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  1. It's all good dude we have all payed money for the game we love .we have 131 members in are clan and we all feel the same we love the game but it should have more stuff in it . this game has the potential to be a really great game and I don't call it bitching I would call it squeaky wheeling
  2. Come on sir texas That would require more content being put in the game and that's not going to happen .focuse man!!!
  3. I see Know 1 is talking about adding new content .same PVPers talking about same use less stuff . and we change it again reduce wind shifts . man I shire like sailing all these new ships and attacking all these new targets and going to al these new ports O different game lol
  4. Yeah in stead of new use less nations and now unrealistic realistic ship behaviors .And I am not sorry to say this you PVPers are what's dragging the game down instead of pushing for more usable content added the the game you keep asking for and praising the DEvs for use less changes .so no knew content ever get into the game ever .and I am also beginning two think they don't have a server that can handle more content.
  5. I know a bunch of PVEer have been trying PVP but you don't have them numbers. Sorry you can keep talking the game is going no where as always.they will give us a new ship and a some other use less nerfed stuff you yall will act like they just invented the wheel
  6. Same here where's the new content very badly needed and lacks. Sorry your A temp on realistic ness is ridiculous NPC STOPING ON A DIME and reversing up to speed .this stuff is usless and not realistic .at this point your losing more pepole then the game is gaining .I have gone through the game twice now its boring as hell .
  7. if your going to screw the game up this much then you shouldn't NERF THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR IN BATTLE REPAIRS AND COOL DOWN TIMER .it is the most stupidest thing you guys have done so wy even have them on the game now then
  8. Well I play on PVE server and the NPC ship are 90 of the time to perfect they seem not effect by these changes. they stop dead and instantly back up at speed also they stop and start sinking your sail down and depowered well keeping pace just keeps going or raise sails and back away as they sink now .can you make this game any more stupid and still not add any new content .in PVE there are no small first rate fleets in open word for a single player to attack or ever second rate fleets . you waste everyones time with these realistic changes that no one cares about in a game that is so unrealistic of the time with out any content to boot . I believe you DEVS ARE LOST AT SEA. with this game
  9. Ok were is the ship ? Its not about being a complainer we need more ship and things to do with them more thing to attck and escort I play on the PVE server and on the PVP server and every body is bord with the same old thing .why can't we attack ports bombard the towns for points and and sending AI fleet comes out and defends .I can go on and on with thing to do in this game but nothing gets added that is what we won't to see being added to the game constantly . growing the game.
  10. Sorry lots of changes back and forth same old shi T sorry really old now .where's new content added to the game more ships new ones even the old one that were removed .you asked for new ideas what we won't to see .I see nothing .WAIT. I did see a AT Essex keep up with me going in reverse ..now that's a major up date
  11. I am a PVE server player and I have switched back to the US again it been almost a year . and I find that us ports don't have much I going for them not like down southern latitudes and I have not seen 1 LGV. No where to cap rade or sink and no larger 6th rate size ship fleets and what do I mean by that I mean like mercury .brig , pickle. Or navy brig .mercury . or even Cerberus, pickle . I have completely started the game over and have a blast in my niagara. But there's no comparable ships or fleet in open world US water
  12. Also liked exceptional upgrades you could buy or craft
  13. I'm a fan of the old system multiple durabilitys and exceptional ship crafting and being able buy them
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