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  1. Maybe make a list instead of a grid. So you have the icon on the left, the name next to it, and then maybe the stats. And like in windows, you can sort them by catagory or something. Could have both grid and list version options at the push of a button.
  2. On the topic of closing timers, can someone update me on what they currently are for: OW Fights, missions and PB's. Cheers. (sorry for offtopic).
  3. The Spud

    Practice Rooms

    I agree on all of this, but I if I'm not mistaken, then they said that they removed it cause it drew away PvP from the OW (people would organise big battles in there, was good fun tho). They created the concept of NA Legends for the people who wanted arcade style arena fights that were balanced. I hope they add a practice room, but I have little hope for it.
  4. The Spud

    Cannot progress on War server

    I think in the end all we'll be able to do is just help new players, do some missions together. thats probably the easiest. Just make some advertising in national chat.
  5. The Spud

    Cannot progress on War server

    Thats a perfect example of something a new player wouln't immediatly understand, and he will have lost allot of coins before he gets that. Altho, he will get the XP instead. But he won't have the option if he wished to use it.
  6. The Spud

    Cannot progress on War server

    Its easy to rank in PvE, but people won't bother ranking in PvE to do it all over again in PvP. It just needs to be clear from the beginning what new players are getting into, so they don't complain afterwards. It has a steep learning curve, and it'll probably take a long time untill the player will be more or less satisfied with his own performance. The nations and clans should be encouraged to take in new members. Maybe give clans a small fee if they recruit players who've never joined a clan before, or give a small reward when a player in their clan ranks up (even if its just like 10 rig, 10 hull and 25 rum) might be enough for that extra effort.
  7. The Spud

