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  1. Can developers clarify their plan for DLC ships on release, please? Don't want to waste my time in this game if they are going to stay as they are. Introduction of Wasa in her previous state and keeping it like that was a terrible experience, DLC Hercules even worse.
  2. I don't remember how battle started. I found myself very close to that big ship. He unleashed 2 broadsides on me when I was still loading my cannons. Started running in despair and panic. Somehow managed to shoot 2 of the stern cannons, miraculously they caused 2 leaks (as you see in the screenshot) and enemy ship sink like a rock. Still scared and trembling returned back slowly to take a selfie.
  3. Thanks for sharing your logic with us, at least for the people who care. I don't. You can agree or disagree but evaluating logic and finding true flaws requires high perception, waste amount of knowledge or proper ignorance. In either case, you are wasting yourself here. This is a game forum, not a Game-Labs meeting room. There are many sensible people here who just want to share their experience and opinions about the game they play. No need to act as a logic authority and reply to every post... and please be nice and don't quote anything from here. I won't reply.
  4. Yes, probably it will never be balanced. No matter how hard you try there will be always meta ships. Tweaks will change metas. Balance should come from an economic perspective. If ships become really hard to craft then I would care if I am going to craft 5 Wappens or 3 Agamennons from same materials. Yet, this won't happen since people believe that everyone should be sailing aircraft carrier for balanced gameplay.
  5. Read again, opinions and ideas are not facts. I just gave my opinion.
  6. Any kind of direct PvP reward only promotes ganking and seal clubbing, nothing else. Renown and sharing glory with your friends are the best rewards.
  7. [CABAL] is a clan which focuses on PvP and RvR in the Swedish nation. We are looking for experienced and mature players. CABAL is an international guild communicating in English. It is a well-established guild in which many of us sail together for a long time. We sail to battle during weekdays in the afternoons (CET) and on the weekends. If you want to rise up the challenge and want more in a relaxing and mature environment CABAL is the right place for you. Pm Tac in-game and join [CABAL] today! You can check some of the battles in Tac's YouTube channel. Cartha
  8. Ellias

    POTBS game Closure

    The game is in coma. Intense focus on RvR as only end game is main cause. William Wade has a point.
  9. Of course not. Singe neutral PvE zone (pointing Gulf of Mexico ). West Carebearian Company land. Players can choose their allegiance later.
  10. 100% safe, single, big neutral zone with 25% economy, without including any strategic recourse will work wonders.
  11. I made a suggestion about this zone recently. We can still push this idea. +1 for Portugal, it will create a very nice triangle of events in the southeastern corner of the map.
  12. Sadly it's true. There are 2 major content zones atm: 1. RvR: in which you rice hostility, counter hostility and do PB's. Bringing as many L'Oceans is the key. 2. Seal clubbing: Pick the best, fastest ship to enjoy your superiority. You can try hunting on Endymion or Trincomalee for a week and we can talk again about it...
  13. Nowadays, you either sail L'Ocean, Le Requin, Hercules or a trader. There is almost no place or content for other ships.
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