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  1. well, 'nobody', you clearly have no clue about the current political situation in this game.
  2. although, NAVOC is not part of this post.
  3. Well that is what I am saying, it had a broken spawn, not necessarily only for the French side
  4. the tag was good, spawn in the battle was bugged, the spawn in battle was completely different then the tag.
  5. I dont care if you were planning or not (tbh thats what I would say too if I was screened out), but you said you could still join the pb after the first battle which is just not true. I understand you cant accept that you are wrong, but you can better stay silent than to change the subject.
  6. No you could not get in, after battle there is quite a long timer before you can join a pb. You got tagged by the French fleet inmediately after the battle with the Swedes. Dont start telling lies.
  7. That battle had a super broken spawn, French fleet spawning on the other side of the Russian fleet in perspective of the French join circle.
  8. Ohé capitaines ! Le clan MRF recrute ! Nous sommes un clan anglo/franco-phone au sein de la nation française. Nos capitaines étant pour la plus part basés en europe, les MRF sont surtout actifs le soir aux heures européennes. Nous sommes actifs en RVR, diplomatie, PVP, et disposons de crafteurs niveau 50 qui vous crafterons vos navires. Afin de nous rejoindre une compréhension minimum de l'anglais est recommandée, mais pas obligatoire. Teamspeak n'est pas requis (excepté pour le RVR), mais est fortement recommandé puisqu' utilisé par la totalité des capitaines à ce jour. si vous souhaitez nous rejoindre, merci de contacter une de ces personnes de notre clan : - ScipioTortuga (anglophone) - Jeanne de Bellevile (anglo/franco-phone) -Edward Teatch (aka "le pirate somalien") (francophone)
  9. Alot of old members of MRF have returned the game and we already managed to set a porbattle, come and join the Marine Royale Française!
  10. I joined France before the Dutch lost their ports, i only left because it got boring. When I left only then swedes starting attacking the area at Pampa. Even so, its kinda ironic that you say this, because you left both the American and the Russian nation after they started losing.
  11. I call taking a port back from your own clan so you dont get resistance a broken mechanic. I am sure the Dutch are very thankful, they surely are joyfully awaiting all the enemies you made for them.
  12. I am not even going to try to defend myself here, saying you are insulted because I call you a 'dumb Russian guy' after you call me a 'little French guy' is beyond my reasoning.
  13. funny guy, start using broken game mechanics to its own advantage and say it is not my business. Whats next, asking devs to remove shallow ships from pbs because you lost because them? oh wait.
  14. So I dont have a right to say anything when someone does something like NAVOC is doing now? you really are a dumb russian now
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