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  1. van Veen

    Dynamic BR

    I do not see any advantage of this. Please do not propose something that makes things more complicated than they already are.
  2. There was a short time when delivery missions and trading co-existed before this economy update which nerfed the trading income significantly. It's unfortunate that these drastic changes in the game meta were implemented so shortly before release.
  3. Wow, this thread really got off track! Where are the Great Battle Results?
  4. Yes, the circle is for players so that they are forced to fight. NPC can use the circle to escape. However, usually the AI does not run away from a fight (except for trader ships) so you must have pushed him to the edge of the circle by your manouvers.
  5. Schau mal hier nach guten Tipps für das Examen: https://forum.game-labs.net/forum/44-guides/
  6. Put yourself in Game Labs position and think about it from their perspective. If I was GL I would have sold x amount of paints per DLC, not a flatrate. Now think about why they chose that path.
  7. You cannot trade them afaik. But you can trade painted ships. This way you can offer paint jobs to others.
  8. So, nations become meaningless? No nation hopping required. You just stay where you are and fight for someone else. Great idea! VCO/VC0 MONX/MONK and others will really love this! More content for alt clans! And the best part is that it makes Prolific Forger obsolete! Those who bought the DLC will really love this idea. For sure they will get their money back.
  9. Alliances are needed. Voting does not work.
  10. Al primero, todos los clanes se tenian que convenir a un metodo de comunicacion (un TS o un Discord junto). Si este funciona, tienes 80% unificacion. Si no, tienes nada. Suerte!
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