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  1. He maybe joined a mission
  2. HRE are mostly PvErs. But obviously that you have to celebrate your win as a great victory. HRE the last wall against the danish clowns
  3. Without S W I T C H E R Prussia no good
  4. He's switching nations like @Lars Kjaer his underpants.
  5. Will be interesting to see W I T C H E R fighting against his russian evil twin 😂
  6. Haha keep believing that Russia cares for others You will see their true face soon
  7. Ah now you came around with your true intention. As this is about/against streamers I dare say how this tribunal will end.
  8. How many dubloons are you willing to pay for it?
  9. Du musst im Clan sein, der Eigentümer des Hafens istr, oder zumindest in einem Clan sein, welcher auf deren Freundesliste steht. Leider blöd, ist aber so.
  10. You should sail and sink ships, not hoard them in your docks
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