    Cannot progress on War server

    @admin It doesn't need the masses, and it'll never reach the masses. Its just that the game seems to be increasingly easier as you rank up. Its probably a good idea to state this in your game presentation somewhere, so people know its not for the faint hearted. The 7th and 6th rates are the hardest to rank up, nearly no OW targets, and traders are almost equaly gunned. It might be difficult for a new player to see that its "smooth sailing" when you reach propper 5th rate ships. As traders are easy peasy to cap, and the OW targets are less of a challenge as you rank up. I haven't played the tutorial in a long time, and don't know what other stuff is teached and told. I think it would be a good thing to take in consideration. I think none of us are saying this for our direct benefit, we just want more players and want them to stick around so we can all have more fun.
  8. I've been out of this game for a while, so don't know if its still possible, but some upgrades can be very powerfull when stacked, like repair upgrades.
  9. Joining a clan is the best solution, but it takes a very dedicated clan to have multiple players put in the effort of going out hunting or missioning with new players and teaching them the ropes. It would however be unwise for the devs to rely on the kindness of the players/clans to train/ take care of the new players. The tutorial, I've completed it when it just got added, so I don't know if they changed it, but the exams I found to be rather difficult for a new player even after you completed the tutorials. Also I've just reset my character with the tutorials complete (bar the last exam I think) and I started at 155 crew max. So thats still 6th rate ships.
  10. There are a couple struggles for new players: - Finding no manageable targets in OW (cause everyone will be after the 6th & 7th rate missions and OW AI). - Losing ships allot, you should use a Basic cutter as long as you can, but who doesn't want to buy a new ship asap right? - Running out of cash to keep buying guns and the expensive repairs and rum - With this game being very strategic and very skill based, being "humiliated" by other players is going to be a real frustration, imagine playing CS against absolute pro's you'll think you're realy realy realy bad at that game and just stop playing. So if you give em the XP boost, it won't realy do em much. This game should get increasingly more difficult as the rank rises but instead it gets increasingly more easy. With all the stuff above it won't be realy insentive for them to go out and PvP. Unless nations get very organised and realy care for their new players, but this i'll doubt. They had the baham's for "new players" as a safe zone, but again experienced players were there killing noobs and just buying the stores empty lol. I alwyas wondered if dev's shouldn't have a newb server where you can rank up easily to a certain rank and then just have your stuff swapped over to another server where you can continue amongst the big boys.
  11. In my opinion, just reset everything. If you're going to have an influx of new players, all being roflstomped by experienced players with superior ships its not going to take long for people to just rage quit this game and it'll just die a slow and painfull death. This game needs a massive amount of new players who stick to this game to keep this alive. Hopefully the release will also bring back all those who left this game, tho most of the ppl, left this game in frustration. If this is not an option, maybe give the new players a 30 day "protection" (which they can switch off but not back on) so they can't get attacked or something. Cause you can't count on players being kind to enemy new players. And just plain out saying new players should toughen up doesn't realy work. Realy think this trough, cause it's probably a one shot deal you got. it's make it or break it I think.
  12. I've come back to this game after a half year of as good as no game time. I've completely restarted my character. I started as lieutenant commander and 155 crew. Don't know if this is cause i still have the tutorial checked as done, or if you start at 155 crew by default. Any player who picks this game up today, will most likely ragequit en uninstall the same day. The tutorial, unless changed, is realy difficult to complete for a new player. If the player proceeds to do missions or fight AI. He will hardly find any missions available for his class, nor will he find any OW AI that is a match for him. If he loses the first few games, which is very likely, even if its in a free basic cutter, he'll most likely uninstall and never look back. If you're in a clan it will be much easier, but most of the new players will not get to that point. Get more low level missions, more low level AI ships, so at least they can practice a bit so they can get to the point of doing PvP and don't quit after just a couple of hours of gameplay.
  13. These SoL's being too widely available is an issue that has been discussed and many stuff has been tried in the past to limit their availability, (remember the Compass wood and fine woods). The truth is whatever you do the top nations/clans will always be able to field large numbers of SoL's. Whatever you will have them do to get one, they'll get them. In my opinion it has an adverse effect on gameplay. It will be an everlasting armsrace between nations to get 1st rates out and it'll wear players out, it'll be more grinding more time doing stuff they don't want doing. And it'll make long last players quit. Even for newer players the 1st rates must be somehow reasonably achievable. I think if they would be any more difficult to come by I wouldn't have bought this game in the first place. Limiting numbes per clan or nation, will cause frustration within a clan or within a nation, who gets the 1st rates? Not the smaller clans, not the average captain, they'll go to the top clans and even the top players within those clans. However I do understand that it takes part of the magic away if you only see SoL's. Why not limit the amount of SoL's that can be owned by one person, one 1st rate, one 2nd rate two 3rd rates? And you pay for the extra ships you have, so you can still cap them but it'll be costly to keep them. People will be carefull with their SoL's then, while they can keep producing them and maybe hand them out to other players who have free slots. Fiddle around with labour hours, so contracts are less easy to come by, or limit the amount of contracts that can be used to 4 a day? Otherwise you can stack LH contracts, and just stack all resources etc, and just keep pumping out a new one whenever you need one. Would be fair, and new players who are less clan oriented can still have one if they want, which I think is a big deal.
  14. The Spud

    Repairs and Survivability Discussion

    I'm also more in favour of limiting amount of repairs and not putting a timer on it, so as some proposed 3 repairs for rig and hull combined. If you can repair say 75% of your sails (3 x 25%) why wouldn't a ship repair 75% at once but only 25% wait some time, and then another 25% and then another, if repairing the 75% at once means he could survive/win the battle, same goes for hull.
  15. The Spud

    Community Representatives.

    I agree with what @vazco said, it should definitely be someone who makes this game better, they have the right mindset for this. @rediii is certainly a good candidate. It would also be best to have someone who more or less agrees with the direction this game is going, there is no point in having someone represent the community who wants to rewind half of the features. It might be a good idea to have someone give feedback from the PvE server too, its not a popular server but they're also a community and I think there is a market for the PvE part of this game for sure, so might be worth taking in accoun their opinions.