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  1. quality of life improvements it is all about infos stats and what you can do on see, minor things which annoy newbies after they found out how it works exactly - let us all our storages ships stats and blueprints (all of them) and and be viewed anytime on sea, just make the journy to the next Port more interessting with all the stuff to look at it is very annyoing that i cant look at the placed guns, upgrades and books at see, why not i am on the ship, i should be able to see that the 2 different stat windows of ships is very annoing, ship in fleet window stats needed
  2. Open World NPC Ships and Fleet settings Well i am not sure, but i think Open world fits in this categorie or? I would love to see NPC Traders with escort ships. Sure there should be some traders without as well, but the really good booty should be in smaller fleets 1 - 2+ Trader and 1 - 8+ escorts of the same or one higher rank?! The Traders will run, and the escort will stop you from getting them, which makes it very interesting to group pve at the open world The more escorts the higher the Trading good values in the Traders!
  3. The Pirate's Prize Well, how about, lets you trade in captured ships for a booty reward at the Admiralty under "mission journal"! Which gives a fair amount of Reals and Dubs! In addition, if you can save a NPC Trade from getting captured, youll get a reward aswell, for helping the friendly Trader ?! That would lead to some nearby symbols on the map like a sword against a sail or something like this, then you can join to rescue a frindly trader (maybe it gets attacked by NPCs aswell not only player attacks, like a PVE event?) just thinking of more PVE/
  4. DLC: Navy Income 5$ up to 15$ Idea: A redeemable Income of lets say x Reals and Gold all 24 hours, depending on your Char LVL. So Admiral gehts most. Optional: I could be influenced by maybe total income of all Nation Ports, or Income of Clan Ports and and... Why: Would be a huge help for people which dont have time to grind all day long, but want to go into action! Or Newbies, which strugel, especially on the PVP server.. Example: Maybe a Admiral gehts 500 K Reals and 500 Doublones every 24 h.
  5. well its me i am a bad player and often get sunk or boarded by AI, so i do lose more than earn anything by farming doubloons the new way.... true if i run missions 66% i get sunk by player PVP ganks... well but i do lose lesser ressources than fight in OW (and the time to do so is bigger and needs more attention and and) then on day ill be out of money and ships... than ill maybe play sid meiers pirates ! good winds you all 😜
  6. Well i am not the best in english, so i hope you all understand my ideas: Realm versus Realm seams to not work, because one Side gets the lead to easy and for ever if there is no sort of Wipe.... well a wipe is no option. I think there needs to be just a complete different approach for the Reasons of RvR Make different ways of RvR Conditions, some examples: Nation can get Victory by: - most travel distance for Trader Missions or successful delivery - most Tax income of Ports, only 5 biggest Ports count - most Ports on the Map (is still a valide way)
  7. NAB-94489 Well we all 3 me and my dump Ai and the enemy Ai hanging in the coast..... The enemy Ai is just always after some time pulling into the coast like a magnet.... pls do something against this... maybe ill from now on flee 30 min to chase the Ai out into deep waters... but that is not intended ? i believe its not!
  8. well sure... but is it intended... that the NPC goes suicide to finde a good sandbank as ground....! its very very very very annoying hunting some very small elite ships... only for the loot not worth any exp.... just to sit there and cant reach it within a silly catwalk... wasting 20 in for nothing... maybe its me because i cant steer my ship... i want to avoid thos sands.. but the NPC forces me to go after him...
  9. NAB-94488 Well its always the same, NPC takes the Fight to the sandbank if it goes longe.... steering its circles... till it hits ground often i cant loot him then... is this intended?
  10. I think this is correct on Saturday evening, i was in my Rättvisan (big noob me) so a stock ship... Saw a USA player coming my way, still very bad in guessing ship shapes.... i just saw his front. looked like a Wasa or 3Rate... oh well ill just engaged in PVP anyway to get some exp and well train my bad PVP skills.... surprise... it was a 2rate Christian!!!! i prayed and decided to engaged anyway... some small talk in Chat, no response he was on full sails in OW, he sat there did nothing.... i happy started to shoot at him... h
  11. i play on a surefacbook 8gb ram and nvidia with 1 gb vram, its playable at minimum settings with about 50 fps sometimes down to 30 fps byside i have Windows 10 version 1903 (may 2019) !
  12. https://shadow.tech i use this at work, but you may need to get some Firewall Ports open... but if the game started they should work!
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