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  1. So I understand you are trying to make a point but honestly this is more sarcastic,rude and troll like then pit's post about speed victory in fact I would say pit's post is much more informative and yet he and others remain banned some with no warnings simply for asking clarification on wandering forests which has now been sorta clarified. Though some players don't like the new resource idea I am sure there intention much like admins here was to be critical and prove a point...
  2. It happened to me I don't know how much of a setup it was but the lgv I tagged was only ever interested in chaining my sails and running to where his endy joined 5-10 mins later.. And tbh it was easy to setup and if I wanted to be a arse I could easily do myself with a clan member and just rinse and repeat all day. I hunt mostly solo and the 20 min join timer is just too long too extreme again... I could afk sail for 20 mins before engaging anything but probably won't find anything there. I know there is pz 1v1 thing but A: you got to get there in 1 piece.. B:I like the ow chase, no artificial ring of death. Etc. Solo PvP was hard now it verges on suicidal... Ganking just got easier....
  3. Because while a gb player has to sail a trader in enemy waters(high risk getting sunk) to discover rare woods, player who has a alt in nation can sail around safely discover rare woods then act on info using his main account
  4. All I'm saying is I'm playing other games more.....because too many players and clan members have been banned for criticism I won't go into too much detail.. Damage model, carronades=broken too extreme... Battles over to fast... 20min join timer already fallen trap to lgv near Freeport chains my sails then runs then after 5 min his pal joins in endy I was in trinc... BR is not right for all ships...... Indef is king of 5th rate loadout is crazy (42pnd carros) compared to any other 5th rate can probably take on 4th rates....if heavier build.. Not a fan of new rvr idea of wandering forests, magic bean forests, whatever newly discovered forests whatever it is will once again give advantage to players with alts, or just result in more time afk in traders I don't find that fun..
  5. It's ok I'm sure players with alts in foreign nations will find them quicker then most. Will people then RVR or just park there and if possible farm the wood and transport to other character...obviously clan control limits this to a degree..i guess
  6. I sail solo 90% of the time and it can be very frustrating and their are times when I have bad or very bad weeks or days the other week I lost 3 maybe 4 ships in 1 week and it made me very angry so I crafted some less expensive ships and went back to basics as I call it and Ive had a couple of ok weeks since then. I'm not saying it's easy to profit from solo pvp exclusively so I would recommend mixing your gameplay so you only solo pvp 2 days and other 2 days do some boring but essential pve for reals doubloons etc. I always try to evaluate my losses and say hey I sunk X amount of ships before I lost her so it's ok. Or at least i learnt dont do xyz again... To make a mistake is normal to repeat those mistakes makes you food...
  7. Been reported before but during a boarding all battle screen text I.e. sector fire & sails etc became unreadable in no recognisable language. I did f11 in game but forgot to screenshot. Also when exiting boarding I forgot to put crew back onto sailing etc for a moment because it wasn't very clear if active or not highlight should be brighter different colour...
  8. So last night i attacked a buc in my hercules we had some foreplay and i knew it was a pointless fault player was countering my moves i lost some rig (alot) was concerned of masts so turned upwind and disengaged. So to player i said sorry i had to try his reply i applaud such efforts GG.... Under admin new rules i could of got a gank squad sorry even br fight to join me or i get penalised for leaving or i dont tag at all and that leads to more meaningful pvp....that makes sense... Sometimes i think i should just leave the forums and only play the game in front of me....
  9. Its not just Ai i got pulled at 4 knots by player other day but its a latnency issue same as attack failed when player is near edge of pull circle or your pal says there going to tag but on your screen player not in tag circle.... I must say its all rather annoying and seems to have become more of a issue in recent times then in the good ole days...
  10. So basically from now on if I attack a surprise in my trinc within 50k of the surprises nations town I can expect to be GANKED at least 2v1 because that makes the br more even and this is fair and fun how ??
  11. Does anyone honestly believe that if the trincomalee ran into l'ocean due to bad weather or fog that the trinc would stay and fight to the death for the glory of admins desires or would the trinc run away and report sighting to others... so why??? Just why? Been playing this game for years 5k plus hours and tbh it's getting harder to justify staying....but hey I guess that's the plan...
  12. Circle of death in OW... well then as one of the few solo pvpers the game is wrecked and open battle for weaker side means less pvp because as solo I have to be even more cautious then now about who and when I tag... I dont want to be forced to be on ts etc I often need to go afk etc so group ganking does not appeal...for many reasons.
  13. TBH its not a bad idea Make them craftable not exclusive to wallet warriors. that way all the wallet warriors are paying for is the convenience of not costing time & resources & lets be honest they are Very good ships in there rating groups so make them expensive to craft so include a doubloon cost or a 5 star mission that drops a permit for them Make the permit to craft hard to obtain but obtainable to all... Either that or buff a existing ship or bring new ships available to all with similar characteristics... as the Trollquin & Trollules...
  14. Ive skipped afew pages but here is my thoughts.. I do own herc dlc. So i will take more risks and be alot more kamikaze in hercules for 1 reason only ... its EASY & COSTS NO RESOURCES.... To be honest i have killed herc in trinc and endy several times.. Requins i dont fight... Ive killed bellonas in trinc and hercules. Only difference entering those fights is if i lose herc i go to port click afew buttons JOB DONE....no logistics If i lose my trinco i go to port check stock maybe click afew buttons JOB HALF DONE.. Now i have to check how low is stock of item A,B,C. Great im low on item B thats half way across the map thats another 2 hours mostly afk sailing to harvest etc.....so 2 days, 1 tow and 2 contracts later i can sail enough of item B back to my crafting port 2 hours mostly AFK now JOB DONE... I dont like dlc in pb just because they have such a impact they become a neccesity just to counter your enemy bringing them so nobody dare not bring them... The hercules has several weaknesses if as a player you cannot exploit them chances are you got beat by a better player and he could of done it to you in majority of 5th rates.. Requin i just dont know enough about tbh...but ive never seen 1 lose a mast..but ive not encountered many..
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