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  1. I'm a fan of the old system multiple durabilitys and exceptional ship crafting and being able buy them
  2. I Tryed to exchange PVE marks for PVP marks to get the ship and pic wood .and could not find tap convert PVE for PVP marks
  3. If i remember we in PVE used to be able swap PVE mark for PVP mark but now we can not . wy
  4. Still need mods for U.S. PVE .if so I am available .I certainly in usa clan
  5. That's why I hope the dev don't listen to stupidity of we need to pay for towing are ships with CM .for clan they pool there mark but us single player witch we are many get screwed .like I said free is grate
  6. Also look at the loot from sinking war ships and traders . Rigg repairs ,15 hull repairs and bottles drops have been cut to.nothing and nothing good in them 1 Malabar teak 1 labor contract 40 iron ingots .really !!!! . wares the$$! Bonues XPs .treaty to saltpeater. Oldfagofficet . and so on stuff gets you excited!!!!!! Shipwreck locations with big tick perks that could be bottle looted .ship loot like sinking trader or war ship and get a map to old shipwreck that would have big loot finds. And you can find stuff floating in the ocean like other games .
  7. Well if they add more NEW!!!!! Content ..like ships and things to attack and thing to find in the open sea large trade convoys to attack and that will bring new people and advertise this game I found it by looking for something else
  8. You know they finaly give us something for free and every one won't to run out and complain we should pay for it . I say if you feel that giulty then you can destroy the apropret amount of CM or gold you think to clear your conches and leave the rest of us to enjoy free.
  9. I know I know .but what if they issue magical moving papers like the change of nation paper and you wouldn't lose you ass scraping level 3 ship yard
  10. So will you issue moving papers to move are ship yards and work shops if we have to or if we would like change nations
  11. Admiralty Here's what you do . you bring the new nation in were ever there going after the this happens lets say my level 3 ship yard and factory are on that port , nothing happens to them but I can't access them then you issue moving papers sail to you new port and open or you won't to join a new nation the the same press move sail to new port and open .
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