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  1. So you’d like to add a Geolocator function to your satellite telephone? Perhaps our best minds can get on that as soon as they learn to harness electricity.
  2. I can probably get used to the new look, but it won't stay logged in and when I log back in, I get an error. (But the login was successful.)
  3. I don’t want hunting traders to be easy. I want a game where hunting (and protecting) traders matters.
  4. Many captains have long asked for prize crews or some other option which would make capture of enemy ships and cargo more profitable than just sinking them for the doubloons, xp, and mission fulfillment.
  5. 960 hours of virtual labor and 1 hour of virtual grind?
  6. Aw, relax. Everything will be okay once we have wind shadow in game.
  7. I’m not sure what you’re looking for. I am a long way from learning or using much math, but... The adjustments to labor are applied separately. First, the port’s reduction: 2000 x .6 = 1200 Then, your farm’s level reduction: 1200 x .8 = 960 I assume somewhere in there is a rounding up to 961. I really hope I don’t now have to copy and paste this on my Facebook page and tag my friends.
  8. I understand the frustration, but we know from what happens to population every time we await a big announced change: population drops as people don't know where invest their time and effort. The game gets frozen by inaction. How soon before such a wipe do you think players will start not bothering to do stuff? A wipe is just not the answer. The answer is negative pressures on nation growth. It should more and more difficult to own an empire the bigger it becomes.
  9. I got a tad bored with the first book but need to give it another go. Sometimes one is just of a certain mindset that a book is wasted at the time. I have really enjoyed the Bolithio series.
  10. I believe it’s still in game that your chances increase if you craft in a capturable port.
  11. Rather than a new player receiving one Hercules note upon completion of the final exam, they receive a Hercules DLC which can be redeemed every 24 hours as a regular DLC but only for a period of one week. Too often new players get the ship and are still not experienced enough to not lose it. Let them use it enough, really learn to sail it, and maybe even buy the DLC after their week is up. Obviously this should not be retroactive for captains who have already passed the exams.
  12. A Le Req with an Indiaman... when you want to be slow and stay slow.
  13. With a Lynx or TLynx, I think the only upgrade you really need to keep from getting caught and staying caught is an alarm clock. I think the only time I’ve been caught on a run was while AFK.
  14. Sounds like a great idea and an opportunity for in-game fun for both the teachers and the pupils. It’s a fine example of captains creating content in a game that is far more fun when captains add their creativity to the mix. And it may result in some better sailors as well! I wish the Academy much success.
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