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  1. You are not asking for feedback here. You are defending your design by using an impolite statement that I don't make any sense. I was talking about the historical progression of the game (like diplomacy), not the current state. It was kept granted for a very long time. If we are going to talk about the current state: even you introduce some mods to make it harder - impossible it is still among the most viable tactics to use. I remember reading in Global chat players arranging duels with rules of "no demasting". Figure it out for yourself. I am under no obligation to make sense to you. Anyway, try to forgive my nonsense as I also forgive the nonsense of those that think they talk sense.
  2. ?? what does it mean? Demasting = easy win. Nothing else renders you so helpless. You can turn the tides this way or another with other aspects of the game but as soon as you are demasted and if you are not outnumbering it is GG. Multiply the frustration of new players who want to test, try amazing PVP combat. Demasting was enjoyed by a minority for a very long time to dominate small battles. Each time you make it harder they come to forums in chorus blaming you of "removing the only skill in the game". People kept complaining that the big mast hitboxes and ect. You kept coming with historical facts that it was quite usual sight, yet we don't play battles in battle sails because we use NA battle engine, not real life. Yes, I do demast players. Even we have to use French rig refit almost on every ship nowadays it still feels ok. I was impying for times when it was much easier for a very long time. dlc ships were promised in 2013 long before any requests. I was excited with Requin and bought it just put my hands on it. DLC ship (by crafting, long redeemable timer) is a different thing than having a daily decent free ship. I don't sail it anymore. It doesn't feel right.
  3. When teleporting was not possible, most of the Swedish nation was stuck around Macanao, Saint George. Dutch were stuck around Caracas, Rio Schico. Frontier was created naturally, map size was reduced by rule and player population was focused in the same place. You could get almost instant action by sailing out. With 1500 players average battle size was 10vs15, I don't care if it would become 2v4 today. This game saw many better days till player suggestions ruined it. Forum players kept pulling the strings to twist the game for their liking and personal success. I don't want to sail, granted. I should able to sink 5 ships easily, granted. "Demasting is the only skill in the game", granted. I should be fast enough to run from everyone and to able to catch everyone, granted. Everyone is enemy, this is not nice, we need diplomacy, granted(removed). I am working and have life (yes all others are just freaks), can't bother myself with hardcore trading and crafting. Need faster action, granted here is your DLC and Shallow patrol zones Can we make it when I am trading, trader safe and when I am hunting, hunter centric? When I sail line ships it is ridiculous that 5th rate can even dare to come close to me, when I sail 5th rate I should have a chance to able to sink line ship for sake of balance and skill-based gaming. I was very optimistic when teleportation fees were introduced. People cried so loud. "I need TP to pvp" could be translated; I need it to outbid contracts and TP somewhere where my nation crowd is gathering to lynch a few spotted players. Sailing is obsolete.
  4. Let's go "back to the topic" and discuss the integration of players to PvP. I want to give you an example from where we came and how long it took to reach where we are right now. Back in the days when OW server was just launched, we had a PB Commander in Sweden worshipped and loved for his abilities by almost everyone. He was opening discussions before the battles drawing charts and listening to people (who he like) ideas then embrace them as his own, even trying to convince very same people that actually suggested the idea. While he was discussing his important battle plans with his officers and friends I kept advocating that he should consider the wind. Being a nuisance and diverting the subject to stupid wind, again and again, made him shout eventually: "Shut up, the wind is irrelevant in battle. Both sides have the same wind." Almost everybody agreed with him. Then he came to the conclusion that is impossible to win an offensive battle. The logic was simple; I can't win it, only because it is impossible. Almost everyone agreed with him. Then we have lots of pushing and shouting till we make people understand what is wind gouge and why it is important. Yet every day we learn something new and keep progressing. New players almost start where we were years ago. I don't see them catching the rest by forcing them to fight a few more battles. I don't see anyone diverting the subject to DLC. I only see someone else shouting me once again. "Shut up, the wind is irrelevant in battle. Both sides have the same wind." Thank you. Edit: To summarize it. I dont't think integrating Legends to NA will solve problems. Integrating PvE to PvP might do.
