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  1. So you are saying the ultimatum wasnt your idea? I hope so for you, because it is quite a diplomatic joke, maybe even the biggest one yet imo. If you want us to stop attacking your pet, maybe tell them to propose a peace offer, we are open to discuss anything. And you can promise them we wont post the peace offer on the forums just to flex that we won, unlike some other nation.
  2. I see that as a compliment because it incites I ever did something useful, which is more than any other Swede has ever said
  3. You dont get it either. We dont fear the big dogs, the big dogs fear what we will do. Like I said, if we join either side the other side will be in a big disadvantage. We have chosen for not choosing a side as that is healthier for the game. And also on the long term it might break open this stupid two alliance/coalition system
  4. You dont get it do you? Would you prefer us taking sides and killing the other side? Because thats what is going to happen if we do choose a side, doesnt really matter which one. If this wasnt a game we probably would have done that already, but because it is a game we dont, because another zerg is not good for this game. Also, in my whole opinion, this Swedish alliance vs Russias alliance is not good for the health of the game either
  5. The Swedish ultimatum is a joke, Swedish should be happy we dont sent an ultimatum ourselves. I bet you know what would be in that ultimatum
  6. That's fine But know, that any attack will be dealt with accordingly, with or without ultimatum
  7. On the site I can read: 'mediterranean with its countries' does this include smaller states like the knights of Malta/Rhodes? In the broader picture my question would be; what nation will be present in the game and what timeframe will the game take?
  8. I dont read anything about camping in the requirements so no 😜 If you would like to join or if you are just interested please contact @z4ys or @Sella on the forums, discord or ingame, and they can tell you more and help you if needed.
  9. Yes we do! 😃 Z4ys, Sella and me are still up and running on the seas under the tag of ROVER, but we are also recruiting new members:
  10. Pedernales, captured 3 days ago by VWIC, EU based clan, was NPG, had a night timer
  11. Port that was opened wasnt used to help win the battle. Dont tell me the Dutch trading empire has trouble replacing the few ships that are lost in the pbs. Certainly with current dlcs I got that from the US ports that were taking in the middle of the night by the VP, by a EU based clan.
  12. The US screened for us yes, sure, but thats a whole bit different than the Russians And Prussians never attacked at the same time with the Russians though, so us working together is highly overstated. And if VP isnt into RvR and you cant get them to flip back, how did you get them to flip back twice at night against the US then? Thats not really a PvE mentality is it?
  13. Its funny how the VP keeps saying we are vassals of Russia, because its sounds less bad if big bad Russia has beaten you instead of practically one clan who has less players than the Dutch clans. But its not true, we arent vassals of Russia. VP did get beaten hard by practically one clan.
  14. It's not hard to convince your own ez PvP clan to go to a nation where they can endlessly gank newbies. on the other hand I had joined Prussia before LAMA joined, so it was still really low pop and quite a challenge. I didn't expect and I didn't try to convince any of my clan members to join me on this nation change, but even if I did, I doubt anyone at that point would go to Prussia.
  15. no I was in TOD, just a member, it was more a figuratively speaking, since you did take your entire clan with you in your double exodus from the VP
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