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Found 7 results

  1. Contact @Christendom for all sailors wishing to come aboard. Glory. Adventure. Riches untold. Rum. Do all of these sound as good to you as they do to us? Does freedom flow through your veins (as do your love of the sea)? Do you seek not just a great sailing experience, but a GRAND one? If yes to any or all of the above, BATTEN DOWN YER HATCHES AND HOIST SAIL! Based out of where the wind blows, the Voodoo Shipping Company (VCO) is seeking sailors of all experience and fancies - be they of the shallow or deepwater sailing, merchanting or exploring ilk- to be a part of our crew. - Active, dedicated leadership who put their crew before themselves - An excellent, community oriented atmosphere for players both new and old (because friendship is the best ship) - An "in" on the political scene; we love the metagame! Proud members of the Association of United Society Leaders. - Readily available opportunities for fleet leadership and one-on-one leadership development - Fleet nights! Including (but are not limited to): sea patrol, mission running, port battles, trade runs and more! Join us for our fleet operations nights! All are welcome! Schedule: Upon Whims Discord: Contact @Christendom TS: See Above Company Officers Christendom - Lead Wraith Lord Amplify of key west Elric Forlorn Hope Dusty Attenborough Gorven Teutonic Vodka McMannis Tiargo The Voodoo Shipping Company: Delivering Freedom Across The Caribbean, One Broadside at A Time Est. 2010 www.voodooshipping.net
  2. First here is a video about 27ship that I sunk or captured. Those ships were sailed by players that were active looking for pvp fights. To most used books belong the the 3 encyclopedias. What is the reason for this? The gunnery encyclopedia is crafted out of 4 different books. Book of five rings obvious out of 5 books and last but not least the art of ship handling is made out of 2 books. Each encyclopedia uses currently 1 slot . So its actuall possible to use a ship with (4+5+2) + 2 = 13 slots in total. I propse to change encyclopedias to use 2 (ship handling and gunnery) and book of 5 rings = 3 knowledge slots. That would even out the field even with no access to those books.
  3. Greetings, fellow captains! I have not played the game for a couple of weeks and noticed there has been a patch that changed the penetration mechanics and increased the importance of angles on armor in relation to the cannon ball trajectory. So I would like to know what choice of wood types is the meta now for OW PvP? Ships of particular interest are L'Ocean, Bellona and Belle Poule. Are T/WO ships still the best choice? Has anyone tested T/T Bellona or BP in OW? How do they compare to T/WO now? I would also like to know what is generally considered the best wood combination for a OW PvP L'Ocean to get the maximum armor effectiveness out of it. The constitution should suffer from these changes alot with its more than decent armor but god-aweful turnrate, making it harder to get a proper angle in order to deflect incoming shots. How noticeable are the changes really? Thank you for any helpful input.
  4. Has anyone played the updated Hamburg? Is it finally worth sailing? I want to love this ship but the Wasa won't let me... Now I saw a short clip on twitch the other day where moscalb sailed it. Was he just hello kittying around or is it actually decent now? Does the Hamburg have at least one POS where it can escape the dreaded Wasa?
  5. Ok so first of all i want to say that yes, i agree something needed to be done about the speed meta. However, i think that the nerfs to the bonuses of mods and skills is the wrong way to go about it. This is the third (i think) nerf to the speed bonus of mods and skills. Previous nerfs made small changes to the speed bonus and clearly did not work. This recent nerf was a perfect example of overreaction we've come to expect from this game, making individual skills like cargo distribution or optimized ballast totally pointless with only 1% bonus. Making individual skills useless just to 'fix' the problem of total bonuses being out of hand is the wrong way to go about it. Instead, the way to fix total bonus without making individual skills useless is to introduce stacking penalties. Make bonuses affecting the same stat only give 50% of it's bonus for the 2nd mod/skill, 25% for the 3rd, etc etc. The actual penalty would need to be tuned of course. Please for the love of god instead of trying to unsuccessfully achieve balance 3-4 times the same way, try something else that's been show to work in many different games
  6. Found this refit and it gives +8% turn,yard turn and sail rising speed. Is this worth putting on a pvp ship in the current speed mod stacking meta at all since it is a perm slot upgrade? How much could i sell it for?
  7. Hey all, I feel like the community would really benefit by having a name by which to call their respective server rather than just PVP1, 2, and etc. I feel that by using these current names, it breaks what would otherwise be an exciting, traditional MMO feel - near all of the most past and present successful MMOs don't name their servers by just 1, 2, 3, etc, but by something related to the game (either by lore, in-game terms, or etc). For example, naming the EU PVP server "Windjammer" or something like that, while naming the NA PVP server "Spinnaker". Or any other of the endless, cool sounding nautical and sailing terms there are out there. What does everyone else think? And thank you for reading!
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