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  1. For those who remember: there was a clan or two, quite strong in RVR, on the global server which were made up of Chinese players. They were extremely dangerous and perhaps they will come back and light up the night. @chailang Still, without alliances and with the frontline mechanic in place, there’s a limitation on what any new blood can do for some of these pressured nations.
  2. You’re making a suggestion about a different game (Ultimate Admiral?) in the section about the game Naval Action. You should ask in the appropriate forum so the appropriate developers see it.
  3. It’s the same. Both sides need to be eligible.
  4. While it would be nice to have a definitive ruling about the original post rather than @admin choosing a different example it seems to be official opinion (and hopefully Admin will correct or clarify): A defensive tag to save yourself or others might be okay but you can’t just hold the enemy in battle indefinitely without giving battle. Am I interpreting correctly?
  5. Farrago

    fleet x4

    Just guessing here but... a) You don’t have all your perk slots open yet. That is total player XP based so keep playing and you will eventually have all of them open. OR b) You are only selecting fleet 3 or 4 whatever-it’s called and not the other fleet perks. You have to have all the other fleet perks chosen. To use fleet 2, you have to also be using fleet 1. To use fleet 3 you have to also be using fleets 1 and 2.
  6. Sorry, I know it’s frustrating to show up to an empty pb but this just seems like a bad idea. 1) Feigning an attack in one direction while attacking another is a valid (and useful) tactic in war. 2) Under your idea screeners don’t even need to sink the attackers, just delay them from reaching the pb. Of course this will “win” the pb which it does already but they can just kite and the end result is the screened attackers are “sunk” by being forfeit.
  7. Please take the childish who-is-the-biggest-timer-exploiter, who-causes-more-empty-portbattles, who-did-it-first, and who-does-it-most banter back to National News, preferably in its own little thread (or better yet to private messages). Believe me, from an objective third party view you all seem like children. A little role play is good but now EVERY SINGLE THREAD the same idiocy. Neither side in this sounds mature, realistic, or rational. If you think I might be talking about you, I probably am. My apologies to everyone else.
  8. I’m wondering if the solution lies somewhere in keeping cool downs as they used to be but adding something like a 2-3 day process of removing clans from friends list. Of course, the rule about impeding port battles or green on green would stay in place. Also perhaps adding to the hostility process to include like when we had to transport war supplies to a port to set the pb. Setting a port battle shouldn’t be a grind, but it should be a meaningful gameplay activity.
  9. And I thought my family reunions were unpleasant.
  10. I would have bet on the Connie and Endy defeating a Wasa. AI fleet ships are rarely worth considering. Still, it should have taken more than 5 minutes.
  11. I’m with you. As a nonRVR player, I sometimes wonder if there are only about 30-40 total RVR players in the game and they just use different names/alts in various nations and clans to fight each other over and over again without even knowing it. (Note this wouldn’t bother me one bit if it was true.)
  12. No. Please settle for having max magical powers.
  13. A long time ago we used to be able to teleport a certain max weight of cargo to another port. It was like your suggestion in that it did take hours for the cargo to arrive during which you could not send another load. It was removed, probably because mechanisms that magically remove ships and cargo from open water have been minimized. I doubt such things will come back. Trade and transport are already so easy relative to the risk that inflation/prices is climbing faster than many of us can do the cargo runs.
  14. It’s not totally clear from your post where you’re running in to trouble but I can guarantee that if you keep practicing and try a few of the suggestions that have been mentioned in this thread, you will soon not have trouble vs a Cerberus in your Essex. It’s not an instantaneous, master in a couple of weeks, kind of game. Good luck.
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