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  1. Ahoj, rekl bych, ze to bude tim, ze program automaticky zmensil pismo, protoze "Mira obratu" je moc dlouha. Tim se posunuly radky. Jinak, muzeme na tom spolupracovat oba, poslal jsem ti PM
  2. Aktuální progress 750/4451 = 16,9%. Pomalu, ale jistě... 🙂
  3. Started working on Czech translation today. Can confirm problems with game font for ISO Latin 2 charset, specifically czech characters like "ěščřžýáíé" etc.
  4. This thread is dedicated to Czech translation of Naval Action. Ahoj námořníci, Ač to úplně sám nepotřebuji, rozhodl jsem se přeložit do češtiny tuto skvělou hru. Doufám, že jí to pomůže k většímu rozšíření mezi českou a možná i slovenskou komunitou. Překlad je zatím na cestě (Status v druhém příspěvku). Snažím se přednostně překládat funkční části (tlačítka apod.), potom budu překládat popisky a nakonec loading screen hlášky apod. Jak nainstalovat? Než zapnete hru, stáhněte si aktuální verzi češtiny na GIThub: https://github.com/vkresala/NavalActionCzech (kliknout pravým a "Uložit jako") Nahrajte do adresáře hry [Steam knihovna]steamapps\common\Naval Action\Languages\ Zapněte hru, až se načte přístav/loď, jděte do nastavení (ozubené kolečko vlevo nahoře) Klikněte "Options", následně "General" (vlevo) a vyberte v "Language" aktuální verzi češtiny Nakonec je potřeba hru restartovat (vypnout a zapnout) Jak pomoci? Reportováním bugů zde na fóru nebo raději přímo na GIThub (sekce Issues) - PROSÍM ZATÍM NEREPORTUJTE CHYBĚJÍCÍ PŘEKLAD, pouze pokud je něco přeložené špatně nebo překlepy. Aktivním zapojení se do překladu - dejte mi vědět do zprávy, je toho ještě dost k překladu 🙂
  5. Agree with you (to some extent). - We are mostly working people so we play mostly in the same hours and outside of them there is 1-2 people. No change here possible. - Moving warehouse and all related production buildings is INCREDIBLY expensive and time consuming activity. We already considered it. I don't think clan should be forced to move because of three people using their alts+exploit. Over horizon - no problem for me. Change sure. We are taking some steps with the aim to make risk/reward less interesting for the gankers. I will not go into detail here, sry. Some strategies were already outlined here (go to capital, spread and don't play together...) Enlisting allies is difficult, because if the gankers see them they simply don't log on their alts and lose nothing. Allies won't patrol around forever. With the exploit the battle starts very quickly and people must be really sitting around in pvp ready ships. There is no time for preparation.
  6. I dont want ganks to disappear or to be safe in every mission from beginning. Good strategies anyway. The original situation/exploit i have issue with: - undock in port opened only for your nation - check if there are enemy players on horizon (no enemy) - go some direction - get tagged 30s later by 4 enemy players who magically appeared behind you. Ganking is fine, mission jumping is fine.
  7. I don't think you understand my point. I like pvp server and i dont mind losing ships from time to time to ganks. And ofc in port battles etc. The times when i saw enemy ships on horizon, run for my life, tried to get some support from clan, got into battle, tried to escape, lost ship or escaped or fend off the attackers are the memorable moments in this game. The problem with the situation is that for the attacker using the exploit there is no risk involved. They only log in if they see they will be fighting winning battle outnumbering the victim. The victim has no control to avoid it and no chamce to win the battle. He can just surrender at time zero and not lose the time. To your points - players need to do some pve to earn money. If pve is not possible or it is not profitable, there would be no content in the game. No materials, no production etc. We will have fights of redeemable ships and that would be it. It is like ecosystem. If there are wolves and sheep, it works. If the wolves kill all sheep, they will die too. The sheeps must have means to stay in the game and enjoy it to some extent. - in this situation, it is the attacker who wants to fight only when sure to win and defender has no way how to prevent it.
  8. I don't understand if this is serious response or sarcasm because your post makes no sense to me. In normal ports there is no reinforcement zone. People are moving to the capital because the unexpected ganks that cannot be avoided happen too often. Losing 2 ships a day to do 3 missions is not fun for anybody and it is not economically sustainable. Losing ships was not a problem when we lost few ships a week. That is what makes the game fun. Not being able to accomplish anything is not fun. The result of the mechanic is that people either move to capital, stop playing altogether or spread and stop playing together, cooperate on production etc. I think those are all bad outcomes and in the end ruins game for everybody.
  9. To illustrate the seriousness of the problem. Enemies are invisibly camping in front of our main port with our warehouse. We have no means how to chase them off. We are small clan and we are losing 5 ships a day this way. Without any chance to retaliate or stop that. Some people already stopped playing and the rest is slowly moving to the capital because they are tired of losing ships without any chance to run etc. The attackers most probably use alts so they can camp forever and they are farming pvp marks this way. I don't think 4v1 fights are fun for them or that it is the kind of pvp everybody (including devs) want in this game.
  10. Hi devs, We are facing very serious issue that forced us to move to capital ( = not fun) The strategy of the exploit attack is simple. There are enemies logged off, prepared to login. One enemy is online and tags victim in the area. Battle starts, other enemies log in and join the battle. If you consider using alts, you dont even have to have enemy logged on to see the situation. It can be ship of your nation scouting. The issue is that there is no counterplay. You dont know how many enemies you will face (they just appear from nowhere). You join a battle because you see 1v1, but there will be another 3 players in 30s. Possible solutions: - imo best = timer after logging 5 minutes (enemies must be visible before you get tagged to join a battle within timer) - players must go to port first after logging in to be able to tag or join battle @players please discuss
  11. Selling dlc ships is never good idea. It ruins economy, you just redeem ship a day, trash it and continue. Full lot pho is about the anxiety of losing something you worked for. Let them sell paints.
  12. Calobelo. I never get docking right there on first try. No problems elsewhere.
  13. Hi guys, is there any resource to get open world ship speeds? OW speeds don't seem to be linked to battle speeds. I was searching but didn't find anything...
  14. P.s. i think the picture is very tricky because it combines text and assymetric painting. Maybe it would help if the water was below all ship parts including bow. Regarding the center of gravity, it should be slightly more to left because of the ship did pointing to the right. The water should be more extended to right, so it is aligned with the center text. I will make picture when i get to pc maybe.
  15. One thing is mathematics, other is aesthetics. Every image has its visual center of gravity. Dark colors influence the point more. And moving/pointing things look better when they have some space where to go. Not saying the original is optimal, but your version is very "right heavy", doesn't seem balanced and pleasing to the eye. It looks like the ship is leaving the picture.
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