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  1. si, dice pendiente aprobacion pero es bochornoso lo que me ha pasado. en fin gracias amigo
  2. Hello, I wrote a post a while ago in tribunal denouncing insults and theft. I don't see the post in tribunal) = is important for me thanks
  3. Galvez88

    shipyard bug

    improved the shipyard to the maximum but I still see only the olds bllueprints I do not see blueprints from the 4,3,2,1 category help Gracias
  4. this must be a dream .. will a new spanish ship arrive? maybe the montañes class? it will be a dream ...
  5. Please only ask that you take into account the incorporation of another Spanish ship in the future.
  6. . when new spanish ship ?? montañes class santa juan nepomuceno
  7. stop to British ships. stop.
  8. Is it possible that a Spanish ship will arrive in the future?
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