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  1. Hey Ink, ages ago there was a post which showed whic ports crafted how many first rates, do you know if there's an updated list anywhwere?

  2. When you have fleet ships, make the option to send all fleet to dock available, and have it as an option where you are teleporting to another outpost. The rationale for this change is I get very frustrated that I haven't just got an option to send fleet ships to dock all at once, instead of individually clicking on them to do this. For example, another player is getting attacked, valuable seconds are wasted having to individually send each ship to dock, this is also the case when teleporting, as you get the notification that you have ships still in fleet, but not an option to send fl
  3. HI devs, Can you please confirm that the repair bug has now been resolved as of the latest patch? Kind regards, Shane Martin.
  4. @Ink @admin Can the following be looked into, reported using the in-game report tool, tried to report on Tribunal but that post got deleted. Offender: Examples attached to the post. Can we please get this player sorted out? Kind regards, Shane.
  5. Please see below clip where repair button is pressed repeatedly which causes the repair to stack. This needs to be fixed asap as it has a HUGE potential of being exploited, especially in RVR.. https://clips.twitch.tv/KitschyFancyTurnipPunchTrees @admin @sterner @Ink
  6. @qw569😳 no worries mate, just seemed a bit weird that that would be the last message.
  7. @qw569😳Has there been an issue with Mishka again, last post was 6 hours ago stating Jagua can gain hostility.
  8. If it's LAMA that is playing in GB, why are they not in our session and why is it up to you to decide what to do with it? And what players are currently in LAMA that we can speak to regarding the port?
  9. Hi, Can it be looked into why alt clans can keep major ports, such as Santiago de Cuba? If a clan leaves a nation, they should not leave there old clan with the port as in my opinion this is a major issue with the game as it's funding the enemy. Can we have an official verdict on this please @admin
  10. AI BR rating (11100) was higher than Santa Marias PB rating (10000). This needs looking into for resolution. Reported under NAB-95023. Kind regards, Shane Martin. Officer, LAS.
  11. Port battles are still being set, surely if this issue happens the port battles shouldn't count?
  12. Devs really need to get this sorted, for a full release game this issue should have been inspected, the issue ascertained and a fix rolled out. Are we going to get compensation due to not being able to get on?
  13. @Ink @admin Can this be looked into please? Kind regards, Shane
  14. @qw569 Not getting no reports since 2am GMT mate
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