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  1. Zorg the Merciless

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts enters testing phase

    nice one, I would be keen.
  2. This would be a good idea. If I could do my trading/crafting/resource management from a single screen in whatever port I am currently in then that would be an ideal solution. I suspect there is a fair whack of development time in doing that so a simpler answer is to drop the charge and thus encourage more trading activity amongst us trader/crafters.
  3. I agree entirely - wouldn't have an issue with extra Outposts being DLC but it all comes down to quality of game life - too much time is wasted on admin chores and not enough on combat sailing. Limiting options by senseless charges is not good for gameplay. I did a post on this earlier, I encourage all to vote:
  4. Zorg the Merciless

    Teleport Charge :-(

    Apologies if this has already been posted but I am annoyed at the teleport charge. As a crafter I need to bounce between my various ports for resource crafting and checking/setting up contracts etc. I have no issue with having to sail the resources out. My time is fairly limited during the week so I like to pop on, craft/build etc and then sail my resources once or twice a week to my crafting hub. I know many players are reporting generating plenty of doubloons from in game combat V Ai and other players and I realise its only 10. However, I think its more of a quality of life thing - should you have to pay to move to your various bases for what are essentially admin activities designed to support the combat activities? ***bumped to put it back on the forum main page**** **** please vote!!!!*****
  5. Zorg the Merciless

    Mixed Trader Fleets

    More AI content would be good, the increased challenge of attacking AI fleets with some decent protection would be a welcome addition - I'd love to see a mission as well that required you to defend a fleet with some decent rewards.
  6. Zorg the Merciless

    Game Jumping to Windows?

    Yes, this happens to me as well - Dell and using Windows 10/64 bit. I get it maybe once or twice a week .
  7. Zorg the Merciless

    Server Deployments

    oh yes, we suffer all right- I normally play at the end of my work day in my office in Central Auckland. I'm on a fibre connection and my ping at best is 295-300. If I am at home (rural Auckland to be fair) on ADSL its normally around 400.
  8. Zorg the Merciless

    Safe zones and Newbies

    Hi, I like many of the updates coming in the new patch and I think the ROE changes are good. I am still concerned though that the safe/patrol zone isn't actually as safe as it needs to be to help support new players. A couple of issues spring to mind. I am in the NZ/Aus time zone so am generally sailing outside the main primetime. Over the past few months I have noticed a rapid decline in newbies in and around the KPR area. Its very rare to see anyone at Commodore level or below - so rare in fact that its noticeable when you do finally see one. I think one of the reasons for this is that in many ways, the game is very hardcore and merciless on newbies. I'd really like to see a further update to the patch to support newbies in and around the nation's safe zones. Example, last night I was carelessly sailing an LGV and got attacked off Morant. That is fair enough, I wasn't paying attention and was attacked by an enemy player doing his job. I called for AI reinforcements and one ship popped in miles away from the action. It proceeded to do essentially stuff all and was completely ineffective. Now, for me it is only a mild annoyance to lose an LGV and cargo. I lost a ship I can easily craft and replace as well as some hemp - no big deal. What worries me is that a newbie if attacked isn't getting sufficient protection from the AI. I'd like to see additional protection bought in for new players so they get immediate & effective support as they are starting out. I'm talking a couple of hyper aggressive 1st or 2nd rates spawning right on top of the enemy attacker in active support with additional spawning in if more enemies enter the battle as well. This is so the new player can safely "find their sea legs" in their nation's support zones and therefore support their introductory experience. I have spoken on a number of occasions to ex players I come across in other games and the constant loss/grind to replace was a major turn off to them. Once players get to a certain level, the loss of a ship or a cargo isn't terminal - I fear for newer players it is. This isn't to smear the enemy players, they are doing their job i.e looking for combat and content. I think the game needs to alter the balance to support our fledgling captains. I'd be Ok if the protection level was on a sliding scale so at RA level for example you got a cutter and a "good luck mate" as support. I recall in an earlier post on this issue that someone mentioned High Sec space in (I think) Eve - if you attacked a player you got slammed by effective AI support. I haven't seen that in action but it seems like a good idea. TLDR: new players need more effective support in safe zones to help grow the community. Sail safe all.
  9. Zorg the Merciless

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Nice one! This is excellent and will help those of us that don't run alts.
  10. Lots to like in this update, great job Devs. I am particularly happy to see some clan management tools at last. Huzzah! One thing I'd like to suggest as a tweak is the concept of ammo loadouts. I like the idea of limiting shot but I wonder if it would be more interesting and challenging if you had to decide what shot to load. Shot types e.g Chain, Standard, Double etc could be a craftable item which would open up more opportunities for crafting and income generation for crafters. If the shot also had an impact on your cargo capacity we could well see captains having to strike a balance between ammo load outs and repairs. I'd prefer to see that than a strict/arbitrary limit on the number of times I can fire a particular type of ammo. I'd like to see this approach for Double Shot & Double Charge as well - shot/ammo selection should be a skill/experience thing as well as general sailing ability.
  11. Zorg the Merciless

