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  1. I hope they come back in Sea Legends.
  2. Boarding, I hate it. You made the best age of sail combat ever but the boarding is so simple and boring. It also renders your awesome combat useless because most of the time it is way easier to just board someone and the fight is over in seconds. That‘s why I rather fight than play a stupid rock paper scissors mini game.
  3. That moment when someone in comms starts singing sea shanties.
  4. From what I see and heard we're still missing a Sangre Connie/United States. The Super Frigate form the movie Master and Commander has such a "Sangre" paint scheme.
  5. "mods and books are getting massive nerfs in 1-2 days. + some base ship parameters like accel and decel turning." Thank you!
  6. When i see negative reviews with 3000+ hours I always imagine something like this
  7. We will see what happens after release. But i think xp will be one of the least things why people will quit playing.
  8. Showing Naval Action to my friends for the first time
  9. Pada


    Just attack a few ai traders. Good chance you get more than 2000.
  10. MRW someone says he put a floating battery on his Pickle
  11. I thought at release the free cam will be removed or was that changed?
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