  5. Admin explained it himself. It's very forgiving to make mistakes, sail away repair, reengage. it is very fast and can escape almost everything. It has amazing firepower and defensive capabilities. Getting sunk in Hercules is not a justification that it is a bad ship Statistics of inexperienced players gettings sunk in their daily free ships do not justify that the ship is fine. They are free and killing the sense of achievement to sink them while others risking pricey ships. Sailing solo in another ship is almost impossible, it is very hard to escape from that little free ship, allowing everyone else to catch you up. Yet again dying to a free ship. It has edge over most of the 5th rates. In good hands has a perfect capability to sink them 1v1. (You can read this forum topic, Hercules feedback ) It forces you to sail in a group or in a uber fast golden ship to have control over your battles. OW is almost empty now. You can blame many other things as well. Daily redeemable FREE ship doesn't suit a sandbox game. Seeing enemy gank squads in few Hercules and few Requins are a quite common sight.. I am sure people may add more to this list.
  6. All recommended by admin are to solve the issues mainly caused by DLC ships. Thanks to Requins none bothers to help newbies. Thanks to Hercules, now you want to introduce hated, ridiculous circle of death to all PvP combats. You have to change DLC's. No need to mess up with the years of work and tuning to justify your DLC mistake.
  7. I was a latecomer to POTBS. I really wanted to play that game but there was nothing directing me to end game (pvp). I was clueless in middle of the sea only doing what other does, hunting AI ships for money. PvP was dominated by few groups and fighting them only helped to demoralize me even further, seeing the experience gap. I need to find a proper 6 players group to able to compete with them. No matter how eager I was, still failed to integrate myself in pvp there. Trying to reach the certain level required an insane amount of in-game gold, time and support from experienced players. You need Mexico Gulf as 100% safe zone for these players to grow up, test - compare themselves, challenge themselves when they think the time is right. The game needs to slowly guide them to PvP. A sole tutorial would never be enough. Giving them easy battles would never be enough. And for those new players who want pvp and can't find battles, send them to experienced players. I am sure they won't mind fighting them. I bet those players are just delusional individuals who will give up playing after few real battles. Changing game features won't help this. Designing a smooth, rewarding progression path with a safe zone to grow up may help.
  8. more DLC ships? fitted DLC ships? Legends may be? Edit: This is sarcasm not a recommendation
  9. 1. Have a bait ship. (fast enough) 2. Attack superior enemy. 3. Sail downwind to drag them close to circle. 4. Join with 2-3 mortars and have fun
  10. I would suggest developers to be very careful with the person came out with the idea for DLC Hercules and Requin, former perfect to kill OW PvP, second perfect to kill new players. If you need money, as Sweden we can stop defending all ports with strategic recourses. Lots of Alts would have to buy DLC for nation change. I am talking about big money here. 😂
  11. I do believe in opposite, solo play should be encouraged instead of forced out. Its not easy to find and penetrate in a group that you would enjoy sailing. Besides you should have options of content if none of your friends are online. Solo hunting should not be a style of "huge minority", it should be one of the very available options to sail. I do agree that having friends help a lot with retention. Eventually we are mostly here to sail with our friends. We don't bother to sail in a group (for ganging) because there are very few players sailing around and very hard to find them. Besides ganging is not fun because does't involve skill, most of the veterans avoid that for this reason. Moreover, you have a chance to encounter 2 types of ships; solo line ships which doing AI hunting or missions and swarm of Hercules players. It is very hard to find a proper ship that can deal with both. You either choose to become pray to swarm of mighty Hercules or can't able to touch the liner. I blame Hercules for this. Lets be more clear and once again finger point to mighty Hercules. You can insert 5th rate instead of lineship as well. 3 Hercules can escape and fight anything and there is no other ship that can match this. Better to be careful with data when reaching conclusions since it is very easy to interpret it to justify our theories. My personal experience and understanding tells me that DLC Hercules is killing the game.
  12. Can developers clarify their plan for DLC ships on release, please? Don't want to waste my time in this game if they are going to stay as they are. Introduction of Wasa in her previous state and keeping it like that was a terrible experience, DLC Hercules even worse.
  13. I don't remember how battle started. I found myself very close to that big ship. He unleashed 2 broadsides on me when I was still loading my cannons. Started running in despair and panic. Somehow managed to shoot 2 of the stern cannons, miraculously they caused 2 leaks (as you see in the screenshot) and enemy ship sink like a rock. Still scared and trembling returned back slowly to take a selfie.
  14. Thanks for sharing your logic with us, at least for the people who care. I don't. You can agree or disagree but evaluating logic and finding true flaws requires high perception, waste amount of knowledge or proper ignorance. In either case, you are wasting yourself here. This is a game forum, not a Game-Labs meeting room. There are many sensible people here who just want to share their experience and opinions about the game they play. No need to act as a logic authority and reply to every post... and please be nice and don't quote anything from here. I won't reply.
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