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  1. Hard code the variety of ships for every pb, and make that pb fleet non taggable unless 100% same br.
  2. This ideea 'ai transport' used to be in the game, long time ago when this game was fun and GB was Zerg๐Ÿ˜„. Doubt this will happen, because it improves the quality of life. We can't have that!
  3. Japp! Pretty basic... Problem is 10.9 is not accepted either, so I need to search for an assist only?
  4. maybe round downward...from the top of my head....
  5. Civil war will introduce even more grief and unhappiness. But i can see that this is something that you pesonally desire. ๐Ÿ˜„
  6. I don't understand why players have to make this kind of proposals. This should be part of the thinking process in the development stage. Its quite basic! How can you be so blind?
  7. You gain more XP if u stay and fight them. I understand that you feel the need to run when overpowerd but this is how they decided, One gets more XP when shooting cannons.
  8. Well, you guys did better then us, at Rio de la Hacha! o7 But like @Anolitic Said "You win some and You loose some"! So, GG and see you next time.
  9. Dear GameLabs, I feel dissapointed, to see once more a kill mission beeing removed because ppl use it! No explanation, nothing...just removed. And a reminder, every time you patched the game tword pvp nerfing pve, game lost players. I am sure this time, it will be diffrent! Not.
  10. indefinitely You can keep Cartagena indefinitely as long as you defend... indefinitely. That is your lock-timer!
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