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  1. If you keep making broad, sweeping changes to the mechanics in this game you're going to drive away all but the most vocal minority. The game is in a good place now, and I encourage you to continue to tweak the balance, as needed, and focus on adding more content. If you change things too much, however, there won't be any casual players left to financially support the long-term vision. If you take away things like the wind and speed indicators, you are only going to make the game more frustrating for new and casual players alike. As someone who has run a gaming community for over twelve years, I have a lot of first-hand experience regarding keeping people engaged in a specific game for extended periods of time. These days, there are literally thousands of games vying for the free time of gamers, and they won't hesitate to spend their time playing something else as soon as the frustration surpasses the fun. As it stands, I've had somewhere between sixty to eighty of my 4,207 community members play Naval Action at some point during development, but I have only been able to get around thirty of them back into the game and actively participating since release. Of those, I would lose most, if any sweeping changes are made. The rest would follow, out of boredom and loneliness. They don't come to these forums, they aren't vocal, but they are representative of the silent majority of players. It's something to consider.
  2. The coding framework is likely already there, given the current system for placing contracts, it would just need to be tweaked some, but since I'm not a developer, I can't say for certain. It would certainly alleviate a lot of problems and improve the overall quality of life for everyone in a Clan.
  3. Allow Clan members to submit withdrawal requests for items from the Clan Warehouse. The items would then be temporarily reserved for that member until an officer (or above) reviews the requests and approves or denies them. If needed, you could limit the number of allowed requests per member until reviewed, and they could have an expiration also, or even be automatically approved if not manually approved or denied after a set period of time. This would allow members to withdraw items they need from the Clan Warehouse without needing an officer present to hand them to them or having to micromanage members' ranks, giving them higher privileges, just to allow them to get what they need. It would also reduce the risk of being cleaned out by a spy or disgruntled member. I don't see how this would negatively impact the game in any way. It is simply a quality of life improvement.
  4. We're still Pirates. We haven't played as the US since the servers merged. US waters are a little too quiet for our members who prefer to PvP more, and the relative safety afforded by the position of US ports also caused our members to become a little too complacent.
  5. We're finally becoming active again for the first time since the game released. There's about twenty of us who are now playing regularly and slowly grinding our way back up. Now is a great time to come join your fellow brothers in arms!
  6. Some of us have come back around and are playing regularly again and we've even picked up some new members in Naval Action as well. Due to the upcoming server merge, however, we've chosen to make the Pirate faction our home for the time being as we transition back to the Caribbean [PvP EU] server.
  7. Good! About time. Now finish the UI so it looks like a real game and (some) people will return!
  8. We've been around for over ten years now, and we never stop recruiting. Now that the game is back to being playable after the long wait leading up to the wipe, we have expanded to the PvP Global server as well, and members are beginning to slowly return to the game. Head over to our website, register an account, and join us on our Discord server.
  9. I'm really enjoying all the changes this patch brought besides having to grind through every ship again to unlock the potential of other ships. Making all ships 1 durability is one of the best changes! My only suggestion might be to make the leap from the Basic Cutter to "real" ships happen a little quicker to make the game slightly more friendly to the less patient, i.e. casuals, but the best ships, mods, skills, ship knowledge, etc. shouldn't be so easily obtained. The requirements should start to scale towards the extremes at the higher end of the frigates. I don't ever want to get back to the point where everyone and their brother is rolling around on a mountain of gold like Smaug the Dragon, and can afford to throw away Ships of the Line every day because they have five in each outpost. If you don't recall the days when it was common to see people openly berating someone because they could only bring a 3rd or 2nd Rate to a Port Battle, because to bring anything but a 1st Rate just wasn't good enough. All boats matter!
