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  1. Until today, I would have said the infamous "wind patches", because they're the primary reason I stopped playing. However, after the announcement of a Chinese faction, I'm going with that, because that's what pushed me to finally uninstall the game entirely...
  2. Even though it's probably statistically unlikely with individuals using them on their own, I wonder if it's possible for more than one player using Loki Runes to join into the same battle if there are multiple NPCs still alive in it? If so, I could see some Clans saving all of their Loki Runes to use simultaneously for some next-level trolling...
  3. Being called a carebear by someone who fled Pirates when the going got tough to go play the game on easy mode with Russia... so hurtful... I never claimed to be "hardcore". I said I actively participate in PvP on a daily basis, and I'm good with the consequences of it. Undocking into the open world is consenting to PvP in Naval Action on the PvP server. I feel I should clarify that my chief complaint about the Loki Rune's isn't the nonconsensual nature of the mechanic so much as the fact that it is being intentionally hidden from the victim, and, more importantly, that the player u
  4. This is seriously one of the worst mechanics ever implemented in this game, and I still remember the update where everyone immediately sank if two ships barely touched, and the other one where a single broadside of ball shot killed the majority of your crew... The PvP isn't consensual and there's no warning given to the player who believes they are engaging in PvE. That's simply not OK, under any circumstance. If there was a warning that was displayed that told a player that the NPC he was fighting had just been taken over by another player, then that would make it more acceptable. As
  5. I did the math last night and there were more "Online Members" in the top ten Pirate Clans than the entire server population... I think it's safe to say it's broken.
  6. There's almost no correct information anywhere on it. I spent some time trying to figure out why our "PvP Kills" weren't being recorded and were even being erased, why our "KD" was going down even when kills were being made and no one had been sunk for days... I eventually just gave up and wrote it off as completely broken...
  7. Loki Runes... because consensual PvP apparently wasn't good enough, they're now turning our PvE battles into PvP without the consent of the player who sailed out to grind some PvE. Sure, let's fine tune it to make sure it favors the troll with nothing better to do than randomly drop into some poor bastard's battle! I feel like the title of the post-release development roadmap should be "New Ways to Keep Frustrating Our Players Until They All Quit".
  8. The lack of maneuverability would be something we'd have to adjust to, but that's already the case with the current implementation... The greater concern is that now, some ships can magically go faster than other ships because 10 minutes back they clicked a button that their victim doesn't have access to. Let me present a scenario that happened just last night... I was alone outside Baracoa, in a 15 kn Snow, looking for some of that PvE I'm being pushed to engage in now, grinding to rebuild my level 3 Shipyard (again), and a squad of five British gankers in two Bellonas, a Le Requin, a
  9. Creating a complex system for wind isn't necessary... There's already a lot of mechanics in the game that work off of the principal of circular zones around ports, so here's a really simple solution to make open-world sailing faster that doesn't involve a mechanic that can be easily exploited like this current implementation we were just cursed with... Using the distance tools at https://na-map.netlify.com/, I was able to quickly perform a few tests and determine that a circular zone around every port, with a radial distance of anywhere from approximately 10K to 15K, based on in-game
  10. There is a workaround... Just place a buy contract for the price of a sell contract. It will then be available to claim. It requires a few additional steps, but it worked for me.
  11. A "Chinese invasion" of the Caribbean will cause a lot of us to stop playing Naval Action because it would be deviating too far from the historical setting we expect. Is that feedback clear enough?
  12. Well, we would try to, but we can't build any ships...
  13. Regarding "seasons", you can reset ownership of the ports and port investments, but if you ever wipe anything related to a player, i.e. their rank, crafting level, ship slots, skill books, recipes, money, etc., you will lose more players than you gain. Regarding crafting buildings, if they are wiped, then all Reals and Doubloons should be refunded to the player. If you wipe these things, then I know for a fact that I would quit playing forever, as would everyone in Military Gamers. "No more wipes or resets!"; that was the promise that was made, and it should be kept. The only reason any
  14. Can we have a serious conversation about implementing some kind of incentive system like this before the major nations drive everyone else from the game? The Russians have now set their sights on Baracoa, which is the last port that Pirates have to build competitive ships at. Instead of uniting with us against a common threat, every other nation is content to join in on the attacks, or to simply sit outside of Mortimer Town and Baracoa to get their PvP kills, while blissfully ignoring the fact that they will soon find themselves in our position, once the few remaining Pirate holdouts can
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