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  1. We have two 3rd rates in the game as 4th rates: the Ingermanland and the Agamemnon were both historically 3rd rates. But as compensation we have the super frigates now as SOL
  2. Exactly that is the point and why I asked if paints are tradeable. Paints will be available soon for everyone.
  3. Simple solution: boarding should be interrupted immediately when one ship sinks. If the other one is still just 99% sank (not 100%) and battle ends this moment, then that was just good luck and ok imho. If you really want to keep the boarding open for sunk ships so that the crew might conquer the other ship and take it over, you have to limit boarding actions. How should the crew continue to fight the boarding game when their ship is sunk? No more brace, musket volley, deck guns, just attack left as only option. And this would result in a very fast combat resolution and less time during which a practically sunk ship remains active during boarding.
  4. And this needs to be solved by providing such information. I have suggested this already, but I think the devs want you to "explore" the map for it.
  5. Voting is a no-go. It did not work before and will never work. Letting players vote seems to be a good idea, but any election will be ridiculed by alts. Alts cannot be simply banned (how to identify an "alt"? what again did the player do wrong? why is he banned exactly? and how do you prove it?). The problem cannot be solved easily. If this game wants to be historic, nations are needed. You could forsake the historical aspect completely and go full on clan wars. But then, the whole RVR game will be controlled by a handful of powerful clan leaders. The majority of players is just standing by and watching. How do you ensure the game stays enjoyable for everyone even in the not so unlikely event that some of those clan leaders happen to be toxic idiots? I liked the old system where you had neutral/friendly/hostile status among nations, but the system we had needs serious improvements. This is how I still think it should be done:
  6. It's not new. Fake news. It's just you noticing it now, not previously.
  7. Then you should switch to single player mode!
  8. Oh, there have been MANY complaints about ganking. The system was introduced to reduce ganking and I do not see your example as excessive ganking.
  9. This argument only holds truth assuming everyone starts at the same time. However, new players might (and probably will) come in a few days/weeks/months after release. Now, what about those? The game will always be unfair. So this cannot be an argument. I support a full wipe. But not because of fairness. Simply because it's the only plain and straight solution as opposed to keeping some things, wiping other things and not being sure about still other things.
  10. Now this seems strange. First example closes battle at 800vs900, second example keeps it open at the same ratio. Or is it because there is a difference between 800/900 and 900/800? EDIT: not a problem. BR numbers probably incorrect.
  11. Interesting. That actually means the Bellona + Hermione flipped the weak side, so that the Christian was able to join your side, flipping sides again so that the Aga joined. Did the second Bellona join first or the Hermione? My bet is: it must have been the Hermione, Bellona should have closed the battle (margin then would have been 11.1%). Is this correct? Time BR 1 BR 2 Margin Open Ships 0 900 500 80% both Santi vs Bellona 2 900 500 80% 2 Santi vs Bellona 8 900 1215 35% 1 Santi vs 2 Bellona, Hermione 10 1500 1215 23.5% 2 Santi, Christian vs 2 Bellona, Hermione 12 1500 1555 3.7% none Santi, Christian vs 2 Bellona, Hermione, Agamemnon I'm impressed. That system is actually really cool! It flips the weak open side multiple times over until finally equality is achieved. Awesome! Love it!
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