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  1. Not sure, but I thought I learned that long, long ago but I can't point to documentation. (Of course, there is very little documentation to point to. LOL) Difficult to test as one doesn't know how many crew one would lose if they were not on repair. Perhaps some others can share their opinions.
  2. Note to go along with @rediii’s advice: while doing a repair, your crew will take more damage than if they are not executing a repair.
  3. Emphasis added. My heart skipped a little beat of joy reading this. I don’t even like to trade but think that making trade (and crafting) interesting, even necessary for continued clan/nation success is key for long term expanded growth of our game’s population. It would provide a roll for new players or those who don’t wish to fight constantly (or every time they log on), would stimulate OW traffic, and require a “Zerg” to consider their economic health or development as well as their military. All this equals a richer — a better — game.
  4. I haven’t found this to be true. The bursts allow faster open water travel over long distance providing you pay attention to the map and tack over to each burst point as necessary as you go ultimately to your destination. It’s not needed to go from Nassau to Frozen Cay. It’s sort of a (quite imperfect) recreation of how during the age of sail, ships might have to sail north then southwest, then northwest just to reach a point due west of their original location.
  5. One could look at it that way. One could also look at it as a crutch to help the most powerful fleets be even more invincible. Rather than a 3rd party being able to help the weaker side defender with defensive screening, those attacking ships can just hop into the battle and continue to roll.
  6. I agree. Granted I play in North American time zone when population is low, but even tho I mainly sail and patrol alone, I’ve neither been burned by the speed boost much nor has it proved to be a big weapon I’ve used to attack others. Its big plus is one is able to fight further afield so I can go to areas that otherwise would take too long to get to. That being said, I do hope @admin and his staff will continue to refine the speed boost feature. I’d much rather see it be speed boost zones where one gets the max boost at the center of that zone with the boost decreasing as you sail away from the center.
  7. I apologize. I see now that you have several role playing posts. You must play it well because I thought you were having a little Danish breakdown. Sorry I jumped the gun on you.
  8. Are you sure? I know you can now put them on contract but I think I was unable to trade one from one player to another.
  9. You’re just confused. @Mad_Sailor01 simply accidentally posted suggestions about a dreadnaught game in the Naval Action section of the forum. I asked the moderators to move it so that his suggestions would be seen by the intended audience. You’ve linked to my suggestions about Naval Action forum about the game Naval Action. Not the same thing.
  10. A check box done in port to allow for PVP would be an excellent addition to the PVE server. It has no place on a PVP server.
  11. I’m not sure why it’s not been done since we are now released but a simple FAQ would save many new captains from making mistakes that cost them hours and hours in game in vain. I assume we get a number of rage quits and negative reviews from Captains who work hard to buy some bigger ship and then discover they can’t crew it or lose it right away. Or they pay big money for a recipe they are not equipped to use, or they sail across the map to deliver passengers in their Snow only to discover they can’t enter enemy port, or they spend their last dime buying a ship and can’t afford all the canons, etc etc etc. I swear there ought to be a warning at login to not do anything new before asking in Help Chat. The game is not intuitive.
  12. The last part of your statement is key. Don’t AFK, use the gusts yourself in your trader. Sometimes you’ll get caught. More often you’ll end up still being faster on your best point if sail than your attacker who might have a slightly higher wind boost.
  13. I’ve only Loki-ed into one battle so far. My ship had charged loaded on one side. I didn’t change it but he ran out of charged shot after one more broadside.
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