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  1. So, why do you complain? Just enjoy the gift, maybe put it to good use.
  2. @Anolytic I am going on vacation and will be away for the next two weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Yet it was the Vic that tanked most of the anger at Trafalgar!
  4. If big battles are the goal, this is not the sollution. A better sollution is to make PZ nationless and only have battles started by groups of players(battles groups). Then close the join circle for higher br, allow join for weaker side regardless what nation they are from. PZ should be everyone for himself IF not part of a group, imo.
  5. Just change the basic cutter with navy brig. Have navy brig be sailed by 60 crew. Remove basic cutter from the game. At the moment the basic cutter is more used by experienced players to transport books or to spy, then it is used by new players. Plz. Let ppl have some fun with this game!
  6. Tell me, why it is up to players to protect their nation newbies. They get nothing for it. There used to exist a mechanic in place that did that perfectly. There was No newb ganking at capital at all or verry little. It was removed! Conclusion: devs dont like new players!
  7. I think, yes... ”Let there be blood!”
  8. Of course he meant u are #1, how silly of him...
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