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  1. I wasn't even talking about you or with you. I was referring to @z4ys comment about USA and Ukraine.
  2. Sometimes it's quite hard to keep in mind that this is just a game
  3. I get this sometimes up to 5 times in a row when I login
  4. @admin @Ink Why does daily maintenance sometimes last near to 30 minutes while it sometimes last a full hour, especially on Sundays?
  5. Why are there no paints available for the Leopard? 🥺
  6. I'm looking forward to seeing this port battle
  7. As said seasoned Woods are much easier to get in OW as per Devs. So stop whining and sail out to get your precious s logs NOW.
  8. This is why People have to pay real cash for them. And the outcome of logs when breaking them is near nill. Not even worth the time. Devs already made it easier go get seasoned Woods in the OW. So stop crying.
  9. And your fairy tale about the lone swedish sailor who was sick of swedish main clanes and therefore sailed over to Trux to conquer the port on his own will be also unforgettable
  10. Crying and whining? I got only tears in my eyes cause I can't stop laughing
  11. Smoothie


    Would that enable the possibility to start trading with the enemy in the OW from ship to ship? If yes, then I guess this feature won't come back at all
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