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  1. I thought russians are RVR zergs?! Now I'm confused.
  2. Ja, du kannst die Schiffe in deiner Flotte beladen. Hold Optimization gilt, wie bereits gesagt, nur für dein Hauptschiff, nicht jedoch für die Schiffe in deiner Flotte. Du kannst bis zu 3 Schiffe in Flotte nehmen mit den entsprechenden Perks. Plus Hauptschiff macht das maximal 4 Indiaman: 4x 4000=16000.
  3. Just for the record: Flaggkapten (Capn Rocko) is a Swedish rank, not French. But I guess this does not really change anything. Carry on!
  4. Seeing the discussion in this thread drift away from great battle results tells me there might be a lack great battles.
  5. It's not like no other nation has port bonuses. Russia is also leading this statistic, but other nations are close behind.
  6. Very entertaining, indeed!
  7. You calculate numbers for both broadsides. Divide by 2 for one broadside. Distance also plays a role even if it pens.
  8. What point? Screening battles are still battles, right? What would you do if your 55 point port was attacked? You'd screen, wouldn't you?
  9. It's not a problem of frontlines, it's not even a problem of alt clans. The problem is rogue clans. These clans just don't follow the common national goals. Devs gave power to the clans and national cohesion suffers when rogues take key ports. There is no fix other than to cancel clan control over ports.
  10. Time limits are ok as is. Demasting: increase the time and you relax difficulty. Simple statistics. The longer you shoot, the more hits you achieve randomly. Ultimately, a monkey could do this given enough time. Boarding AI is extremely easy because they are very predictable. Exam requires you to have learned all this already. Fully agree with your suggestion of a crafting tutorial! +1
  11. Workaround to allow more clans than fit on the friendly clan list access to port upgrades. This requires clans to have alt accounts. The port owning clan creates a new crafter clan with one alt account. This alt account is now the master of crafters. The port owning clan puts the crafter clan on the friendly clan list. Each clan that cannot be added to the friendly clan list due to hard-coded maximum list length (in the following: associated clan) assigns one crafter alt account. The master crafter invites associated clan crafters to the crafter clan. This way, associated crafters (associated clans' alt accounts) have full access to the port upgrades (and could also join port battles). The associated crafters can craft ships with port upgrades and pass them on to their main clan. Optional: the clan warehouse of the crafter clan could be used to pool resources for port upgrades among associated clans. The crafter clan is a dummy clan allowing access to port bonus and port resources. One crafter clan per nation is sufficient, since the crafter clan can have 250 (?) clan members allowing access to port upgrades to 250 clans (in theory). This construction might collapse or even become source of disagreements if there are several "leading" clans having different points of view about the crafter clan membership. Sounds complicated, but has huge potential, I think. After all, most clans already assigned crafter roles to certain players or alt accounts. So, the process for associated clan members would not be very different.
  12. Hi @Felix Victor, I have been playing around a little with the NA API and your json files as well. I am impressed how much data you squeeze out of the API. Great job! However, I have cross-checked a few values and stumbled across some oddities. How do you derive speeds? I have read somewhere here in the forum that MaxSpeed*SpeedToWind/13.03 gives the ship speed profile. But applying this formula, I see that the current API data (https://storage.googleapis.com/nacleanopenworldprodshards/ItemTemplates_cleanopenworldprodeu1.json) is not consistent with yours (https://na-map.netlify.com/data/ships.json). Now I'm confused if you use a different formula or is there more stuff to it? Also, maxSpeed does not correlate with the speed profiles. How do you retrieve thickness values and mast hp? I do not find any of those in the API. I assume these are also derived values? Are those values reliable? How do you verify they are correct? Same for repair times, repair quantities, turn rates, sailing crew size, leaks, firezone etc. Thank you in advance! And once again, great job! Keep it up! Would be happy to donate.
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