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  1. I can’t say I agree with the action: I would prefer a subscription model, no DLC, and everything available to all players through in game effort. But it’s been obvious they are headed towards making DLC purchases the only way to play the game without losing your mind (and every waking hour).
  2. I always check the bathroom first if looking for a magazine. I wish I knew where it was on the ships as well.
  3. And no fish with certain distance from a port. Require those AFK port fishermen to move away from port some.
  4. I like the suggestion but see a few problems if this is applied to player ships. A ship that is still afloat is still alive. If not tagged within 1:45 it can simply escape. A ship that is still alive can repair and become a problem for you again. I don’t foresee an auto-surender function ever getting the threshold right in a way that pleases the player pop. So, you’re faced with changing a pretty big mechanic (when one can leave battle) in order to implement. I agree there should be a mechanic to encourage a captain to surrender and save his crew’s lives. Have AI auto-surrender and provide the player captain who surrenders an XP bonus perhaps? Something like a multiple of the damage he dealt.
  5. This has always been a mystery to me as well. If it doesn’t get answered here, you might want to request it get moved to the Game Play Q&A section.
  6. Right. I pictured an inexpensive DLC that only obtained a few repairs. Something to get you back on the water. Someone posted that they had seen repairs at most ports they visit. That hasn’t been my experience. Let me state: I would much prefer there be a vibrant economy where selling repairs was a good option. Hell I’d prefer no DLC, no dropping mods, and no port bonuses. Everything player made. But it appears that’s not what the Devs want. Anyway, the best option, better than my suggestion of a few DLC repairs, is “unfix” the “bug” so that repair manufacture gives some level of craft XP.
  7. Before you immediately say “No! Are you crazy!” just consider it for a second. DLC for significantly less than $10 which can be redeemed once per day and gives you 20 Hull, 20 Rig, and 150 Rum. Just enough to get you back out on the water for a battle.
  8. Winning. When I can earn more doubloons and reals in a trader lynx than in a warship, somethings wrong.
  9. Hire players to escort. Get friends to do it for free. Have the rank and slots to keep your own AI escort fleet. Get rich slower until you can do this The OPs suggestion is a solution without a problem.
  10. Which would be a good thing. The price will lower for those of us who get few and it will open up more content for more people.
  11. You’ll find plenty of buyers for your useless VM (at the right price) but also consider that you may need to rebuild the port or improve another one in the future.
  12. DLC are redeemable on both servers and you can have a captain on each. XP, mods, rank, etc are specific to each server.
  13. I sometimes sail a DLC ship and hunt traders. More often than not, the traders I find are in capped traders carrying cargo missions. Neither of us are risking much economically. I can’t speak for all who sail a DLC ship but as for me, losing a DLC “hurts” as I’m playing the game to be victorious at sea, not to collect pixels. It may not hurt as much economically, but a loss is a loss. I think there’s a misconception by some who rarely sail a DLC that those who do have a nonchalant, who gives a kitty, about the vessel. I’m also even more often in a trader being hunted.
  14. Honestly if they are going to have PVP bonus areas I think the awards should be insane. Definitely lower reward level requirements for shallows. Also increase the bonus rate for damage dealt to players.
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