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  1. Can I cut here in? Sweden has how many crafting ports? So does other nations have atleast one. We let Poland out for this. So what's the motivation of rvr now? Exactly. Fun or atleast if I see the forum to cream salt into wounds of others. This whole rvr is if you ask my about 2-5 leaders of different clans that get pissed off. And to punish the other side for there actions or shit talking they start capturing ports. Soo actually if you remove the port bonuses would you still agree about we had less rvr? Would havoc stop doing rvr just because there is no crafting port?. Also why going for more ports of your nation already has a port. For me I guess the player and rvr number dropped due 2 things. First thing was the knowledge of an wipe. I personally also stopped playing due I don't want to regrind again and again (wasn't the first wipe at all) and the 2nd thing it was in summertime. Atleast as far as I know. As long clans and there leaders bashing against each other as long rvr will be a thing. But for a long time I must also agree that maybe there is some sort of gift system needed. I see in leader board all the time this word "round ended". But for what? Maybe devs tried to give some sort of gift for holding most ports but couldn't find the time to introduce it or not the right gift. Also on the other hand it would help if they introduce some sort of resources perks or books that are able to buy with victory marks. If one of these two things would be introduced the motivation for rvr will be more effective.
  2. Hmmm well there is no rule for it but what would happen if every nation would become one good clan? Example. Havoc is dk. Purge and cabal Swedish. Bastd GB. Reds move to Spain. Nn move to French Wtf stays in pirates and snow stays in vp. Bf can stay in Russia . Krake stays in Prussia And monks is in us with npg. As far as I can see there could be more rvr. Why? Well maybe the numbers are lower to do such operations but there is also a high chance the enemy side can't even bring screeners. Alot of pb or rvr is not gonna happen due screening. Even I as Russian had alot of conversations that we break some operations down due we had no numbers for that pb or hostility mission. With my mind play here I would say every nation have experienced players that can train their nation, they also need to do such things to have maybe more numbers or higher winning chance. Also the fear of getting punished by twice the numbers than your nation has will be reduced. Multiflipping could still happen but not so hard as now. I mean realistically speaking. I am not sure if French or vp are in Nato due they want. It's more the fear of what will happen if they don't bend. If every nation has a strong clan etc this fear will be reduced. The only thing that can and probably will happen are alliances. But for what? When all nations have atleast the same strength there isn't a big boy that gets the blame for all. So maybe all nations will be in war with all nations. Maybe this alt abbusings and bashing here will be reduced as well. What are your opinions on that? Sorry for my bad English
  3. Btw. More centralied. You mean you can buy and sell stuff better at one point? Well than yes OK I agree that is not bad at all
  4. But with wind boost a armored ship will be able to tag a fast build ship. Just from theory. If the big ship can now also make a good tag due he is faster the use of building fast vessels is a bit well useless?. Well I know alot of areas people don't have a wjndboist option and there it works fine but as an example. I had my fast Santa cecillia out. I was going along the US coast to look of I find pirates or us. And endymion chased me and all was fine m but a ratt and inger tagged me than. Why? Well because they camp the wind boost wait until an enemy arrives getting info and go for it. At one step I would say it was tactical good on another step I think it's stupid. For what I have a fast ship? The story was like that. I was in battle angled my sails that I couldn't get chained. They chase me 1 hour in battle m the ratt and inger leave early. Endy keeped me tagged and let go. I was wondering what will happen. Out of the battle the two big ships had grabbed the wind boost and chased me again (until this point I didn't know where the wind boost was). So the game continues m another hour wastet in an battle that would never happen because my ship is faster. Than I get out an another tag. But this time the ratt was on the move towards me so I did know in what direction the wind boost might be. So another hour for nothing in a battle. This time when I get out the US chased "my" along the coast. But due i am invisible after a battle I could get to the wind boost and they finally gave up. Well tactically it wasn't bad played from tagging. But is this really the purpose? A fast build ships is build to be fast. So is a armored one slower but can handle shots. Not sure if the community mostly thinks the other way. For trading stuff this boosts might be good. But for the fighting aspect I don't understand why this boost is even a thing
  5. Well hard to tell. I doubt that the devs and most of the people can't quit on there superior ships. I wish we wouldn't have that . People that capture ais wouldn't be let out than. And the overall gap of people being competitive will be closer and more focused on skill ( also when some upgrades still might make super ships) I personally had no issue in giving away all my ships. Even when some of them are pretty good.
  6. Remove port bonus entirely. Let s wood and normal wood in. And all is fine as it was. Btw remove the open world wind boosts. Thanks
  7. Leading Russian clan? I don't do rvr. I do mostly pvp arround a bit. Also since most of the pb are outside of my timezone when I have time to play you will not see me in an pb anyways. But maybe for some pvp
  8. I said that cabal sounds like a German clan due it's behavior. If you play csgo wt or wot and a German clan is in it or German players they tend to open there mouth way to much just for an victory etc. And I didn't see cabal writing in global. Now after havoc pushes trough enemy lines cabal come out of there holes and provokate on global chat. That's very much an German behavior from other games. I also mentioned that I guess it's a German clan never said it is one. 😉 But anyways it's maybe part of the game and it's fine. But keep in mind you can also over stretch it.
  9. My mistake. I didn't know that the pb was still going on and Sweden took it. I tought it was just giving time to gb to not lose trux. Sooo actually Sweden took another port but they cry? As some people told to me in global I will call this thread from Swedish nation bullshit.
  10. But why did dk not defend it if they had players that want defend it. As far as I know you kick them out of friendliest. Is that not something like the same? Btw after all you just lost time. That's all actually. I doubt that would work again. But one thing I am a bit worried. As far as I can see now there are only 4-5 clans that can actually do rvr have players for rvr and are good in it. Reds (Russia) bf (Russia) havoc (Sweden) lama now Krake (Prussians). I can't see a gb clan in this list (my opinion) so you fight a war that is legit and all fine. But against an enemy that has never the ability to fight back or be successful. So they got a bit of time for trux but nothing more and nothing less. What's the whole point of this thread than? If a war game can't even have the possibilitys to be a war game it wouldn't make so much fun. Would you not agree?
  11. Why do a boring rvr where the outcome due not right players etc is a 100% win for Sweden? Why does Sweden not say. Hey let's drop the "2nd fleet" or amateurs into it to train more people to rvr. Also gb is not an impossible nation. No matter what will happen they will still be British ports arround and players.
  12. Remove wind boost. Remove other ideas of a boost. For what do we craft ships? It's either speedy build or armored. The wind boost is a terrible introduction.
  13. To be fair as far as I can see into combat news Sweden and vp gankimg British in there water since this "war". So all is fine. Also who gives a hello kitty about ports of the nation is way to big to focus on all sides. Losing some ports will concentrate at a more central point and they can regain power from there
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