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  1. I agree. The prices are insane. I play at least 10-15 hours per week, sometimes a lot more and will never be able to afford them. But on the other hand, you just described a lot of targets too.
  2. Brigs and Rattlesnakes (both regular and Navy) are very fun to sail but tough against some of the heavier shallow ships. 6th rate events would be a blast.
  3. The kind where they want to sell DLCs for money in their pocket rather than the Admiralty earning combat medals.
  4. Perhaps if a port is captured by neutrals, it should then able to be recaptured by any nation, not just those within the regular close distance of being able to create a port battle. Surely that will spur more desirable PVP activity rather than just PVE grind activity for one or two nations. It might help shake up the map a bit.
  5. It seems like there are numerous ways and obviously you could adjust the numbers if you saw it was going to cause too much disruption but... How about if clan officers average less than 3 hours per week in game for 3 out of 4 weeks? So, if it happens for 3 weeks, they’d receive an in game email telling them to get sailing or risk their port turning neutral.
  6. I believe it’s still in game that your chances increase if you craft in a capturable port.
  7. Rather than a new player receiving one Hercules note upon completion of the final exam, they receive a Hercules DLC which can be redeemed every 24 hours as a regular DLC but only for a period of one week. Too often new players get the ship and are still not experienced enough to not lose it. Let them use it enough, really learn to sail it, and maybe even buy the DLC after their week is up. Obviously this should not be retroactive for captains who have already passed the exams.
  8. Tax the rich! (more)
  9. A Le Req with an Indiaman... when you want to be slow and stay slow.
  10. With a Lynx or TLynx, I think the only upgrade you really need to keep from getting caught and staying caught is an alarm clock. I think the only time I’ve been caught on a run was while AFK.
  11. Why? There has been no announcement that port battles were going to be restricted to only builds that you don’t own. Maybe your enemies also jumped the gun in their rush to build meta so they will be sailing the same ships. I suspect you are not new to the game, but when Devs say numbers are not final and they create a thread for feedback and testing reports, things are going to change. They also always repeat “Expect the worst.” I apologize for singling you out for my reply but all these demands for compensation are ridiculous, especially following a week of one of the biggest wealth and power bonanzas in game by captains just safely planting 3 test flags in exchange for a wood chest, admirals chest and doubloons! Fair sails. I suspect captains who were able to invest so quickly and heavily into what they thought would be meta will do just fine.
  12. Sounds like a great idea and an opportunity for in-game fun for both the teachers and the pupils. It’s a fine example of captains creating content in a game that is far more fun when captains add their creativity to the mix. And it may result in some better sailors as well! I wish the Academy much success.
  13. All new woods — and all trade goods — should be carried by AI traders. The ports receiving the new woods should change around. The info on which ports might be receiving that day would be in the trade tool. This would create PVE hotspots which creates PVP hotspots as we’ve seen happens during special ship events. Then those special woods would have to make it to your ship building port. More game opportunities!
  14. Not speaking to anyone in particular... Is there a reason that your ships are obsolete but your enemy magically is not in the same situation? Obsolete vs Obsolete might make for some pretty good battles. In fact, if you try, you might even forget your ship is obsolete.
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