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  1. Is there any chance we can get the Tools Blueprint so that we can start to craft them ourselves?
  2. You and you're bunch, can have all the ports. Maybe then, you will be happy. Take them all!
  3. I believe China will be the next new nation...
  4. I say "let it burn"...
  5. Why can't you just make a competition were clans/players can compete for the best outposts on the map in an eliminatory fashion. This way you can feed those egos existing in Naval Action. And make the rest of the rvr a random feature on the server, were battles are treated like in Naval Action Legends with random players jumping in the PBs in default ships. Food for thought!
  6. What about the rvr monopoly that the two big nations have, are there any plans to balance that?
  7. Hard code the variety of ships for every pb, and make that pb fleet non taggable unless 100% same br.
  8. This ideea 'ai transport' used to be in the game, long time ago when this game was fun and GB was Zerg😄. Doubt this will happen, because it improves the quality of life. We can't have that!
  9. Japp! Pretty basic... Problem is 10.9 is not accepted either, so I need to search for an assist only?
  10. maybe round downward...from the top of my head....
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