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  1. Great post, the points you make are really quite sensible. The tradeoffs you've mentioned also seem reasonable enough for serious consideration. This does deserve developer attention.
  2. Developer confirmation? I'm rather new here, but I'd really hoped that international diplomacy would be a thing. There must be a way to make it work, without it devolving into some sort of massive seal-clubbing match.
  3. Actually, negative roll angle causes your ship to roll less, as far as I can tell. Pretty sure it's a good thing; easier to aim guns while underway, harder to be holed below the waterline, etc. Additional Ballast is an upgrade that purely trades speed for a decreased roll angle, for instance.
  4. I'd be inclined to go with this definition, though it would be great if a dev could provide clarification. I've always been told that increasing the "jib" characteristic improves your top speed while sailing upwind (basically making your ship more triangle-rigged), while improving mainsails does the same for leeward sailing.
  5. I might just be a total noob, but I honestly think it's a nice option to have. Just for some ships, though. I agree that most ships should still be craftable-only.
  6. Yeah, that's where I am now too. Haven't been able to get to the port screen at all.
  7. As a fairly new player, I must say I'm rather intrigued by this new system. Definitely looking forward to testing it.
  8. Taking a while for me to load in. Is anyone else actually playing yet?
  9. Thanks for that overview! It's reassuring to hear after everything I've been told by the Steam community. I think I'm going to try it out!
  10. Hey, captains! I've had my eye on the game for some time, and lately I've been considering it more seriously. I've always loved open-world multiplayer titles, and I have a particular interest in the setting and premise of Naval Action. My question is fairly straightforward: would you recommend the game in its current state, or should I refrain from purchasing it presently?