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  1. I am sure if it had been possible for Henry to kill he would of, clearly he attempted to engage or gain a favourable position to attack realised he was out matched and not against a noob and left battle....seems legit right... Can't remember I think I recall Henry being happy as he was sailing from navasse screening dissapointed and not getting a fight a bit bored when out the blue on the horizon...imagine his joy when he accidentally runs into a lone first rate...
  2. So I understand you are trying to make a point but honestly this is more sarcastic,rude and troll like then pit's post about speed victory in fact I would say pit's post is much more informative and yet he and others remain banned some with no warnings simply for asking clarification on wandering forests which has now been sorta clarified. Though some players don't like the new resource idea I am sure there intention much like admins here was to be critical and prove a point...
  3. It's ok I'm sure players with alts in foreign nations will find them quicker then most. Will people then RVR or just park there and if possible farm the wood and transport to other character...obviously clan control limits this to a degree..i guess
  4. @HachiRoku I occasionally at most have 1 boarding mod on but mostly none does that make me a good player...lol... seriously though I don't mind boarding mini game. But with new musket mods being op it's taking the option away in most fights....So just sink it with ball and roll around in doubloons...
  5. Capital being free & having 8 would be fine, But players always want more.... so i think current number is workable, But i must admit 1 extra that only allows trader could also work so a dedicated trading outpost added..could also work
  6. I live there...not on the warrior... Portsmouth
  7. We will have to agree to disagree there I received a assist for a pointless stern rake on a ocean that didn't influence anything in battle the fact three players was pounding his side made him sink I was nothing more then a spectator..... I may have given out some friendly fire during my 1 broadside ( I know what a great captain iam) lol
  8. It's very easy for thief to take a broadside or 2 so that those conditions are not met but still do nothing and steal rewards... And very easy to get assists 1 broadside will do it probably
  9. No probably not people who are adverse to risk will always be that way because a loss is a loss and people don't like to lose I hate it but I get over it and do it again and again despite expensive mistakes etc.. But does it harm the game to test it. Not really so let's roll with it and save are moaning for the next worthwhile mistake like 8 knot boarding 🤣
  10. Yeah the ship itself is pretty worthless in comparison to losing a good in built bonus like very fast on a 5th and the modules are normally worth 5x the price of materials for crafting the ship...But if it makes people more comfortable with loss and they sail/fight more it can't be a bad thing...
  11. Nooooooo... I enjoy having polite conversation in battles against my enemy . I also like it when they get salty as it gives me a excuse to pursue and kill this person more often. I don't think I've ever reported anyone it's called freedom of speech and I don't Give a crap what they say it's only words.. But yea if your that way inclined just report them..
  12. Yea @admin if you cant stack mods then it will create a new meta so strongest book carp combat reps in survival. Art of ship in speed slot etc etc meaning less variation in mods/ships. One meta always replaces another
  13. Who here wants less content!? Seriously it is ridiculous!  Its not that we want less content I have helped defend little Cayman twice and not received any victory marks just the fun of a win.. I'm kinda ok with it as I have Vm in stock not all players are as fortunate though... Also as said it takes some time to organise a invasion force also who wants to defend same port every couple of days eventually people get Fed up or find other things to do like real life.. Also fairly certain GB is only nation having same port flipped every few days..So might have somethin
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