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  1. Seems impossible to make tiered secondaries or place them on the superstructure as well ... so you cant do two level secondaries and barbettes on seem to work on the centerline and are keyed to primary guns only... so even the larger 8 inch turrets can't be used. ... just the way towers work in general is screwy cant place anything on them unless something they have purposely designed the tower to allow. It's like the snap feature in kerbal being turned on .....
  2. It's a tricky thing historically adm sims and mahan had a back and forth and this very topic and the break even point for larger fewer guns is when better fire control comes along. Uncontrolled... tou increase your chance of hits with more faster firing guns. The great American victory at the battle of Santiago was the result of around 2 percent hits with locally controlled guns without range finders for the most part .... fast forward to guadalcanal Washington I think got 9 out of 40 or so but it seems that the measuring stick for the interwar battleship was around 30 percent hits with large caliber guns.
  3. Yeah it seems like they start snap points gave up on implementation and left so the game suffers because neither system is optimised
  4. It is not always apparent if additions and subtractions are being made symmetrically. Sometimes I add a turret but one does not appear on the other side, leaving the ship unbalanced because it is not always possible to mirror image manually
  5. some of those cutters were the first vessels of the Texas Navy .... there were two actual ones and the currently existing one is a commemorative organization. good little ships.
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