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  1. I thought this game was in full release? That means no big updates or changing how the game works? Loki Runes need to be taken out. PB's need to go back to the old system, where you have to destroy the towers first before engaging. All the changes are stripping out the essence of the game.. Just my honest opinion
  2. AI BR rating (11100) was higher than Santa Marias PB rating (10000). This needs looking into for resolution. Reported under NAB-95023. Kind regards, Shane Martin. Officer, LAS.
  3. Port battles are still being set, surely if this issue happens the port battles shouldn't count?
  4. Devs really need to get this sorted, for a full release game this issue should have been inspected, the issue ascertained and a fix rolled out. Are we going to get compensation due to not being able to get on?
  5. @Ink @admin Can this be looked into please? Kind regards, Shane
  6. @qw569 Not getting no reports since 2am GMT mate
  7. @raskolnikoff @slik Is there any files which shows the current port bonuses for ports?
  8. Hi all, Where would I go getting started with all this? For example, database, connections ect. Newbie learning here. Thanks in advance! Shane.
  9. @qw569 Has the bot been blocked again? Not getting any reports since last night.
  10. Not creating a new post, but I'm having the same issue. Reported via connection test and bug report @Ink @admin
  11. @admin Do we have any patchnotes for todays 5MB patch? Kind regards, Shane.
  12. Hi all, Is there any way of the current ship building bonuses / port upgrades included into the API for use? Kind regards, Shane Martin
  13. Hi @Felix Victor, Just wanted to check if their is a possibility of getting the information from the game about the clan port investments, so when, for example, a teak farm is built, it'll show up on the map? Thank you for your time, love the map by the way Kind regards, Shane.
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