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  1. That's not exactly right. I haven't found the pattern, but when ports are taken/lost the fleets visiting the area will change a bit and sometimes new nations will pop and sometimes those new nations how up with new rates. There was a spot where the only 5th rates I ever saw were from my nation (except traders) and after some port flipping nearby, a bunch of 5th rates from nations I never saw in the area are now common.
  2. Well the Loki player sees his victim's name and can always PM him. I've done it with a player and it worked, we had a chat and all. I think the devs wanted it to be a cat and mouse thing, so kinda makes sense to block most indications.
  3. You get absolutely nothing, no loot, no XP. Not sure if the kill counts towards PVP missions (either side), I heard conflicting info. The kill does show in the combat news chat.
  4. I got 2 Runes so far, neither were from elite ships, just random drops from killing AI. First one I already detailed in another post but long story short I ended up in a 6th rate (I forget which) against another 6th rate. It was in a tight bay near a city with a fort, so I got pounded hard by the fort and got demasted 30 seconds in. Couldn't do anything until the player came close to loot as I was dying, managed to rage board him. Didn't win the boarding, but I bet he was confused by that move, hehe. Second one was last night, ended up in a half damaged Essex with 4 other 5th rate bu
  5. I'm always impressed by players who manage to take on bigger ships, heck even an equal power AI can be a challenge sometimes... I've been farming AI in my Christian lately and it's amazing to see how much damage a 4th rate can do on a full 90 deg broadside. Heck, I'm fairly sure they do about 2x damage. Even a Wasa in my Christian when we do that initial side-by-side pass will usually strip me of more armor than I can and I'm sporting 2 carronade decks on a sturdy white oak Christian... And I'm using double charge on my longs too.
  6. Just means you have to treat any PVE encounter with the same precaution and awareness you would if you were fighting a player in the same ship. The whole bigger risk bigger reward is kinda BS if you ask me, close fights give more XP but they are much harder and long, require one or several repair cycles/gimmicks (boarding to stall time waiting on repairs for instance), etc. In the end, you're only making it harder on yourself.
  7. I don't have any PVP missions so I have no idea. I did get a log in combat news about me killing someone. Didn't realize I was fighting a player until I saw it, lol.
  8. Just for clarification I'm mainly a PVE player, even though I'm on the PVP server. I still welcome this change because ultimately I chose the PVE fights I engage in. Whether it's an AI or a player, I usually go for easy targets because I'd rather kill 4 ships for 300xp each in 30 min than have a 1h fight with a 1200xp ship. So all in all it just means I get more challenge and ultimately more enjoyment without having to build min-maxed ships for millions and throwing them at fleets of gankers... I can do what I've always done but with some spiciness added. Also means I can chose to do PVP
  9. Also, forgot to mention on how it works, I could not board the enemy player without preparation, so it's not entirely like being the AI apparently.
  10. I don't have all the details but the fight I got thrown in I had no repairs of any kind. Didn't notice anything special about how the ship handled or behaved so hard to say on upgrades/bonuses, I assume you get the same loadout as the AI he was fighting. I also fought a player during one of my PVE encounters.. I didn't notice anything different other than the fact it was doing great at angling the ship to bounce my balls... When the battle was over (I won, was my Wasa against 2 Surprises) there was a log in the combat log that said I had killed a French player (the Surprises I was fightin
  11. Someone suggested this on the steam forum and I think it's a great idea. It would give the PVPers a way to get into instant fights without any PVE grinding, it would satisfy the people who are crying for Naval Action Legends to come back and it would satisfy the ones crying the AI is dumb, too easy and boring. I'm sure it would also attract and retain a lot of users who are turned off by the more time consuming aspects of the game, all while feeding worthy challenge to those who want to play the game to the fullest. Not only that the game devs would have a bunch of players working for the
  12. Good idea. That said I have a simple way to fix the new system: Allow anyone to piggy back on someone's boost. Ex: I'm in my Trader Lynx going 15.5, I see a Trinco coming up to me with a boost at 18 pr whatever. Let me target that Trinco and click "Steal wind gust"... This gives me the same boost, for the same amount of time the enemy has left. This way boosts aren't giving an unfair advantage to either ganker or ganked if they pay attention. Everybody wins.
  13. I suppose it would have been very different than the countless other failures at capping it in the last few months. You guys should give up and keep bashing on empty nations that's clearly where you excel
  14. Nice speed, work on getting that one back lolll
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