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  1. Why so much hassle about lineship prices? Lack of RvR has nothing to do with ship affordability. Even when they are dump cheap, people were coming to fight max 4-5 times if they are spirited, never to show up again after they have lost. Ship prices apply to you as well as to your opponent. It is just one of the conditions you fight. Everyone adapt accordingly. As soon as you realize you can't beat someone you stop showing regardless of price of your equipment. I see lots of people who can't risk to act have their visions and justifications.
  2. Let's try to involve every aspect of the game in RvR. I assume ports become important and can be fully controlled by owner. On contrary we need to prolong PB initiation process. Remove hostility missions. Bring back flags. Flags can be bought only from National capitals. They will initiate port patrol zone event if successfully reached their target port. Game 1: we will have our flag catch and protect game. Flags can be made very expensive without any cooldown. PB timers still applies. Once flag reached we will have patrol zone, min 3 days long. Nations, clans will try to accumulate as many pints they can. If defender gets more points, PB won't be initiated and will enter to 1 week long cooldown, no one can attack it after. If attackers win over points PB will be initiated at 4th day. AI ships with special loots, or much better loot will spawn for both sides. AI kills will count towards the score, only during set PB times. Game 2: we will have a long patrol zone event, which matters much more than few doubloons. Logistic matters during war. Both sides can bring expensive, capturable and very profitable resources to the port to help in accumulation of patrol zone points (Doubloons may be?). Game 3: we will have economic war. Game 4: Port battle. Lobby style. No screening, guaranteed battle. (If it is hard to code it, we can live with screening and sailing there). Port battle BR's can can be arranged according to total actions points accumulated during patrol zone stage, reflecting its importance from action amount.
  3. Ellias

    Empty sea

    I do RvR from very beginning very actively, all players I know who love RvR and keep advocating that it should matter not playing anymore. All players I know who hate it and love the game as sailing simulator still playing it and RvR'in out of necessity for sake of content. RvR has one winner. Only winners stay,and only as long as they are winning.
  4. Ellias

    Empty sea

    It takes time to leave old and accept new. Many are just passing of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance stages. It is a common rule in gaming industry to never take back what you have gave before, but it should be ok in beta/alpha stage of the game. I think combining simulation with multiplayer sandbox game have its complexities. NA is very heavy skill and experience based game, not all have time and patience for it. Additions to simulation and immersion part of the game keep adding to these levers. If you are not up for that competition you have 2 options, sailing MUCH bigger ship than your opponent or have an ALLY better than your opponent. Cheap 1st rates fed that cycle nicely. With expensive ships, experienced captains won't want to waste, risk their time, fame and ships carrying the REST. Sadly RvR is the main content in the game and without few individuals carrying it there is no content for the REST. They can't jump on Santi to countergang few 5th rates and they can't sail 5th rates alone searching for enemy. You either need to provide proper content for the REST(which is majority) or change the game to arcade for RvR action. For myself I hope you stick with simulation, at least that is why I bought and played this game so long. In addition I really think it is a mistake to force players to PvP as soon as the start playing. PvP should be an option not necessity. Give players time to grow up in safe environment, don't push them to die as soon as they are born. That much said, talks about wipes do not help at all. We are all tired of testing.
  5. OW PvP was much better after the patch and only recently, active players numbers decreased for various reasons. I do believe it will become better with more dynamic economy adjustments. Moreover, I agree that this patch hit RvR. Many took break because of lack of RvR. However, blaming ship prices only for lack of RvR is over simplifying. All RvR content is heavily dependent on few players who organize and lead it. Without those very few individuals you never see those so called RvR folk doing it by their own, Regardless of ship prices. RvR is very exhausting experience for the ones who organize, lead and fight it. On contrary it is the only content type for certain RvR folk who are lost alone in OW battles. RvR turns to a job for the ones carrying it. Current state of RvR is bad game design which makes it dependent on very few individuals. All aspects of the game should be effecting the RvR, economy, raiding, port blockading (OW pvp) ect. The stress of one single battle should be distributed among all this factors to make it more accessible. OW random battles on 3rd-5th rates are much more fun.
  6. Ellias

    Patrol ROE

    Few groups will dominate and the rest will avoid it as happened in POBS. Quantity helps balancing quality. Be very careful while implementing this.
  7. Ellias

    PvP Leaderboard

    It's honor to be hated by you 🤣
  8. Ellias

    PvP Leaderboard

    Read again, opinions and ideas are not facts. I just gave my opinion.
  9. Ellias

    PvP Leaderboard

    Any kind of direct PvP reward only promotes ganking and seal clubbing, nothing else. Renown and sharing glory with your friends are the best rewards.
  10. It is more complex than this. Everyone is sheep or wolf depending on where and when he is. Balance can be adjusted by making PvE more profitable. Criers will always cry; of not having better ship, enemy player is cheating in his small ship ect. I do not understand the need to counter gank fast ships by jumping on Lotions though.
  11. Damn AI is getting smarter and smarter. Apparently, AI found the way to prevent you looting them. This deserves tribunal. Ban all AI ships.
  12. PvP is about loot and conquest, no need to reward it even further. Removal of PvP marks is great. Having high TP cost is even better. I won't complain even it was removed completely. People may eventually sail somewhere instead of spending their times beaming up between ports and arranging their inventories, waiting for a fight calls. More OW content. It will create hot zones, frontiers of conflict with possibilities of lots of action. Map will have more meaning, ports as well. More strategic planning and preparation will be needed for conquests, which much better than TP, jump on Lotion and start shooting. I love immersion and it will be great to have tme for OW pvp, which is the best content in the game. If we are going to see less and less 1st rates in game it will be the best patch ever! Keep up good work developers!
  13. [CABAL] is a clan which focuses on PvP and RvR in the Swedish nation. We are looking for experienced and mature players. CABAL is an international guild communicating in English. It is a well-established guild in which many of us sail together for a long time. We sail to battle during weekdays in the afternoons (CET) and on the weekends. If you want to rise up the challenge and want more in a relaxing and mature environment CABAL is the right place for you. Pm Tac in-game and join [CABAL] today! You can check some of the battles in Tac's YouTube channel. Carthagena Screening 11 vs 25 Guild Target: To create a working structured fleet, capable of dealing with any challenge. To have a relaxed environment, based on maturity and professionalism paid with fun and victory. To create a fleet where you belong, not to feed or entertain some... Language = English Nation = Sverige Requirements: Maturity Patience Desire to learn Teamspeak (able to listen) An ability to hold your rum and laugh at your own miserable failures is essential.
  14. Ellias

    POTBS game Closure

    The game is in coma. Intense focus on RvR as only end game is main cause. William Wade has a point.
  15. What about pvp marks ships drop after being sunk in OW and PB's? Do this numbers change as well?