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  1. Obviously. https://gyazo.com/18987eeb4ae65bd11b68424982701619
  2. OMG. We've been there before. Almost exactly one year ago. Something was out of whack and devs have nothing better to do than fiddling around with the damage model again. The sailing simulation in battle instance, the damage model, the cannons, ... it's all good. No reason for changing anything here. Really. Please don't. Please take care of the things in game that are broken like, for example Alliances missing Port bonus being OP OW speed boosts being timer based and not location based Seasoned woods being OP, expensive and dropping from "Privateer" PVE Improvement of raids Privateer fleets being ridiculously OP
  3. Sending capped traders to your outpost as NPC is a great idea! However, I agree that it will be exploited, unless it becomes a regular option for everyone! Like this:
  4. It is broken. Trading routes are ok, so are the profit margins. The problem is that there is no dynamics. Supply and demand are constant no matter what. Not sure about the supply of trade goods though. It seems they spawn at server maintenance and players who are online right after maintenance get to buy them. After that, they never spawn again, it seems. I don't know why the buy and sell contracts for trade goods were removed. To me this decision does not make sense. Please add them back into the game. When we had contracts on trade goods, you could sell stuff in free towns to players from other nations while not being online at the same time. The buy contract bid race emulates a dynamic demand lowering the profit margins which counters inflation.
  5. ROFL I got no clue what's going on with the Danes, but this thread is best entertainment since months! Just spice it up a little, we need more salt!
  6. Einfach dranbleiben und weitermachen! Es werden bessere PBs kommen!
  7. Kann ich nicht bestätigen. CABAL habe ich immer als angenehme Zeitgenossen wahrgenommen, bis auf vielleicht eine Ausnahme. Häme von den Schweden kann ich auch nicht bestätigen. Dass die Schweden, insbesondere HAVOC, das Spiel ernst nehmen würde ich sofort unterschreiben. @Liq @rediii würden dem bestimmt auch nicht widersprechen. Große Klappe, ja. Meistens mit was dahinter . Toxisch? Nö.
  8. Each sail and each mast segment has its own damage pool. There is a minimum cap (I think it's 35%) for sail damage, i.e. when a sail is destroyed completely (0 HP), it still has 35% sails. When the damage pool of a mast segment hits zero, the mast segment falls. Of course, the bottom mast takes down middle mast and top mast with it. All sails attached to missing mast segments are removed completely. When you hit sail repair, damaged mast HP get filled up immediately. For this reason, sometimes you see players repairing sails even when sails are at 97% or so, because they are afraid to lose a mast. The moment you hit sail rep, mast damage is reset. Damaged sails are repaired continuously, i.e. their HP pool is filled up throughout the duration of the repair. This can be seen in battle as holes in sails are patched up. Lost masts are stepped one after another: bottom mast first, then middle mast and top mast. When a mast is stepped, sails attached are also attached to it. Initially, the sails look damaged and are patched up continuously. From my understanding, sails attached to a stepped mast have 0 HP and are filled up. When all sails are at 100%, the next mast segment is stepped up.
  9. Simple reason. Because the TBrig hold is too large compared to Traders Snow and also compared to LGV.
  10. Objective is to make LGV a viable choice, especially for cargo runs in hostile waters. Right now, the only relevant trade ships are the Indiaman and the Traders Brig. The LGV is hardly ever used by anyone. She lacks the hold size of an Indiaman and does not have the upwind speed of a Traders Brig. With the hold size being only 8.5% larger than the Traders Brig, her lack of speed renders her completely useless. So, I suggest to increase hold size of LGV to 2150 tons (increase of 13%) and reduce the hold size of a Traders Brig to 1450 (reduction of 17%) resulting in a hold size advantage of 48% to make the LGV a relevant trader again. With 2150 hold size, the LGV is still small compared to an Indiaman, so I'd expect the Indiaman still to be the best option for large hauls in safe waters. But in hostile waters, the larger speed of an LGV might be a factor for her.
  11. All these ideas are missing the point completely. The problems with inflation are this: Supply and demand of trade goods are constant. A profitable trade root is always profitable, no matter what. Supply of materials for crafting is limitless. You can extract as many resources as you want without any limitation. The only real limit is the amount of labour hours available. With extra alts you can scale this up easily. The only money sinks that you have got are: Timers (max limit by number of ports) Investments (max limit by port upgrade points) Sinking ships (dynamic) Additional sources of value are NPC ships spawn without a cost. The ships and cargo appear from nothing, but can be captured and converted into money. This scales with activity (no limit), the more you sink, the more will spawn. Doubloons, reals, chests being awarded for damage and missions. These spawn from nothing and scale with activity (no limit), the more you do, the more you earn. Obviously, there is always more value generated than lost, so the current system is doomed to inflate without limit. What you'd need is Dynamic towns population size town wealth resources and trade goods demand depends size and wealth growth depends on availability of food and construction resources Prizes for goods and resources demand on quota of demand and supply Buying land costs money that contributes to town wealth Limited land available for cultivation (total building slots available per town) depends on population size (work force) with a hard cap Landowners not using their land (building slots) lose their land, but get compensated (get their money back to avoid some people blocking land) AI economy needs to be balanced NPC ships spawning in towns use up resources and money NPC traders transport goods from town to town Ships sold to admiralty are kept in store Ships in store can spawn as NPC ships Raids (how to implement is a different topic) Successful raid reduces town wealth Successful raid reduces town population
  12. Connie was good as a 4th rate. She is terribly useless as a 3rd rate. She was never built as a line ship, but as a heavy frigate, to outrun anything that outguns her, but outgun anything that outruns her. There was a gap between the frigates and the line ships in terms of speed and gun power that she filled very well. This was the reason for her success. British reacted to this new "super frigate" with line ships converted into 4th rate frigates (razee, e.g. Indefatigable) and building new Endymion class ships, which were the only 24pd frigate they had at that time. Connie should be a 4th rate, HP need to be nerfed to be on par with other 4th rates. Then she could shine in the frigate patrol zone and in PVP again. BTW, also Endymion was later re-classified as a fourth rate.
  13. This is not true. Patrol zone has the same rules of engagement as open world since September.
  14. Anyone has a reasonable answer or a solution for one of those points? No? Then, I'd say seasoned woods are fubar.
  15. As far as I know, hostility is accounted for as soon as a player with relevant kills leaves the battle. Hence, you could just finish AI and leave. Let the privateer stay in as long as he likes, it does not make any difference.
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