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  1. Quick question, are you saying that the 18pdr EIC pattern carronade does not show up at all for the Dedaigneuse or is it a weight issue? If it is a weight issue, then look to apply some upgrades to the ship that can reduce the weight or alternatively reduce the amount of crew that is on the ship to help keep the weight down and allowing you to equip the gun.
  2. Make sure to use f11 in game as that will give the devs a ton of information to use to help fix this annoying bug.
  3. This link should take you to an FAQ regarding refunds through Xsolla. Be warned that you are pretty unlikely to receive one as a player who has owned the game for quite a while and played it even more substantially. Another user who tried to refund the game almost immediately was denied by Xsolla (not the devs) so best of luck with them as no claims they have the best cs around.
  4. The game is not supported on mac os and will not run at all. VM's do not seem to be a loophole either and only a true dualboot of both windows and mac os will allow you to play the game.
  5. In the base game, only the British and Americans will be playable.
  6. Not in base game. Maybe for future dlc.
  7. Unlike in UGCW, this game is a lot more heavily scripted meaning that most missions have a certain amount of ship, etc. However, scaling exists so that the player doesn't receive an overwhelming advantage against the ai quite quickly as the difference between a 5th and a sloop is quite dramatic. For priority, you are supposed to be heavily outnumbered as you were intercepted by a large enemy fleet while escorting the walpole out. So because you brought a 5th, the enemy was receiving all 5th's to keep the presence that you are outmatched (it's still very winnable). Later in the campaign, the ai
  8. Please make sure to use f11 in game. It provides a lot of information for the devs so they can quickly fix the problem.
  9. I assume that when you mean log in, you are referring to being able to play the game and not actually logging onto the launcher. If the latter that is a xsolla problem and would need to contact them. For the former, the fact that restarting your computer didn't close the program is odd to say the least. Though for future reference, if you open up task manager and go to more details, you will find a process called 'launcher' that can be shut down and it will force close the game if open in the background.
  10. As the game roughly follows the life of Nelson, they want to stick with his quotes rather than it just being random cool quotes. Though as there is a JPJ campaign, it would definitely makes sense for his quotes to be in the loading screen as well. The complete campaign will include 5 US/UK Chapters and if the game sells well, dlc with additional campaigns will be added. There has been discussion on a better and more customizable custom battle option but nothing besides just discussion.
  11. Hearts of Iron is a poor example because it has native support for Mac OS where AOS does not. My idea is that that because you are using a VM, it is screwing with the game because of the lack of support.
  12. It does, if you fully run aground your ship starts to sink and eventually, the water rushing in will overpower the pumps and crew and will sink. Unfortunately, there is no current system to get yourself unstuck which is incredibly frustrating.
  13. Some time after EA release. The goal right now is to polish the game and once the devs consider it “good enough”, they will release it on steam where subsequent chapters will he released and possible ore campaigns with dlc.
  14. This is such an awesome idea but I totally agree would be very difficult to implement. The naval mission priority already has several of the features you mission and could be used to make a more interesting "run away" mission. Although the randomness of ai movement and the restrictions that come with sailing could leave to a lot of frustration and an overall failure of the system. For land at least, this is much more doable where you could potentially have random patrols. One mission that comes to mind is the one where you have to attack a british fort while the soldiers are out partying. You
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