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  1. That moment when someone in comms starts singing sea shanties.
  2. A moon. Edit: and the old storms from early open world that you could see from afar.
  3. From what I see and heard we're still missing a Sangre Connie/United States. The Super Frigate form the movie Master and Commander has such a "Sangre" paint scheme.
  4. Did you fix the Authentication error? Could log in with first attempt.
  5. I only remember raging about aggressive AI from when we had in game last time.
  6. As a sailor in the middle of Europe this makes me jealous. Thx for the pics, looks great.
  7. Essex needs hp buff. My teak teak one only has a bit more than 5k hp. That’s to less for its weight class.
  8. If i‘m a new player and the first thing i do is to join a nation with the difficulty impossible don‘t you think that‘s exactly what is supposed to happen? They gonna move on and restart in a more easy nation to see if it is any different.
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