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  1. Naja das Holz alleine macht es nicht. Es ist eher die upgrades die die Werte schon stark verbessern können
  2. Ich spiele kein 1vs1 wenn es nicht unbedingt sein muss. Ich mag Gruppen Kämpfe. Und selbst da brauche ich eher selten ein Turm. Es gibt zwar das verdündete eine Breitseite shielden. Oder man dank speed einfach etwas abseits fährt repariert und wieder zurück kommt. Eine Art turm braucht es meiner Meinung nach selten. Zumindest nicht diese Art von turm
  3. Mal ne frage. Rein vom spielerischen her ist es ja "egal" welche Sorten Holz rein kommen. Die leichtesten und somit weicheren Hölzer gewinnen aufm pvp server eh. Ich verstehe zum Beispiel nicht wofür man live oak wählt wenn es um pvp geht. Es gibt ein paar die es in der shallow patrol zone nehmen aber sonst sehe ich keinen Sinn für live oak. Warum? Nunja ein schnelles Schiff hat meist auch die Eigenschaft schneller zu beschleunigen. Somit kann man mehr Turnen. Ein schnelles Schiff mit cartagena hat mehr armor als ein live oak Schiff. Einfach weil man mit dem weicheren Schiff sich schneller un
  4. Für pve is lo wo ganz OK. Für pvp komplett Müll. Eigentlich "balanced" man die fehlende thickness und HP Pool darin das man sich anwinkelt. Das geht mit schnellen Schiffen besser. Zum Thema verteidigen. Der Hafen Eigentümer stellt doch eine Zeit ejn in der Gegner angreifen können. Wenn dir/dem clan oder der Nation der Hafen wichtig ist hält man sich in dem Zeitraum halt bereit auf. Macht Vllt shop Sachen. Verkauft Zeug oder entscheidet über weitere Wege die man gehen möchte. Vllt auch ne gute Möglichkeit mit seinen kameraden/clan Dinge zu besprechen. Sollte in der Zeit keine Flagg
  5. Oh. Stern Camping soll schwerer werden. Nehme ich gerne. Hölzer wurden angepasst. Auch sehr gut. Das positionieren der Flaggen geht auch gut von der Hand. Sollte nach 15 min ein Gegner rein springen so wird die Zeit im Kampf erhöht. Wir sind wohl auf einem guten Weg das Spiel wieder mehr in die richtige Richtung zu bringen
  6. But two equal captains fighting each other. The better ship will win the fight. Even when both ships are the same like 2 Connie's. The better Connie in terms of upgrades wins. Point. This reminds me of the old book advantage discuss. I never had this books before the wipe. Now after the wipe I have it. Anyone that says this books don't matter in an combat should get slapped out of the game. I mean gunnery book makes it super easy to snipe instead of having a shotgun etc. If you want a more balanced game or atleast going into skill based game, you need to find a enemy's that have the same eq
  7. Sure... But due ship knowledge there are 4 book slots reserved for any kind of combat. Art of ship handling. Gunnery enclopedia. Expert carpenter and the carpenter combat book. New is now the seeferkel books. Everything else is kinda useless. Sure with a golden ship and northern master carps you could get rid off one of the two repair books. But to be honest. Overall it looks kinda the same. Atleast I didn't find any other books I should use than that 5.
  8. But elite ai is here to farm navy guns and blomefields. Not for the ship actually
  9. I would keep the fleets.... How many vets build golden ships just to gank new players to run away when a challenge comes. It's OK how it is. And every hobby takes time. You could also make trading runs. Or don't care and buy some special ships with reals dubloons or other stuff
  10. Also when I don't have alot of time like others do.... It's the way how things works. Those who can spend more time achieve maybe more. In every game I play there are at first skill based or time based operations. And I sometimes did them and I was really pride of myself to get a rare vehicle not everyone had. (war thunder po2, vk4501p etc) but due casuals etc they kinda make special vehicles or goods not special anymore. I personal think how it is its good. Special ships are OK when the events come and go from time to time. Keeping this things rare. Keep also in mind you can
  11. Not sure where there is a bad behavoiur? For me this thread is like people complaining about the wrong presents at Christmas. Actually you support a game because you think it's good. And you think devs have the right to get payed. Or you support it that they have money for more projects etc. Nobody! Ever support a game to get free stuff. I mean back 2016 nobody told you. Hey at 2020 you get a free trinco if you play it. The devs come to us and give us a trincomalee. I agree for myself it wouldn't have a value for 40 bucks. But when for the devs the ship has t
  12. Not sure why you all are mad. Atleast we get something. Some games doesn't even care. Be happy. Even if I would get not a gift at all I wouldn't be mad and give thumbs down. This is typical humanity at its finest.
  13. First of all. You didn't get forced to support the game. And 2nd of all, trinco is the ship that teached myself how to sail. It was the first ship that brought me into pvp and its one of the greatest ships I have sailed. Why there is a sentence about slow turn rate. Well from speed maybe. But for turning its better to be slow so your circle of turning is sharper. The trinco is a very good ship. However if they give us a ship that maybe for the one or other is "useless" in terms of sailing, it still is able to break up/sell/trade. If Diana or Santa Cecilia
  14. Are you solo player or does the clan help you gathering stuff? For a single person it isn't bad to do all the things by himself in such a short time
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