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  1. The next ships to arrive are Dutch, so please, more Spanish ships. developers are needed. !!
  2. Montañes is a possibility but there are many other Spanish ships such as Santa Ana, San Juan Nepomuceno or San Ildefonso
  3. It takes some Spanish ship apart from santissima
  4. It is very beautiful and could be an impressive ship but as a player from Spain I can not leave the occasion to remember that we only have a Spanish ship (Santissima) and it is a great ship but I would expect to see more Spanish ships in the future.
  5. I appreciate the answer and hopefully see Diana soon, hopefully some other Spanish ship arrives in the future, ship of rank 1 dlc? Santa Ana ship (1784) Santa Ana ship has a very interesting history, of the few ships that survived Trafalgar in a miraculous way regards
  6. y es verdad que lobogris abria fuego contra algunos españoles en las batallas? xd
  7. a mi me gustaria que alguien de los mas veteranos me explicara donde nace el conflicto entre españoles( Ultras, lobo gris,depredador..etc) porque se nota que hay años de rencor etc pero ignoro que sucedio en esos tiempos
  8. if you had a shipyard you would see that it is NOT, DIANA either
  9. your information is not correct sorry
  10. developers please come back Diana and Santa Cecilia
  11. Le requin a Spanish ship? Whoever said that should remain silent for the rest of his life or dedicate it to reading maritime history.
  12. Si así es. Pero podríamos hacer lo que podamos ya sea presionar dentro de nuestras posibilidades con post sobre el tema de introducir nuevos barcos españoles. Gracias y saludos
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