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  1. I think mast sniping is ok as is. Gun precision is way higher in game than it was historically. But I can live with that, because I understand that as a compromise between the damage model that we have (demasting by hitting very narrow mast hit box) versus a more realistic one (shrouds, spreaders, stay hit boxes present larger relevant damage areas). So, we have only small damage hit boxes, but to make this "feel" realistic, the gun accuracy needs to be higher. In the end, the result feels ok. I find other things more disturbing when it comes to realism. Just a few examples: Insanely overpowered privateer fleets Timer based speed boosts Loki runes A shed building requiring a permit, while shipyard or academy does not. I mean, seriously. A shed? Requiring a permit? Privateers dropping building permits. Insanely high port bonuses Circles and points in port battles Naval clock giving speed bonus Rum resurrecting the dead Insane amount of repairs Battles taking place in a parallel universe Instant teleports and tows Getting paid for sinking ships. I mean, who would do that? Prize money is an issue. But to get it, you'd need to bring the prize home and not sink it. I could go on, but leave it at that for the moment. Seriously, the damage model is the smallest issue. It's actually one of the best parts of the game. Leave it alone, please. The risk is that the only developer working on the game works on a new damage model for 2 or 3 months while there are many other things that need urgent fixing.
  2. Perhaps it's "overused" for a reason? Maybe the concerns are still the same? More layers are ok. But please stop adding more layers of gear and bonus. It throws the game out of balance even more. We do not need more loot drop mechanics. The loot drop is unrealistic and that alienates people. It is perceived as "hard grind", because it does not make any sense. The only purpose for this features is the loot. This is illogic. It feels wrong, dull and gets boring quickly. Give things a purpose and it will be perceived differently. The seasoned woods are a prime example of illogics. Why do seasoned woods drop from "privateer fleets" Why are the stats of seasoned woods so incredibly better, where is the balance? Why are these privateer fleets only at certain locations? Why do these privateers have agreesive AI? Why do these privateers have insane open world speed bonus? Why do privateers drop permits for sheds? Why do players need a permit for a shed building, but none for an academy or a shipyard? Why does putting woods into a shed cost so many doubloons, whereas building a complete 5th rate costs zero? What do privateers have to do with seasoning woods in the first place? If I could find answers to 50% of these questions, I'd buy it as "yea, makes sense somehow". Perhaps I am the only one, but to me it is important that what you do in a game makes sense. I mean, I can accept magic if magic is part of the game. But it's not in NA. Therefore, I have serious troubles with Loki runes in a game that claims to be "realistic" and "hardcore". To me, the Loki is just a trolling thing. It deceives players. The opponent you are fighting is not the one you think it is. Deceiving players is the worst idea you could have in my point of view. The open world speed boost points are not better. They create situations in which one player has a great advantage over another one in the same spot. Why is a wind boost timer bound? Why does it continue to work even when you are far away from the strong wind zone? Illogic. It seems that newly implemented features drift further and further away from logic. In the past, there have been new features that actually made sense somehow. Sunken fleet for instance. Player port raids are also understandable. Please do not lose touch of your game scenario. Perhaps seasoned woods can actually be carried by ships. For instance, every now and then there is a supply fleet to supply building materials from Europe to the shipyards in the Caribbean. Then, you could let them sail through the caribbean and players could try and catch it? I'd buy that. The sheds are still illogic, so they'd have to be removed altogether or given away for free without permit.
  3. ^^ This! But, since the bonuses are probably here to stay, it would already help to reduce them by a factor 4. Same with the seasoned woods. Stacking of bonus of the same type should be capped. For example, speed bonus should be capped to 5%. You still can get bonus from rig sail force bonuses, but then that should be it. This de-values individual sources of bonus and brings more variety how to get a good ship.
  4. No. You have completely misunderstood those privateers. They are not protecting anything. These privateers are members of an advanced researchers guild. They have invented a process turning normal wood into seasoned wood by storing it in a shed. Imagine that! And they have a global patent on it. That is why they can give you permits for building a shed (it's not just a simple shed, you know) and request royalty fees (3 doubloons per log). With all that money they have decided to retire in the most snobish yacht clubs of the caribbean (e.g. La Habana) building super-fast 1st rates and racing them all day long in fleets. As these super-fast ships are made from seasoned wood, you can salvage some of that precious material by sinking them. Those privateers are really good sportsmen. They don't mind really, because they are so rich. When sunk, they might give you a shed permit for free. But don't fool yourself. These guys are actually very clever businessmen, because they still collect the royalties. You see? It all makes sense.
  5. Good question. But I guess they are not happy. It's not like some random guys come with a variety of ships. It's more like fleets of six 1st rates fishing Privateer Chests on your doorstep. So, you need to have 6+ 1st rates to deal with them in the first place. Then, you cannot easily join their mission, because it's closed after 2 minutes. So, the AI is not helpful. Best way is to camp outside and wait for them to leave. Probably, neither Spanish nor French have the numbers and the organization to fight the fishing fleets. And it's a big risk doing 1st rate PVP to get those chests when you could do it with less risk as well. Hey, wait a minute! @Barents, shall we go back to Spain? Could be a lot of fun!
  6. You don't get seasoned woods by doing port raids. The funny thing is, you get seasoned woods by carebearing. Funny, isn't it?
  7. Balance means that you have a sweet spot where all things have a meaning. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, but everything is viable. It's difficult. But the principle should be clear. Now what is the point of the unseasoned woods when there is a seasoned variant that is better in every aspect? There is no balance to it. Do you have any reason to disagree? Any argument? No?
  8. It's not about accessibility. It's about the gear imbalance that is increased. More bonus on top means more imbalance. It's as simple as that.
  9. Well, I disagree. First, you should have a working, dynamic economy. The economy we have is static and resources are available without limitation. It will end up in inflation no matter what. Adding another tier of gear bonus won't help with balancing. The opposite is true. You do not level the slope, but increase its length.
  10. @Felix Victor, have you changed your json file paths? Keep up the good work!
  11. BR change is compromised by adding more 50 point ports. Disappointing. More profitable trading sounds good. Better loot from traders too. Seasoned woods is just a catastrophe. The ship bonuses we had were already a source of great imbalance. This is pushing it over the edge.
  12. https://gyazo.com/7003fb1bfa5da36efaa0bcfc603c7c72 https://gyazo.com/434acaf719a8fbae7df32135957362a8 https://gyazo.com/f77cad2cfb0ab02c740bb03e47529d7a https://gyazo.com/572e7858a112e0c3359cebe60e0832ac Yeah! Better woods for the privileged ones! Great idea! Who complained that ship bonuses port upgrades, mods, skillbooks, perks, woods, trims were not enough yet? But how do you get your hands on this privateer chest? Is this a new mission reward?
  13. What idea if I may ask? If you have an idea, please enlighten us. Just stating "it's wrong" means nothing. The game is a simulation with thousands of minor or major compromises which make it not realistic in many aspects. Why on earth do you think that ammunition by caliber size is important to be more realistic when we have other things that cause more brain twists like unlimited powder and ball ammunition, unlimited non-paid professional sailors anywhere, battles being fought in parallel universes, magic tows and teleports, magic repairs during battle and rum resurrecting the dead (I have heard that alcohol has many effects, but never heard about this one), money rewards for damaging/sinking ships (who would actually pay money for that? right.), Loki runes, or timed speed boosts located in a single spot which is visible on the map? ... I could go on and on. Seriously, the battle simulation is by far the best part of the game. Having different ammunition calibers would make things a lot more complicated and would not add anything enjoyable to the game.
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