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  1. Hate to break it to you but the review bombing started when you deployed Loki full stop... not just when it went live on peace, as did the player count drop. You still don't get it, giving one player 0% risk and another player 100% risk and then making the choice on the 0% side so the only person with anything to loose has no say in the matter is just bad game mechanics period. The only people who support that are the very ones who wish to exploit mechanics like that to the detriment of others. There is no honor in Loki runes, no challenge, no accomplishment, there is a system that promotes zero repercussion bullying, and somehow you think this is good.
  2. how would you not go that far? we have a PVP circle that's quite small where people can go and fight others of a similar mindset, the current changes however are not about pvp, loki runes and log books, even to some less extent the wind gasps are all about allowing the people who love to bully weaker players to do so with impunity. No with loki runes they literally risk nothing, and with log books can find even the most remote of pve'rs trying to grind... and thanks to wind gasps no matter how far, they can be there before the timers close out... this patch has piss all to do with people who want to fight others wanting to fight, and everything to do with making the griefers job easier. That said I do agree with @Wraith that the economy needs fixing..this wasn't it, as its still skewed heavily in favor of the same people it always was.. but it does need fixing... it need low, med, high risk options with commiserate rewards and time investments.. something for new and experienced players to do.
  3. Your wasting your time mate, @Wraith and the handful like him would love nothing more than to be able to teleport to every trader, pve'r and noob in game and sink them in one volley... they don't want balance or gameplay they want easy kills... and @admin for some ungodly reason has decided to listen to them. Best not to even waste your breath they'll just shout you down with inane prattle about being a PvP game and get gud. You really have to just decide to play or not, cause the dev's aren't listening.
  4. I actually posted what I think would be a great fix for the loki rune system that would turn it from a troll tool to something legitimately useful.
  5. problem is PvP'rs aren't using these runes for fights, I mean lets get real... fights are easy to get.. you want pvp go hit the circle you'll have all you want... the only reason you want this rune is to troll someone who isn't expecting it and that's what it is.. you risk nothing, you loose nothing... but you stand to cost them a ship and w/e work they've put into the fight/loot. That's a pure troll mechanic plain and simple. But I forget PvP'rs in this game don't want fair fights, they don't want challenges, they want to kill noobs, and ill equipped ships and call themselves gods for it....
  6. That's as may be, but this patch might as well be called the griefers patch, because lets call a spade a spade that's what it is. Real PvP'rs that want to fight COULD go to the circle and fight others who want to fight... everything in this patch is about letting the trolls force pvp upon people who weren't looking for it. The log books the rune the whole bit... so no this patch very much did make an already bad situation MUCH worse for new players as the seal clubbers were just given a great set of tools to work with.
  7. I was thinking the Loki Runes could benefit from a slight mechanic change: Make them in effect consensual. What I mean by that is that when a player toggles his "rune" another player anywhere in the world would be able to join on his battle and play as the AI... what would the player get for doing this? More EXP, and Loot regardless of whether someone joins or not. Meanwhile everyone else gets actual battles against people and fun is had by all. You can even put a BR limiter on it to keep people from popping it on a basic cutter for instance, but this way its always a fresh battle and both players know exactly whats going on. This actually makes more sense too, since the PvE'r in question will most likely be getting more runes since he is more likely to be fighting AI, and it prevents the PvP'r from having to fight a bunch of AI he doesn't want to. This fixes the current system that really favors trolling over actual pvp.
  8. yep I got tired of hearing that in EvE too... rather than admitting the game lacked anything to draw in new players and retain them in fact it actively drives them off with needlessly difficult systems, we hide behind the "its a MMO find a group" troup…. sure ok... except a quick looksy at steam charts shows us... hmm that isn't workin mate. So rather than make excuses and hide behind the "I did it so can they" mentality... maybe just maybe we could find way to make the game more approachable and actually draw in new player yes?
  9. I am curious when you get your way and there is no ship leveling, or building, or trading, or grinding, and all aspects of PvE are dead and all the filthly carebears are driven off like the plague ridden vermin they are.... what will the 50 or so of you that will be left do? Because I dare say you'll not actually fight each other, no you'll sit and lament about how the game is dead there is no seals to club no action to be had (read noobs to gank) and quit... the devs know this, and it is why the PvP server will never be solely PvP.. they tried that with legends and it failed. Like it or not admit it or not... you need the carebears to have someone to kill because the universal truth to all pvp'rs in sandbox games is you cannot and will not fight anyone else. Its why your here... if you wanted actual pvp with other pvp people in a balanced manner you would play a lobby based pvp game like legends was. So you'll pardon my lack of compassion for your lamentations on the addition of more PvE content designed to draw in more players for you to club to death and drive off in the name of "hardcore pvp"
  10. because that is restricted to players with enough reals and doubloons to start that... there has to be a starting point for new players and casuals...
  11. yes and the risk is still there, but there needs to be a scale to the risk low med high.. not just high... that is how good game mechanics work.. not only that but as I have said before, I know I am one voice screaming in the wind.. but when you win your war against the filthy carebears and they all leave you'll find the auction houses quite empty and the seas quite empty to... open world pvp games NEED casuals (carebears) to thrive, they are the cattle the pvp'rs prey upon... you remove them you kill the game.
  12. It was never about the missions so much as it was about the trade goods system... currently lets say your a pirate, to make money you've got to leave mort town in an large trade ship and sail half way across the map to turn a profit... the odds of you clearing the Inagua zone are almost zero... let alone making it to say new orleans. and if your polish don't even bother. All I want is a trade system that works off of say things like iron,coal,wood etc and have ports buy and sell them at varying prices... doesn't have to be huge difference but it allows localized trading in smaller ships for newer players and less time intensive trading for casuals.
  13. Wraith you have exactly zero clue what your talking about because you speak from the safety of the largest nation in game currently.... sure YOU can go out with 15alts and make godly money in 10 mins whilst watching videos on your other screen... the rest of us didn't and still do not have that luxury. And admins fix for the elite being TOO rich.. was to shoot the poor... because now new players and small nations have little to no hope of sailing trade goods anywhere that will bring profit without getting smashed by the "pvp'rs"
  14. Wouldn't count on it, admin seems to have taken a page from Donald Trumps playbook... "best patch ever, everything is the greatest its ever been, anything to the contrary is fake news!" His capacity to provide solid data is somewhat lacking.
  15. not size, as much as speed of ship... if I increase a 10kts ship by 50% that's 15kts if I increase a 15kts ship by 50% that is 22.5kts... but again that's not what you see in OW so there is more to the maths than that.
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