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  1. Millions of people are stuck inside because of this Covid-19. That means many will be playing computer games to pass the time. How about a sale on DLC's and the game as a goodwill gesture. I'm sure you'd make $$ on it, also.
  2. Loki should be removed. In Capital zones, players should be safe from PvP (i.e.Loki) intrusions, so they can grind to open slots, test cannon arrangement, get the 'feel' of new ships, etc. Not all ships are ready for combat in capital waters. The Loki concept is unnecessary, and should be totally removed.
  3. Loki Especially in capital zones. Grinding in a new ship in the water with no slots (trying to prep it for action in OW) is no time to find yourself dealing with an experienced enemy admiral, instead of the AI you chose for XP We don't need magic tricks to make this game fun
  4. Loki in your home capital waters is wrong. 2 days in a row, I've been trying to open slots on a new ship by fighting AI at my capital port, only to find myself in a battle with some admiral enemy player. I also had doubs in the hold from my previous fight, which I would have stored in port had I known. I never got sunk, but the 2nd player escaped from the fight, leaving me with very little XP...the very reason I was playing. Can you please not allow Loki in capital ports? That's where many of us get our ships ready before OW. Actually, I would like to see Loki go away entirely.
  5. Zerg nations. Russia owns half the world, yet Poland & Prussia don't even have a few permanent ports. Cap the number of ports a nation can hold (it can be a large number, but right now it's ridiculous) Give smaller nations a chance to compete, otherwise players give up on them & join the Zerg
  6. I was able to "take" the guns & ship Xmas gifts, but the K-masts did not show up in my warehouse. NVM- Masts showed up in my crowded upgrade chest...didn't notice
  7. Great job! Thank you for restoring an important part of the game. The stores in many ports are starting to fill up again. Trading, hunting traders, fleet escorts for money, etc. will add depth to the game-play. Thanks for listening to the players
  8. All that extra playing time should be enough of an advantage, plus a modest level of increased mods. That's fair. Superships that require huge reals & grinding time is not. Any more advantage than that & the new, or occasional, players say "what's the point?", then leave. It happened right after release, and it's been happening for the 2+ years I've been playing. It's easy to prove my point. We used to have more players, now we have less. And it's not getting better.
  9. Not everyone has 20+ hours/week to devote to a computer game. People who want to play 2-4 hours on a weekend don't want to log in, only to get ganked by super-ships that came out of a wind worm-hole at 40 kts. That's not a level playing field, or even close. In most cases, there is no way a player with a standard ship with mid-price mods is going to beat a port bonus ship with the new seasoned woods, plus Northern Carps, Navy Hull Refit, Naval Clock, Copper Plating, etc., etc. They can't "work hard" at NA because they real-life responsibilities, work, etc. Veteran players with tons of hours have the advantage of vast experience. That should win you plenty of combat medals. You shouldn't need seasoned woods & hundreds of mods to have success. A reasonable number of mods that don't require weeks of grinding should be enough. Or, is this just going to forever be a game for a small group of retired people, YouTube broadcasters, and "gap year" students?? We're missing hundreds of potential players. There's a reason. P.S. This forum is not just for PvP, but also PvE. I've got about 2000 hours of PvP time, but recently spent time on PvE. Many players' comments on PvE show they switched servers because of the lop-lopsidedness of the PvP game-play. It would do well for players to pay attention to their comments on this forum & find solutions as to why they left PvP...
  10. We already have... 31 mods for speed/turning 35 mods for survival (hit points/armor increases, etc.) 27 possibilities for random ship trim upon crafting (Very fast, strong rig, etc.) 12 port bonuses having to do with speed, mast/rig, hull 49 knowledge books improving speed or survival And dozens more having to do with boarding, gunnery, and crew capabilities Most of these require grinding to obtain, some quite time-intensive. The risk of getting ganked & losing all that work is high, especially for new/occasional players. And now, we need to add another level to modify ships just to be competitive?? But only big clans will have realistic access? What is needed is to simplify, not add more! Please allow noobs, occasional players, and solo hunters to have a chance to be competitive in a reasonable amount of time, without the need to join a clan. Some like it, some don't, but all are paying customers and have a right to explore different play-styles. Level the playing field and please stop the "clan push," or this game will remain a small clique of followers playing in an ocean that should have hundreds more.
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