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  1. I know exactly what you mean. In either case, your mistake is refusing to address the points at hand.
  2. Not really. A good Snow captain can make sudden, completely unpredictable moves at will. If you predict and move to counter, they can simply change their tactics instantly to put you on the defensive again. Against other 6th rates, the only true defense against a Snow is running.
  3. Seconded. Just tried it for the first time yesterday, and it is beyond broken. Makes every other 6th rate look like a bad joke.
  4. Strange, the few times I've done this result in no bonuses. I don't know, could've been a fluke I suppose.
  5. As far as I can tell, the port bonuses are in fact connected to the port in which you redeem the ship: redeeming a ship in a port with no investments will always result in no bonuses.
  6. Just disallow port bonuses on redeemable ships. Let them keep their seasoned woods, but leave port bonuses exclusively to crafted ships. It makes sense, too: the DLC ships have the in-game moniker of "imported". Why would an imported ship (sailed from Europe, presumably) get a port bonus for a Caribbean port if it wasn't built there?
  7. Superb overall! I think you may have given the wrong impression when you said 'incoherence' though. That would be different from understanding-but-dismissing something.
  8. If that's incoherent, I shudder to think of what you'd find comprehensible. Is English not your first language?
  9. Peaceful collaboration in certain things. But it works plenty of the time in certain other things. Just because we can't agree on everything doesn't mean we can't agree on anything. In-game diplomacy is already practiced; it's just that we're forced to use third-party methods of communication, and nothing is enforced by hard-coded, in-game mechanics. Leaving decisions up to players diplomatically would work just fine. If a nation has so-called troublemakers, let them vote for what they want. If they complain when they don't get their way, f**k 'em. If they do get their way, that's democra
  10. I don't know about other PvPers, but all I really care about are the doubloons and the combat medals. If I still get those for being in the battle/looting the corpse, I'm happy; I'd just end up sinking the other ship anyway, most likely.
  11. Yep, that's really not how you should play it. You can only do that effectively if the other player is at a much lower prep than you anyway; the time they're given to change their mind becomes basically nonexistent as their prep lowers, but that's also true for you as the attacker. That last-second fake-out meta is borne of people who want a quick victory to shorten the combat and reduce their losses. The real challenge is to make your opponent waste their prep, while simultaneously causing more casualties than you take. That's not nearly as easy as it sounds, and it's certainly not as si
  12. Can't speak for the devs, but this one has actually been a running joke in global for quite some time now. Been wondering when -- or if -- they'd finally notice.
  13. This isn't the case for every nation, though. Smaller nations have a damned hard time of trading in bulk without being targeted. If your nation is large enough to own ports on both sides of the Gulf of Mexico, and populous enough to provide impromptu escorts aplenty in those waters, how could that possibly compare to some poor, lonely fellow trying to run a gauntlet of 3-4 enemy nations in the Windward Passage?
  14. As a trader-ganking bastard, this idea has my wholehearted approval. 😁
  15. So, I have to ask... do you guys play your own game? Like, seriously, there was already talk of inflation when I returned to the game 2 months ago. This is not a new development, by any means. Maybe now you can understand why seasoned woods are so controversial. With the economy the way it is, single logs go for tens of thousands of reals. It's impossibly expensive for most players; only the super-wealthy multiple alt-wielding players will ever be able to afford enough seasoned wood to craft a ship. I'm not the first one to point this out, but I hope I'm among the last before a fix i
  16. Only if your side initially has a greater total BR than the NPCs. Otherwise you've got a lot longer to join, I don't know how much longer exactly though. Would love clarification on this from anyone who knows better.
  17. Fairly sure it's a minute? That's for both sides after the instance spawns, but the side with lesser BR will be open for quite a while after that. Not sure if there's a timer for that or not.
  18. Agreed in full, but something tells me you're going to have a hard time convincing @admin of that.
  19. Not fun for you, perhaps. But that's literally the point of the Loki rune: troll other players. Running away is a victory for the Loki player, in that sense. Weird metagaming is weird, what else is new?
  20. This is absolutely a spot worth improving. There is practically no instruction on the open world experience.
  21. No mention of hard-coded international diplomacy mechanics here. Myself and many other players do believe that this would improve the game significantly for everyone, both within RvR and without. Is there anything preventing a rework and reimplementation of the old clan diplomacy mechanics?
  22. I fail to see your point, then. Unless you're actively making a case against living down under, which, I mean... well honestly, I'd agree with you there. 😂
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