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  1. I like the idea of Karma or a reputation system! Great job @admin Good to see some ideas brought up in the last years finally make it into the game. I like the idea of locking out someone from joining sides, but this should not be permanent to allow players to adjust their alliances from time to time. A cool down of 2 weeks perhaps? At any rate, the cooldown should be longer than any considerable offensive action in game. RVR is a stalemate, mostly. Please do not turn PVP into one as well. Alternatively, there could be a nation-by-nation amnesty from time to time so that you are free again to renew your alliances. In this case there is no need for a buy-out. On the buy-out (in case you want to keep it): buying yourself from the list of enemies should be possible only in a port held by that nation. So, players need to put in a little more extra effort and risk instead of just click and buy. You could turn this into a mission with negative rewards (you need to pay).
  2. lol The last time you saw a storm coming to you in open sea, what exactly did you do to avoid it?
  3. Does crew damage also account for the timer? If yes, stern raking should do.
  4. Hm. Not sure if showing the timer is really good. In large battles, you'd need a timer shown for everyone. Your screen would be full with countdowns. Perhaps another visual indicator would be better, e.g. a flickering of the name tag? Or increase of transparency on the battleflag, so the flag seems to vanish when the timer approaches?
  5. Seriously, the Trincomalee DLC will only be used for scrapping and farming seasoned woods. The crafted version with port bonus will be the preferred choice. If any player above 380 cares to sail frigates in the first place. Meh. More increase in port bonus? *sigh* The exact opposite would be better to close the gear gap between players in winning nations and players in small nations. Has been discussed over and over again. Majority of the community wanted port bonues to be reduced, not increased. 1st rate DLC will be bought at large numbers. Organized clan able to produce 1st rates for all their players at ease will just shrug and prefer crafted first rates. But patrol zones will be swept with DLC 1st rates to counter the DLC 3rd rate. When not in patrol, it'll be used as source of seasoned wood. Depends on the costs on Steam if players actually buy it. My feeling is it won't such a mega seller as the Redoutable was/is. Even more superior woods for crafting? Ok, that might revive crafting and reduce the edge that DLC ships have. But then, less reason to buy the Victory DLC. However, it all depends on the costs for these woods. If they are as expensive as the seasoned woods, it's just meh.
  6. Well, it does not sound bad at all. Just some questions: 1. What are "Home Defense Fleets", especially for nations that do not have a capital? 2. What are "certain PVP actions"? 3. Will there be an announcement that a flag has been captured to the defenders, perhaps only with the region where it dropped? This could be announced by in-game announcement or in Combat News chat. 4. From when does this timer count? From the moment the flag is taken into hold (binding to name)? 5. Are there AI inside this mission? How many and what type? 6. Is there a circle of death in this mission? If not, what prevents the flag carrier from simply running away for 30mins? Only surviving seems to be a very soft requirement.
  7. I'm confused. For me it says "Buff Teak, and Trinc won't be DLC. " From this, everyone seems to understand precisely what is coming. I don't. Perhaps it's because I am old and my brain is a little sluggish, or because my crystal ball is a little cloudy these days. Could you wise guys with more foresight please enlighten me?
  8. Well, since Monday you could not pull any hostility missions. And that is what has been announced. That move is surely linked to the new hostility system and I guess it makes sense that all hostilities, port battle timers and cannot gain hostility timers need to time out before implementing another system. The last port battle was this one: That timer runs out tomorrow. So, let's wait and see.
  9. Thanks for clarification. I see we are perfectly aligned here. There is always someone who has heard or read about about a specific ship going super fast in one occasio and then considers this a general rule. It all depends on wind conditions and ship type. There is no variable wind in NA, but I do understand that this is a bunch of coding and could result in many people complaining and tribunaling. So I am totally ok with the state of things in game actually. In numerous discussions I have already argued and will keep doing so that NA sailing simulation and combat is unrivaled and the best you can find. However, can we agree to dump the concept of hull speed? Because some ships in NA get close to their hull speed, like Endymion most likely did in reality. Others like all 1st rates won't get anywhere near it. And still others like the Snow vastly exceed it.
  10. I am not a hater. I argue for the sake of the truth on an engineering topic that I happen to be interested in. No need to feel offended or be offensive.
  11. The problem is that the whole game is centered around rewarding those who are winning. No wonder everyone likes joining the winning side. It's not the fault of the players. It's in the game design. What is needed is a counter-balancing mechanic in game.
  12. Thank you for the interesting links. o7 Don't you think that sail area to displacement ratio is a better concept for sail ships than the motive power alone? I mean, you already said that motive power cannot be increased easily, so putting it in relation to something might be the better approach. Sail area correlates with the motive power and displacement increases the wetted area and thus drag. I found that parameter quite helpful with modern sail boats to get a quick idea of their speed capability and found it well correlates with yardstick tables (which are simplistic and old-fashioned, I know, but still good fun when you don't take racing too seriously).
  13. Since you cross-linked the wikipedia entry, you should know that the hull length is by no means a hard limit to ship speed, as mentioned by @Archaos. So what is your point?
  14. Strength of masts is not the issue, it's stability, i.e. uprighting momentum. Since frigates had more sail area per displacement, they need to reef their sails earlier. Speed is not a fixed number, it depends on wind, trim, sea state, and point of sail. So, I'd always try to read the context as well rather than the raw number. On top of that, historical speed measurement precision is quite debatable.
  15. Yes, water line length to beam width is also a factor. But it is not the main driver for speed imho, as this is well covered by the displacement. Same applies to the wetted area, which is also an important parameter, but can be deduced or guessed from the displacement. If you are interested in design parameters, search for "block coefficient". This is the parameter that tells you about the bulkiness of an underwater hull.
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