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  1. So I'm levelling my crafting, built a few trics, no problem go to build a 4th rate, 2700 odd doubloons on top of the resources, hang on. 1 doubloon sells at KPR for 1000 reals, that means crafting said 4th rate cost 2.7 million, but you can buy the ship for 200k from another player. Tell me I'm missing something? Seems broken. Hope I didn't grind for nothing. And I posted in suggestions... Can I suggest we change to the base currency reals?
  2. I think this process needs to be more enjoyable, right now a menu based campaign is both unskillful and boring (And im not going to pretend I really get it). I wouldn't mind either some first person experience or real time strategy type boarding process but it is currently for me the only large part of the experience that is a let down. Just voicing my opinion :)
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