañes ship or the San Juan Nepomuceno ship then have some possibility. they have 74 cannons. El Montañes is highly requested, we all hope to see it won a survey years ago
  6. Which do you think would be more possible to see in the future? There is also the possibility of a ship "El Glorioso" or a ship "San Ildefonso" or a ship "Rayo" what do you think? thanks
  7. I prefer that they develop bigger ships. I would not mind seeing a Spanish ship rank 6 but I prefer large ships.
  8. we need more spanish ships. The Madrid Naval Museum is a must-see.
  9. It is a ship with a great history, it would be good to see it here.
  10. which one do you like the most? are three different ships
  11. https://armada.defensa.gob.es/ArmadaPortal/page/Portal/ArmadaEspannola/conocenoshistoria/prefLang-es/02batallascelebres--02combatenavales--02buques--02buque2-es the plans are for sale at the madrid naval museum. sometimes they are given away for work. i dont have the plans sorry
  12. Another possibility would be to develop the Montañes or the Santa Ana ship.
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