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  1. Hey Devs - any chance of a firmer timeline for the map wipe this week? I need to negotiate some extra game time with Mrs Zorg.
  2. Well, for context, we were in the PVP zone and saw 1 Rat being attacked by 2 Frenchies - thats is all you see when you are patrolling the zone. So, bearing in mind we love to sink Frenchies (I am sure the feeling is mutual) we joined on the Rat side. In PVP zone you have no option but to attack the other player so I am not sure what we could otherwise have been expected to do. Its the PVP zone - you go there expecting PVP. If there was an alliance, actions in the PVP zone can't reasonably be expected to impact on that.
  3. I'd like to see an option to purchase additional ship tows. I certainly appreciate the current free daily one and that has been a great help in avoiding unproductive game time. I would like to see this as a permit available from the Admiralty for a substantial cost in doubloons or marks. I'd suggest something like 10000 dubs, 1 Victory mark or 5 Combat Medals.
  4. Anyone else noticed the constant attacks on players around nation's capitals the past week or so? I think R Zones should be reinstated, at least for lower ranked players. I also liked a suggestion I saw on the forums earlier in the about purchasing protection from local ports. I thought this as a good idea as it provided PVE and PVP content for those so inclined. The issue as I see it without R zones (imperfect though they were) single players are disadvantaged. If you are a clan member, you can coordinate escorts with your clan mates so you can get in/out with a higher level of safety. It is far harder to do this if you are a solo style player.
  5. Ah ok, I haven't spent any time on PVE server so wasn't aware of that.
  6. Hey there, each nation has its own Admiralty store. Off memory, if you are in a national port its the centre icon at the bottom of the screen. This is where you can also buy upgrades eg Bow Figures for doubloons and other stuff for doubloons or combat medals etc.
  7. I'd love to see some form of return to the (very) old open world days - ship combat on the open seas and those storms that we used to fight in. Those were really good fun.
  8. I like this idea and thank you for the time and effort you have put into developing it.
  9. This would be a good idea. If I could do my trading/crafting/resource management from a single screen in whatever port I am currently in then that would be an ideal solution. I suspect there is a fair whack of development time in doing that so a simpler answer is to drop the charge and thus encourage more trading activity amongst us trader/crafters.
  10. I agree entirely - wouldn't have an issue with extra Outposts being DLC but it all comes down to quality of game life - too much time is wasted on admin chores and not enough on combat sailing. Limiting options by senseless charges is not good for gameplay. I did a post on this earlier, I encourage all to vote:
  11. Apologies if this has already been posted but I am annoyed at the teleport charge. As a crafter I need to bounce between my various ports for resource crafting and checking/setting up contracts etc. I have no issue with having to sail the resources out. My time is fairly limited during the week so I like to pop on, craft/build etc and then sail my resources once or twice a week to my crafting hub. I know many players are reporting generating plenty of doubloons from in game combat V Ai and other players and I realise its only 10. However, I think its more of a quality of life thing - should you have to pay to move to your various bases for what are essentially admin activities designed to support the combat activities? ***bumped to put it back on the forum main page**** **** please vote!!!!*****
  12. More AI content would be good, the increased challenge of attacking AI fleets with some decent protection would be a welcome addition - I'd love to see a mission as well that required you to defend a fleet with some decent rewards.
  13. Yes, this happens to me as well - Dell and using Windows 10/64 bit. I get it maybe once or twice a week .
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