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  1. Ahoj, rekl bych, ze to bude tim, ze program automaticky zmensil pismo, protoze "Mira obratu" je moc dlouha. Tim se posunuly radky. Jinak, muzeme na tom spolupracovat oba, poslal jsem ti PM
  2. Aktuální progress 750/4451 = 16,9%. Pomalu, ale jistě... 🙂
  3. Started working on Czech translation today. Can confirm problems with game font for ISO Latin 2 charset, specifically czech characters like "ěščřžýáíé" etc.
  4. This thread is dedicated to Czech translation of Naval Action. Ahoj námořníci, Ač to úplně sám nepotřebuji, rozhodl jsem se přeložit do češtiny tuto skvělou hru. Doufám, že jí to pomůže k většímu rozšíření mezi českou a možná i slovenskou komunitou. Překlad je zatím na cestě (Status v druhém příspěvku). Snažím se přednostně překládat funkční části (tlačítka apod.), potom budu překládat popisky a nakonec loading screen hlášky apod. Jak nainstalovat? Než zapnete hru, stáhněte si aktuální verzi češtiny na GIThub: https://github.com/vkresala/NavalActionCzech (kliknout pravým a
  5. Selling dlc ships is never good idea. It ruins economy, you just redeem ship a day, trash it and continue. Full lot pho is about the anxiety of losing something you worked for. Let them sell paints.
  6. Ship compare - i have trouble recognising, which ship is the faster. I would prefer solid color for ship in column over grey other ship. Great too tho.
  7. Req should have br 130 and Herc 170. You cannot rebalance whole game around two ships that are completely out of charts. Second, separate thing is that there are currently only br 80 and unlimited battles. It is like if they cancelled all but welterweight and super heavy weight in boxing.
  8. I also had a similar idea, maybe more extreme. Increase the max crew by one at a time. With every battle, there would be few men added. This way you could decide for youself - should i buy Bellona when i undercrew it by 50? Should i wait until i undercrew it by 20? Or buy it when i fully crew it? It would be fun. Also it would enable people to sail more ships as they progress. Now i just get level, buy the most powerful ship my crew allows to sail and grind more. There is not much decision making. Removing the ranks for crew is a bit tricky imo, milestones are important motivating factor.
  9. I agree with you that all ships are fun and dhave its own place. I was arguing from the point of progression. I have limited resources and can buy only one ship - Bellona or Agamemnon. As they are priced very similarly, i chose Bellona. But this way, i have less ships I can look forward to during the grind. I basically skipped one step.
  10. Currently i see a problem between Post Captain - 400 crew = max 5th Indefatigable Flag Captain - 650 crew = max 3rd Bellona I basically completely skipped 4th rates and i think it is a bit shame. I don't have reason to sail them. On the other hand, 120>155 crew is very small difference regarding ship progression imo.
  11. Btw you might want to check conditional formatting, it can save you a lot of manual work.
  12. How are you doing regarding the ship pictures? Can we help somehow?
  13. Don't sail anything you cannot afford to lose.
  14. I would like to see transport contracts instead. Let players deliver the cargo or ship.
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