  10. I've experienced every patch update since Naval Action first came to Steam EA, and I can honestly say I really like where everything is at right now in the game! The only thing I'm not a big fan of is having to grind through ships I don't want to sail in order to unlock the full potential of those I do, and would prefer to either have to work harder at gaining more XP to unlock slots, or just have to unlock one of each rate class below, not specific ships. Still, even if no change is made from this point on, I could live with it all. Since everything is working great, I beg you to please stop over-tweaking things that are working well and focus on adding more content, more ships, and a real UI! It will encourage old players to finally come back to the game. A UI might not seem important when the current one might be ugly, but is functional, but you'd be surprised how many times I hear "They still haven't updated the UI?!" in our Discord server and you can sense the clear disappointment. Thanks, and keep up the good work! It's finally getting there! EDIT: And for the love of all that is good, please allow us to again craft all the ships that are in the game! I don't much care for the idea that some ships are being treated as too special or rare to allow the plebs to have access to them, i.e. both Rattlesnakes, Santa Cecilia, and whatever others are currently content locked.
  11. I leveled up once to Rear Admiral / Curse. I'm not going to do it again, but this time by an even slower version because you've skill-locked the ships I've been sailing for ages behind a new leveling system. If you want this kind of system then make it per ship and not based on the ship below it, i.e. I level the ship I'm in, when I'm in it, and it doesn't matter a good goddamn if I leveled the ship below it.
  12. So, with Naval Action hurting for players, I've got some ideas I'd like to toss out. After all, even though some of my ideas change things up quite a bit, I really don't think it could get much worse... The game world is massive, and with so few players, with most people either avoiding PvP entirely, only getting into PvP unwillingly due to unfair numbers, or only participating in Port Battles and Events, it's just not a lot of fun these days and the numbers reflect that. My hope is that players might return, PvP could be the norm for once, and people wouldn't be as afraid to lose their ship if they did choose to fight. Losing a ship should still have a marked impact, though maybe not always a permanent one as to cause players to avoid it all together. http://steamcharts.com/app/311310#All 1. Remove Ship Durability and replace it with a Repair Timer Example Repair Timers: 1st Rate = 7 days, 2nd Rate = 6 days, 3rd Rate = 5 days, 4th Rate = 4 days, 5th Rate = 3 days, 6th Rate = 2 days, 7th Rate = 1 day. Possibility of paying down the timer for a multiplier based on remaining time, up to "a whole Hell of a lot" for a 1st rate with maximum time remaining. No ship could go below a certain minimum wait time (2-4 hours?), so as to avoid people with a lot of gold just sinking and going right back out in the same ship. 2. Implement Towing When sunk, allow captains to choose between paying a fee to be towed by the game (automatic, but costly), being towed by a friendly player, or scuttling their ship and losing it forever. Once back in a friendly port the Repair Timer begins. 3. Ships could still be lost forever to boarding actions by other players, when the other player chooses to take the captured prize. Add in a button during boarding to intentionally scuttle your ship to avoid it falling into the hands of an opponent. Would behave like Disengage, etc. If boarded by an NPC and the player loses, it would be treated as a sinking and the Towing System and Repair Timer would apply. 4. Remove Officer Lives Remove the 10 "lives" and instead add in the ability to rename them, and retrain them for a fee. 5. To make up for fewer lost ships, add more random properties back into crafting to keep people producing ships chasing the ideal build. Possibly reduce and normalize all ship building materials to a set amount for each ship, and remove the ability to select traits and quality and instead have non-location-based traits be random, and the quality be based on overall trait amounts.
  13. Not keen on a wipe, personally, but things are so messy at this point after so many sweeping changes... We'd need to keep our EXP/Ranks, and perhaps be compensated in some way, but if it is absolutely necessary, so be it. Just know that a wipe will absolutely lead to a loss of many former players. I think I like most of the crafting changes, but I'm just not a fan of grey/yellow color scheme. I think you should keep the current scheme, but just make it grey/green/blue for captured/crafted/special. It leaves room for adding things later on with purple/yellow. That also means upgrades can still follow the same scheme. I'd personally like all ships to either be 1 durability, or rechargeable--an all or nothing approach--either way is fine by me. The biggest takeaway I got from all this though is the consideration of adding limited ammunition. My fear is that this will lead to ships being too weak to compensate for fewer shots, unwinnable battles/stalemates, or people abandoning the ranged combat phase all together in favor of strictly rage boarding, which even with unlimited ammunition, is a major issue.
  14. We're still very much an active part of the US faction on PVP One. Now's as good of a time as any to join up. We have both new players and veterans of the game active daily.
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