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  1. Spitfire83

    Muskets need to go

    @HachiRoku I occasionally at most have 1 boarding mod on but mostly none does that make me a good player...lol... seriously though I don't mind boarding mini game. But with new musket mods being op it's taking the option away in most fights....So just sink it with ball and roll around in doubloons...
  2. Spitfire83

    More Outposts, More Dockspace

    Capital being free & having 8 would be fine, But players always want more.... so i think current number is workable, But i must admit 1 extra that only allows trader could also work so a dedicated trading outpost added..could also work
  3. OW PvP takes up so much time with no guarantees of a fair fight, or any fight at all let's take a scenario where a player goes out on Monday sails for 2 hours finds enemy gets sunk...Tuesday goes out again for 3 hours gets ganked because he took extra risks due to boredom.... Wednesday goes out kills 2 players and only gets doubloons for the kills no RNG drop..... @admin does that sound fun?? Rewarding?? Now he may have lost a copper plating or a navy hull on one of his ships... with no rng drop and so little in rewards for kills in doubloons and reals can this player afford to learn the game and that attrition rate or should he lose 2 ships and stop pvp for 2 or 3 days while grinding ai because he heard from bob that ai traders give better drops....
  4. Spitfire83

    Pictures from a visit to Portsmouth, England

    I live there...not on the warrior... Portsmouth
  5. Well a teak white trincomalee for example. Requires 509 teak log... last time I checked little Cayman contract for teak was 36 reals per log. So that is 18,324 reals for the frames alone... copper plating is 70,000 reals or a navy hull refit is 400 doubloons... So yea there might be a grind element involved TBH..... And TBH who wants to sail a captured cagurian crew space 5th rate... I'm sure there will be plenty of people saying use blah blah blah wood etc. But I don't really care what they say I like teak... though I may have to 're think my builds as a result...of being a poor captain...
  6. Well my money (reals) sink will be buying teak by the looks of it.. 509 teak log for frames for a trincomalee I'm pretty certain that has doubled am sure was 250 teak log before patch so along with having to to back and forth for teak contracts.. it's a bit ouch....guess I will have to die less or look for easy wins....
  7. Spitfire83

    Pvp Rewards

    I don't like the rng factor in pvp battle rewards.. 3 pvp fights... 1 aga drops 618 doubloons in hold. 1 aga drops 0 doubloons in hold. 1 Indiaman 220 doubloons in hold. Not really great reward distribution for the risks...and reward in reals is pretty low to in my opinion but hard to tell until markets stabilize.
  8. We will have to agree to disagree there I received a assist for a pointless stern rake on a ocean that didn't influence anything in battle the fact three players was pounding his side made him sink I was nothing more then a spectator..... I may have given out some friendly fire during my 1 broadside ( I know what a great captain iam) lol
  9. It's very easy for thief to take a broadside or 2 so that those conditions are not met but still do nothing and steal rewards... And very easy to get assists 1 broadside will do it probably
  10. So no idea if these have been mentioned....but here goes. A.... When you go tow ship to port pop up says tow ship to x port.. price 1200....is that reals, doubloons, ships, etc B....no explanation of what workshop or admiralty is used for... C....Why must I hover mouse over icon to see shortcut key considering in open world is in top left corner of icon... D....not enjoying teleport fees there's enough ways to spend doubloons... E....some of the re names of upgrades are in my opinion terrible..example rum rations changed to drinking, really? Boarding ladders changed to climbing, really?? F.... having to loot reals from hull is a pain and also in large port battles for example it may be the enemy that loot there dead comrades as isn't possible or easy for the killing team to loot and get the rewards they deserve... G....assists give higher reals rewards then kills H....server selection pictures ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚โ˜นโ˜น๐Ÿ˜ˆ There is more but that's enough for now.. Also we killed 2 Agamemnon players in seperate battles today now 1 dropped 600 something doubloons the other just upgrade and repairs no doubloons. But we did receive the 6 or 7 doubloons in the end battle results along with our xp and reals so is this intended more rng??? If intended in my opinion rng in pvp battle rewards is a bad idea....
  11. No probably not people who are adverse to risk will always be that way because a loss is a loss and people don't like to lose I hate it but I get over it and do it again and again despite expensive mistakes etc.. But does it harm the game to test it. Not really so let's roll with it and save are moaning for the next worthwhile mistake like 8 knot boarding ๐Ÿคฃ
  12. Yeah the ship itself is pretty worthless in comparison to losing a good in built bonus like very fast on a 5th and the modules are normally worth 5x the price of materials for crafting the ship...But if it makes people more comfortable with loss and they sail/fight more it can't be a bad thing...
  13. Spitfire83

    Naval Action Meme collection

  14. Spitfire83

    Bring boarding to a new level

    Finding muskets with several rounds loaded and never fired in battle is apparently very common I saw in a documentary where they had found many cases of finding muskets with 1-10 rounds stuffed down the barrel but never fired.( I think they was trying to prove most people didnt/don't want to kill other humans even in a battle where it really matters) I think they even went into accounts from soldiers in modern war who said they shot at figures etc but most of the time soldiers shoot to keep enemy head down etc but very few shoot with intention of actually killing..snipers being the biggest exception to the rule obviously....
  15. Can I be the green one to match my smoking habits... Thanks dude..