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  1. Nichts für ungut aber du holst einen 5! Jahre alten thread aus der Versenkung um über die Verschwendung unserer heutigen Gesellschaft zu sinnieren? Weiterhin solltest du wenn du Vorschläge für das Spiel hast einen Text in englisch im unterforum suggestions formulieren. Das deutsche forum scheint leider ziemlich ausgestorben zu sein was ich eigtl schade finde. Vielleicht bringen wir mal wieder etwas Leben in die Bude
  2. Think Limit is 40% but navy planking doesn't count to limit. So 44% more thickness possible
  3. Lange her seit dem letzten Post. Haben ein paar weiter ports eingenommen. Wollen mit den Holländern Frieden aber die haben lieber die große Klappe während sie sich hinter den Schweden verstecken. Machen jetzt eine kleine Kampagne gegen die briten. Nehmen nach wie vor gerne jeden Spieler auf. Discord und ts sind Pflicht. Und es wäre gut wenn das tutorial schon gemacht wurde. Ansonsten sind vom rvr veteran mit 100 schlachten portbattle Erfahrung bis zum neuling der erst einige Tage spielt alle gerne gesehen. O7 Cid Und lasst euch nicht so viel Mist erzählen wir sind ganz nette Leute^^
  4. We dropped sdc today. Not because of this thread cause I don't see breaking any game rule and don't think anything could be done about it by admins but my officers voted to drop it and say it's a dick move and not nice keeping brits as hostages damn I wish I would have evil bastards in the clan like havoc has
  5. so if i understand most of you right: it would be ok if we had gone to pirates and take the port with us than let everyone craft? yes we removed las cause they attacked us with no warning. but added them again to friendlist one day later. ok maybe we should just take sdc to krake if this solves the problem and pls no complain from havoc or nato. you forced the situation by taking trux
  6. Still members in LAMA playing who don't play for Prussia. Cartagena is hold by one player. Can't see a problem. And I made offer to drop it And Prussia is not enemy of GB.
  7. We made any moves yet? dont think so dont think its forbidden to stay in touch and no we have only some guys from gnf. think reds have more
  8. Good work but this issue was the most #fakenews one xD
  9. I don't care and I don't want to waste my time on guys like you or tb(a)k... If you want sth from Krake pm me. Same could be said about knuddel. You know what? Anolytic has the respect to message me on his own. Not like redii who is sending his #1 troll to frighten us and let him join pbs against us even we are not in war.
  10. Maybe you should write me as I'm the clan leader or other clan leaders of Prussia if you want to talk about important stuff. And did we ever screen for Russians? Don't think so. It's crazy you blaming us for things we never heard about. Your spy network is led by Gregory? Would explain much
  11. Allways fake news 😂 Knuddel is the only one player on my ignore list. What can bastey do if knuddel is spamming him? Dont you think we would have better communication with them if we are working together? The only thing we had to do with Russians was asking for screening 3 times and they came 2 times (higuey when we were still in GB) and Mantua (cause we had pde pb)
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