    DLC - Outposts and Buildings

    Yep, that is kind of my point. If I chose to, I could buy an alt and effectively do this. I prefer not to as I don't consider this fair. Other players will disagree and that is fair enough, its not my place to tell others how to play the game. My suggestion gives the Devs an option to get some cash and lessen the time/hassle sink that the crafting/economy part of the game currently is. I'd like to be able to play the "economic game" fully within the scope of my current character/account. In WOT for example, I can buy an advantage over other players through the use of premium vehicles, account and ammo - its just part of the MMO ecosystem. I can equally play the game without that but it makes life easier and (for some) more enjoyable. I won't rehash all the pay to win arguments here, we all have an opinion on them I am sure. Good idea on the cosmetic item, personally, I am a huge fan of the Bellona white paint (pm in game, happy to buy more).
  12. Zorg the Merciless

    DLC - Outposts and Buildings

    Absolutely, and for some players that is an option - one I also currently use. However, I like to have more control and flexibility and I think my suggestion would give players more options and more $$$ for the developers. Also, the more I produce, the more I have to sell to those euro traders.
  13. Zorg the Merciless

    DLC - Outposts and Buildings

    Nope, but I'd like to produce more to support my and the clan's needs. My point is, that if I want to have more of a trade focus as per Jean's comments above then the current constraints are quite.....constraining. Its certainly not game breaking but would give the option to enhance game quality of life.
  14. Zorg the Merciless

    DLC - Outposts and Buildings

    On a different topic - I'd like to suggest a DLC idea for the Devs to consider. The idea being to give the Devs some more $$$ for game development and also make life easier for players. A huge pain point for me is lack of Outposts and Building slots. Yes, I know I could get an alt but I personally prefer to play within the scope of my one account. I'd be more than happy to spend some $$$ on additional slots for both. I have no need for Forged Papers and I know lots of other players don't either. The current cost of Forged Papers DLC is $24.79 NZD. If I could pay say around NZD$20 for 3 more outposts and about the same for say 5 building slots I'd be whipping out the Visa STAT. I think this would also have the added benefit of more resources in production, more trade and hence more OW activity. I think you might also see more PVP opportunities as players could open up additional slots in Freetown's, perhaps adjacent to the mission zones.
  15. Zorg the Merciless

    Reinforcements update

    In World of Tanks for example, if/when I lose my panzer I am back in the fight 5 mins later at only the cost of some gold - the key thing I need to play the game i.e the panzer isn't lost permanently along with whatever mods/upgrades I had on it. In this game, if I lose (for example) my Victory, I have lost a multi million dollar ship and probably millions of dollars worth of upgrades. If I am sailing a fleet of Indiamen loaded to the gunwales with trade goods and I am attacked and lose then I lose both the ship(s) and the trade goods. Now, on one level, this if fair enough - I made the decision to sail and and reap the costs or benefits accordingly. I have been playing for a while and have the resources and clan support (love you CKA) to replace those losses with little pain. Newer players, particularly newbies and those who haven't yet managed or want to join a clan don't always have access to that level of support. If they lose ships then unlike WOT they are gone for good and its multiple hours of trading or mission grinding to get back to where they were originally. That I think is the key problem. If I was a newbie and kept getting ganked (yes I know its part of the game and a legitimate tactic) then I am not sure I could be bothered to keep grinding trade or combat missions only to get back to where I was prior to ship loss. Feedback I get from players I chat to in game constantly refers to this issue. Its such a loss of time/effort and for casual players its quite disheartening. There are plenty of games out there and I feel that making it hard for newbies to get established isn't wise. I'd like to see the safe zones taken back to what they were and bring back the "heavy" support for players attacked in those areas. I'd also like to see the reinforcements arrive automatically and not expect a player to have to remember to press the call for reinforcements key. By doing this, players will feel more confident in going about their business and getting hooked by the game and venturing out into the wider world. I feel this would have the advantage of encouraging newer players to sail, fight and trade knowing that there is a far more likely chance of getting to their destination and getting some value from their time investment. I'd also like to see the PVE missions in safe zones close. I have rescued/been rescued a number of times when enemy players have dropped into the battles after the AI is mostly sunk and our ships are battered and in need of repairs. I think the main thing is to make the game more user friendly for the casual player so as to encourage them to come back and grow the population. The more players we have, in time, the more PVP there will be for those focused on that. Sail safe all!