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  1. The reason the pop is low is because : 1. The grind to get competitive ships is waaaay too long. 2. Trading sucks. Visit most ports & you find virtually empty admiralty stores. 3. Crafting sucks. You are forced into a clan to get port bonuses, rare woods, etc. 4. Missions suck. "Go kill this ship. Now go kill that ship." Not much story line in that. 5. New player experience sucks. "Welcome. It will take you weeks of play (maybe months) and millions of reals/doubs to get a competitive ship, which could be sunk in a matter of minutes. Along the way, the inferior s
  2. Simplify, simplify, simplify. The Grind is waaaaay too long, and upgrades/bonuses too 'exclusive'. That's the problem. To get a competitive ship takes a HUGE number of hours of play, which could be lost in battle in minutes. Players rage quit over this, and new players look at the steep climb and go find another game. I asked the devs about this months ago. They said they didn't care if a player only stayed for 2 weeks! Everything I needed to know...
  3. Loki does not belong in Cap waters. New players should n't have to face them. Trying out new ships, testing mods, opening slots are begun in Cap waters. Again, no place for a Loki there. Why have the Cap fleets of Cerebus & Trinco s if you let enemy players in via Loki anyway??
  4. This is stupid. The prices are astronomical. Believe it, or not, there are people who don't play this all day. The cost of crafting a simple Fir/Bermuda Surprise just went from 28,224 to well over 200,000 with the seasoned woods, minimum. Add mods, etc., and you're spending the whole day trading or grinding. Bigger frigates are 500K...and 1st rates? Forget it. Why do devs continually make HUGE changes to a game that used to be fun to play? Whose voices are driving this? I'm forced to download DLC ships, I guess. I'd much rather craft them, but don't want to spend all of my
  5. What are the meanings of the symbols in the upper-right for ports? (Number, hammer, cart, waves)? I'm confused about that now Thx
  6. Millions of people are stuck inside because of this Covid-19. That means many will be playing computer games to pass the time. How about a sale on DLC's and the game as a goodwill gesture. I'm sure you'd make $$ on it, also.
  7. Loki should be removed. In Capital zones, players should be safe from PvP (i.e.Loki) intrusions, so they can grind to open slots, test cannon arrangement, get the 'feel' of new ships, etc. Not all ships are ready for combat in capital waters. The Loki concept is unnecessary, and should be totally removed.
  8. Loki Especially in capital zones. Grinding in a new ship in the water with no slots (trying to prep it for action in OW) is no time to find yourself dealing with an experienced enemy admiral, instead of the AI you chose for XP We don't need magic tricks to make this game fun
  9. Loki in your home capital waters is wrong. 2 days in a row, I've been trying to open slots on a new ship by fighting AI at my capital port, only to find myself in a battle with some admiral enemy player. I also had doubs in the hold from my previous fight, which I would have stored in port had I known. I never got sunk, but the 2nd player escaped from the fight, leaving me with very little XP...the very reason I was playing. Can you please not allow Loki in capital ports? That's where many of us get our ships ready before OW. Actually, I would like to see Loki go away entirely.
  10. Zerg nations. Russia owns half the world, yet Poland & Prussia don't even have a few permanent ports. Cap the number of ports a nation can hold (it can be a large number, but right now it's ridiculous) Give smaller nations a chance to compete, otherwise players give up on them & join the Zerg
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