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  1. Good work but this issue was the most #fakenews one xD
  2. I don't care and I don't want to waste my time on guys like you or tb(a)k... If you want sth from Krake pm me. Same could be said about knuddel. You know what? Anolytic has the respect to message me on his own. Not like redii who is sending his #1 troll to frighten us and let him join pbs against us even we are not in war.
  3. Maybe you should write me as I'm the clan leader or other clan leaders of Prussia if you want to talk about important stuff. And did we ever screen for Russians? Don't think so. It's crazy you blaming us for things we never heard about. Your spy network is led by Gregory? Would explain much
  4. Allways fake news 😂 Knuddel is the only one player on my ignore list. What can bastey do if knuddel is spamming him? Dont you think we would have better communication with them if we are working together? The only thing we had to do with Russians was asking for screening 3 times and they came 2 times (higuey when we were still in GB) and Mantua (cause we had pde pb)
  5. Where did I say that? If we attack portobello Russians should feel free to attack ports of us down there. Or anywhere else but crafting centers
  6. Can fully agree to that. We will not interfere in your war. Why should we join the winning side or the loosing side? Go ahead. Have fun. We don't care. If we want to fight you we could have stayed in GB. If we want to fight the Russians we could have joined Swedish nation. But we decided to make Prussia a new power with own goals. It's not that hard to understand. I have a dream. Maybe we can have a pb against Russians for a port and vs Sweden for another port without declaring total war and deletion from the map? Like in the old times? Crafting bases shouldn't be affected.But if we want portobello can't we attack without 200 Russians will attack Santo Domingo? Same for Georgetown Nassau etc
  7. He said nobody can. Sweden and Prussia can attack Danish ports Never said we will do
  8. The ultimatum was (from Liam to bastey) : Respond untill 16 server time (saturday) or we declare war. Bastey responded: cid is not online. XDDDDDD
  9. which ultimatum? respond to this and that time or we declare war? like if you dont log in now we will kill you? and greg we dont want to have peace. you and other dutch clans came up with it XD
  10. about scar: we decided to not take 3rd circle requin stand nearby whole short battle
  11. We had 2 prussian screeners yesterday. dutch can fill 20k battles and have screeners. maybe glorious greg should motivate his nation to join the war Motivation for war is having trade route to santo domingo if the dutch cant fight this big battles anymore maybe they can concentrate on less ports First target is guayare area. lets see whats next. hope for old frontline system (means no frontlines at all)
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