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  1. My biggest suggestion is flags in the open world. Also maybe some sort of pennant or signal flag to denote size and amount of fleet escorts. Use the scope to see nation, ship and fleet info with no menu box, but can click as usual.
  2. RNG isn't fair in a game I paid irl doubloons for. Bring back some system to acquire permits please. I suggest "taking a prize" and giving it to the admiralty for credits toward a permit.
  3. Admiralty, what say you? Maybe there could be a "bribery" tab on the Admiralty menu, where one could purchase permits for a reasonable amount of reales. Though, I still like my prize idea. Taking a prize was a big payout back then. Say, capture and redeem 4 of the ship you want, in the admiral page, nets 1 permit for that ship. Still have to craft the ship, see what drops. Come on guys we need more ships. @admin please with nice pennants on top. Another question please, can we get flags in the open world? Thanks! I'm pretty happy with where the game is, you've done well. Just give us a way to
  4. Permits are too rare. There should be a way to buy permits again, at a reasonable rate, of course. I used to be able to acquire ships of any sort with a little work, but now it seems impossible to get what I want, which is USS Constitution, which is why I bought the game in the first place. I'm sure everyone else has their favorite that seems irreplaceable, and are scared to risk it in a fair fight. Please have mercy! Maybe a captured ship could be traded to the Admiralty, at standard prize shares, and could build up credit towards the purchase of said permits. If I remember correctly, th
  5. As title suggests, to be able to right click, send ship to chat, where other players could look and bid, or simply to be sure they want it, or suggest upgrades to make it better. (Or more likely, to brag on your ship ; ) Probably last place on list of improvements, but I think it would be a valuable asset for QOL. Otherwise, great work guys on everything so far, don't listen to the haters! I really think this game will stand the test of time, and I hope I'm playing it for a long time to come. pic for attention
  6. That's ok just have the view behind the wheel. The cap would be standing there irl anyway. I was thinking that scroll view in/out wouldn't work, just look around. (In capn and crow view) Other controls would work normally. Also, can we get a generic captain standing in proper place per ship/nation. He could shout generic orders randomly, again, per nation. I realize you can't just drop a couple lines of code and implement these things, but I think they would be worthwhile to the game for a future update. I really could go on and on how much I love this game.
  7. I would like a certain key, maybe H, when you click once, it takes you to the helm of the ship (captain's view). One more click would take you to the crows nest. The mouse/look around would work the same in either case. Once more takes you back to normal over view. Thanks! Love the game! -capnoob
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