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  1. Farrago

    Docking Fees

    Sure. That would be okay. But the reason I went this route is I don't want to restrict captains from owning as many 1st rates as they want nor harm crafters and those who hold ships for others. I also don't want you to have to constantly grind to keep a 1st rate nor have that expensive investment degrade. And as for @EliteDelta concern, if you can't afford a docking fee, it's not a good time to sail the first rate.
  2. Farrago

    Docking Fees

    I disagree. My suggestion allows those who want to capture or build ships of the line to continue to do so, but if they use them, they will need to pay some amount when they bring them home. No stick. No punishment. Just a "simulation" of the cost of operating line ships so, just as during the Age of Sail, not every job was done by a ship of the line because of the cost to build and maintain. Anyway, I'm sorry you didn't read my entire post because almost all of your questions were answered. It would have saved us both some time.. Answers: 1. Only when you dock, not when you undock. No fee if you end up losing your ship and can't return to a port. 2. Docking fees would go down as the BR goes down. Expensive for 1st rates ------> Free for 7th rates. 3. Sell the ship to the admiralty. One would not have the docking fee for selling the ship to the NPC. 4. I would prefer a simple question and a choice of two actions: Do you wish to turn this ship over to the admiralty and be rewarded150k reals or would you prefer to keep this ship and pay the docking fee of 150k reals? 5. No, not yet. Perhaps it won't end up being a problem and such a "solution" as mine won't be necessary. But what do you think is going to happen as more and more people obtain free to get and free to own 1st and 2nd rates?
  3. Farrago

    Docking Fees

    TLDR version: Charge docking fees when ship enters port. Fees should be very expensive for first rates decreasing as BR decreases until 6th rates fees are very low and 7th rates docking fees are zero. All fees are waived if the ship is sold to the admiralty. --------------------- All rates being capturable is potentially a good thing as it may allow more captains to participate in more game activities (albeit at a disadvantage to port bonus ships). However this may cause line ship spam as folks use these "free" ships in a role for which they were not designed and wasn't realistic due to the high cost of operating these behemoths. If it costs significantly to use these ships, perhaps they will be misused less. The docking fees would be charged on docking, not on undocking so if you go out and get sunk, you avoid another fee.
  4. @Felix Victor sorry if this is implemented and I just had not noticed, but is there a way to pull which ports can be attacked from a port? A description of the Frontline mechanic?
  5. Remove the magic captain's chest for upgrades. Cooper plating, Cartagena, or even Basic Hull refits would either need to be installed on a ship in the port where they're made/bought or sailed as cargo somewhere else putting them vulnerable on the open water. This would put pressure on the alt advantage and create content.
  6. You've just been unlucky. I can go weeks we thought a bottle and then find 3 in one week.
  7. Love to see the post battle screenshot.
  8. May I suggest to you and your clan that you store an appropriate quantity of the clan's iron and coal as well as a working inventory of cannons in your own warehouse. The original suggestion is a nice one but I really doubt it will get any develolmwnt time.
  9. Not only do I like what you're talking about with the concept of Captain skill development vs ship modification but I am thrilled to see you use a term like long-term vision. It means a lot to those hundreds of us who have stuck it out over the years because we saw its potential to see confirmation that there is still long term vision on your staff. Thank you and fair sails.
  10. IS it against the rules or has Dev just given permission to shoot on the perpetrator with warning if it happens? I don't actually know because I can't say I've ever seen it on the PvP server?
  11. I've not heard that this is a big problem on the PVP server but it seems like PVE should work the same. If you want to loot it, be close and ready whenever it goes down. Now if you are just one guy busy killing an AI fleet, well, you're getting other rewards such as completing missions, XP, and gold. You're asking Devs to protect a particular, unrealistic (or unhistorical) gameplay choice.
  12. Although I have been in this game for years, I have zero experience with other MMO, sandboxes, or whatever you would call this game. This game is literally the first game I've played in 25 years. So, will someone please answer this... Does a game of this sort have to have mods that players strive for in order to achieve success? I really don't know the answer but at least for me, the most fair, the biggest draw to new and old players, would be if, while we might choose different configurations to achieve certain playstyles or mission purposes, everyone was working with similar equipment and technologies and the thing that mattered was skill, tactics, and overall strategy.
  13. This doesn't seem to be the solution that the community had suggested you try although we hardly speak with one voice. Good luck to us all however.
  14. My theory for the Loki Rune is that it will allow at least a trade ship to disguise as another nation. Purpose: once someone has stolen one of those new raid chests, they'll either need a key or be able to get the chest into the raid originating harbor.
  15. Although I doubt the original suggestion would ever be considered and sounds more like a bit of light trolling, I'll register my No vote as well. If I could see from port the ocean right outside the harbor, I'd take a look, spot a Dutch Snow, and order another round from the bar wench. It just doesn't work with our OW/Battle/Port all being separated instances. Maybe in NA 2.0. Lol
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