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  1. well yeah it did sink in the great lakes, those can have big storms,rough swell...700 foots modern ships have been lost on the lakes even...but what you are correct that the first storm it encountered it founded basically undamaged.also i touched upon that really here: "can any ship really hold it's own against a snow"
  2. me wondering why a mast with 1mm left of wood still stands....
  3. nah i like the nuclear option. he who comes to fight gets to fight. wanna bring a first rate out to a 7th rate fight? sure. it's your ship you risk it. no limits. the sillyness with calculating Br's to an open world battle hurts the game. superior numbers just have to sit out battles because they cant enter....that's wrong but i get why it was enabled. it seems to protect ganking. people can pick targets that lock the battle and don't have to worry about the others that come to help
  4. so now i gotta use my trade ship, and waste the cargo hold and accept the minimal crew...or worse risk the hold contents to hunt other AI cargo that may or may not be there? also, AFK sailing seems risky to me. if you AFK you are asking to be lost
  5. you mean no reason because it doesn't fit your play style?
  6. I have guns on mine. I got jumped by two ships, got away....still no XP gain. literally got no XP. why? because a traders bring can't fight two trincs, hell can't even fight one privateer. with 60 crew you just get instaboard captured. lets get real here. people in traders aren't starting fights and nobody in their right mind would try to go toe to toe in anything bigger than a lynx
  7. I've noticed that trade ships can be tricky to level for knowledge, because the goal is defiantly not to get into combat. So, what about giving XP for knowledge from delivery missions? of course the amount would need to be balanced.
  8. fair enough, I just think the preponderance of in game meta can make it difficult for newer players, or lone traders in game. I'm just spit-balling ideas. I see too many locked battles where players cannot get assistance because of the way the game is set up
  9. make a perk/claimable device that can be used up to a certain level that, upon every PVP loss of ship has an increasingly higher chance of spawning a ghost ship upon PVP battle entry to assist the holder. Call it the Cursed Doubloon. the spawned ship maybe should match the level of the highest attacking ship? lots of details would need to be wrung out
  10. more specialized scenery would be great. regions like the US coast look too...tropical farther north
  11. I do think more things for small ships need to be done. maybe have special passenger runs there too
  12. 800 ton cargo missions are great, but, what about missions for smaller ships? with less reward of course
  13. turning off the lights is a must. give you away to easily at night
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