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  1. Is this because we give you a good review on steam? Or is this to drown the cryes from the loss of Remedios?()
  2. Ah, that makes a lot of sense sir Comrade Nixolai!
  3. Riot stick


    Helt rätt! Bin Laden är inte med i spelet.😄
  4. I bet you were 3 vs 1 making fun of him, that's my rover experience, but what do I know...
  5. I got 16 provisions and 4 iron, ty devs! Someone told me once that 'the rich will only get richer and the poor will get...' 🤔I don't remember what the poor get, probably something stiff.😄
  6. It's 'roping' man, not raping. Who rapes turtles?
  7. This is a gift in a videogame, and it is my strong belief that you will be able to get over this great injustice.
  8. Are you kidding me? When did you or anyone in Naval Action searched for a fair fight? The newbies you speak of, their at a disadvantage with or without the book. If you feel it's to strong/overpowered, just don't use it!
  9. Why can't we just say "thank you"?! ... and just move on...
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