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  1. Why are you not sailing together if you want to fight together?
  2. Good. Because I hate paying for my ship crafting stuff. P.S.—. Can you guys send more teak north around 5pm EST please? Oh, I forgot you guys stay up North seal clubbing US players still. Nevermind.
  3. I fear for the small ship captain that wants to challenge himself with a bigger target. It just won't happen anymore., in my opinion.
  4. I’m dubious. But ok, let’s test it. We’ve already seen that players are afraid of losing ships and gear in RvR... But let’s see what the stats say after this.
  5. Sorry, but thats just NOT going to happen. I'll tag up to Pirate Frigate in my Prince.... most of the times (luckily for me) I'm able to get the kill. But if I sense things starting to go South or I make a critical mistake that cripples my chances of victory, you bet your sweet arse I'm going to escape if I can... This is the trade-off I assume when engaging a more powerful opponent. Dont like it? Sail a fore/aft ship and come get me.
  6. Believe it or not, I actually agree with you for once.... People want to sail all the biggest ships with the best gear, but they are deathly afraid of actually losing it. And instead of using ships/gear that they can afford to lose, they'd rather stay in port. The state of NA 2018/2019
  7. Sure. As long as you start in the battle instance a few hours sail away... fine. Battle instance is only 90 mins, however... and just for the record, there are far more historical instances of battles within sight of cities/reinforcements where winds and tides prevented friendly forces joining than there are of people sailing hours to an UNKNOWN location hoping to help a friendly vessel. In fact, I cant even really think of ANY. You'd have to be extremely lucky to stumble upon the location.
  8. Exactly. So why should a player be allowed to join a "battle" that has already been underway for "hours".... Think of a closed battle as "tomorrow" and it makes sense.
  9. Sure. I'd test that. Seems fair. Baseline pet peeve is people who arent even in render range actually being able to have an impact on my battle. I have zero quarrel with people getting pulled in with their friends to "get out of the OW"...
  10. Vernon Merrill

    Pirate on Pirate action

    I believe that's called "taking out the trash..."...
  11. There is really only ONE fundamental truth regarding the concept of a PvP server: IN ORDER FOR SOMEONE TO "WIN", SOMEONE ELSE HAS TO "LOSE".... The question is: How much should should losing suck and what is the tolerance level for players dealing with "loss"... My guess is that differs for all... Of course if all you are willing to sail is purple/gold lineships, then you are agoing to have a far different take on what the ROE's should be... I'm absolutely DYING to see how many people would sail their gold Bellona into "shrinking circle/patrol zone style" battle....
  12. Why SHOULD they get help if nobody was within visual range?? that's 20-25k distance!
  13. I can agree with most of that.... However, I dont think people would tolerate a 4-5 minute "no tag" timer upon leaving port....
  14. Oh, 100% agreed. I just assumed everyone thought that was a silly idea. Lol
  15. Again, I don’t see a real negative. If you’re right next to port, maybe it’s a pain. But people who actually SAIL in the OW its at best a slight inconvenience of 2 mins since you’d join positionally.
  16. I don’t see that as a “negative”, really... but easily enough solved by a chat box asking if you want to join a battle initiated by a friendly if you’re beyond a certain distance. Also suggested many times.
  17. "Can't help my friends!"... ( says the guy 2 hours away, the guy sitting in port, and similar ) This. ^^^^^
  18. 2 circle/huge pull/insta-close was by FAR the best mechanic we had.
  19. We’ve been over this a million times. It’s not “2 minutes” away. It’s about 20k with average wind. Its already a new day in the battle instance.
  20. So why not just bring back legends? Maximum PvP per hour. Instant 100%.
  21. Everyone sailing around in Floating Battery, Cartegena-Fitted L'Oceans... sounds like fun. Or not.. 1) Stumble upon battle that NEVER closes 2) Assist in sinking ship thats half-dead from fighting for the last hour 3) Beat my chest about how good I am... No thanks.
  22. Vernon Merrill

    Pirate on Pirate action

    I don’t give two hoots about the loot stealing. That’s actually fine with me, especially given they’re “pirates”. The problem I have is that every time he sinks he calls you “Nazi scum” and wishes cancer upon you. I think we should expect and work towards better than that.
  23. Vernon Merrill

    Pirate on Pirate action

    God I wish they would make an example of this ass.... All I see is "Nazi" and "cancer" comments from this tool.
  24. Vernon Merrill

    Mission changes

    Nah. Its much easier to go on the forums and say that the "elites" are ruining the game mate. Get with the theme of 2019!