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  1. Exactly! What keeps the price up? Their need in the ship building. This will not balance the odds thow!
  2. Dislikes the ship in front of him, he will eventually chose a Trimco instead. Am I right?
  3. That's it? Nothing else... that is a bit disappointing.
  4. No British captain fleed this battle. In fact they fought bravely and in good spirit, The MVP of the battle was the circle of death other than that it was a good fight. GG!
  5. Don't worry folks! There has to be some 'strings' attached to the 'reverse wants reverse gets' deal. My guess is that bf will change nation, or we get civil war. Either way game will get balanced. Hold your pants!
  6. Ok, you can join Russia ... But keep your mouth shut and do as you are told! šŸ˜ƒ
  7. Cid blaming Anolitic for 'killing' the game! Because " I is smart, I is important, I is beautiful..."
  8. what if; in random fire mode a gun is fired as soon as it is loaded.
  9. Gratulerer med dagen!
  10. Because of the amount of griefing the battle system can cause I suggest that all open world engagements should play in a circle of death type form, similar to the patrol battles.
  11. That's not honest, that's ignorant. The mods mean nothing to casual players to others means that they can kill there 1st rates and a 3rd rate with ease. That is why mods need to be reflected in the ship's br, has to be done. This way you can tell those guys they got killed by a tank that looks like a 3rd rate.
  12. Does it get leaks as easy as the craftable one?
  13. Devs don't like you anymore, just need to understand that. No means No!
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