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  1. Didnt the admin say somewhere last year they want to integrate a mechanic that allows national clans to take ports of "unwanted" clans in the same nation somehow? What happened to that?
  2. a small triangle of grass floating in the sky
  3. I dont think this timeframe was choosen by accident, as it represents exactly 100 years of the golden age of sail
  4. I also dont have any problems getting the permits i want. I i guess the "trick" is to play in team with others, do missions together and share rewards so everybody gets what he wants
  5. Related: Would also be nice if the "Frigate" gets its proper name in cyrillic thats written on the back of it
  6. The only effect realistic limitations on ammunition would have that i can see, is that raiders would get faster the longer they fight due to expendet ammo, but they would not run out of it ;D
  7. Here they fought for 4 Days, ammo is not mentioned once, so it probably was not a problem for them to fight for that long without running out of ammunition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Days'_Battle In this icident brought to my attention by Liq, two frigates fought eachother for 14 hours straight, until the danish frigate ran out of ammunition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Tordenskjold also not a problem for us, or do you know of anyone who spends 14 hours in battle without docking inbetween?
  8. 7 of those ships you named i sail on a regular base and successfull aswell
  9. There are plenty of suggestion of ships that do fit into this timeframe, and all of them have my support
  10. The current timeframe is 1715(Ingermanland) to 1814 (Hercules) right? Dont you think there are enough awesome ships in this timeframe so we dont need to consider far more modern vessels that would require to get nurfed af to make them work?
  11. Yeah, and there where also wooden sailing ships layed down and build during the steam age, using modern fabrication methods like industrialy forged iron knees, machine planed planks, iron masts and steel cables for rigging
  12. If you look carefuly on that screenshot, you can see the cannons are not pointing at those ships, infact they were not moving at all
  13. No, we should have older ships in the game, no question about that. But for steamage technology? absolutly not!
  14. Since it was swedish vs pirate, the swedish tower should have fired. And as i mentioned, i saw the same thing in portbattles too were the tower wouldnt shoot at requins capping circles directly infront of it
  15. Lets take a look at some other ships from the same year, as bases for consideration if this might be to late a date for beeing included into NA: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rainbow_(1837_ship) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Gorgon_(1837) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Sirius_(1837) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Great_Western https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Fulton_(1837)
  16. how about they give the uss penn the gun loadout it had during its first and only sail? (only 34 guns onboard at the time xD)
  17. Today i sank 9 Russian Traders in the Gulf. Half of them i only found because of Homecam use in Storm. I linked them this thread, but they either didnt understood or didnt care This Exploit would be easy to fix, yet every day players sink because of it ;*( @admin
  18. Noticed this in a few Portbattles. Somtimes they dont shoot at small ships, sometimes only at very short range. Also saw it in a fight today where i attacked a Pirate Snow and Prince, but had to retreat due to recieved damage (who would have thought they can hit stuff after consuming all that rum?). normally they have a range of 4-5 map squares, in this case the tower didnt shoot at a range of 2 squares.
  19. as long as he is in boarding he will not die, even if his ship is sinking. therefor the battle was not over and you sank aswell. imagine part of his crew being on your ship fighting the melee.
  20. nice thing about the mousebutton is that you allways got your finger on it anyway and no game comes with controls set up on it since they are all made for 3button mice, at least as far as i know
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