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  1. Hi, A quick comment since my F11 error reporting in game seems not to send a ticket. With the exception of Horatio Nelson. the other two "base" admirals to choose from at start have their names reversed. It should be "John Jervis" not "Jervis John" and "George Brydges Rodney" instead of "Rodney Brydges".
  2. Perhaps. Could someone with specific knowledge from the staff weigh in on this please? Should I create a new thread specifically for it?
  3. Thanks for the information, but I don't think that's it. I have the game on my desktop and laptop - since the laptop travels, they have different firewall setups. I can launch and play the game without issue - but I've never had anything say "Admiral Edition", other than the receipt when I paid. I figured it would be done by email or something like that closer to release.
  4. Good day, I have a similar problem. I purchased the Admiral Edition, but there is no window saying "Admiral Edition" in the bottom corner of the main menu.
  5. Thank you, but you didn't understand what I meant or perhaps I was not clear. I purchased the Admiral's Edition quite some time ago - two months or more? I never saw such an option and I do not believe my copy even says Admiral Edition in the corner like that.
  6. Where is the option to even do this? I purchased the Admiral edition and don't recall this opportunity to enter my name.
  7. Maybe I represent a minority in this, but I really enjoyed the "Fleet Combat" missions that used to exist where you could take one of these missions and fight an AI NPC fleet with a number of friendly NPCs with you (I believe the player's side was always outnumbered, but for any decent player this was not a problem). I don't recall exactly when this was removed as I took a hiatus from the game for a while, but I suspect it was related to the looting mechanics of ships and I recognize there could be a belief that it would give a player a potentially unfair way to loot a bunch of ships at once. I thought those missions were incredibly fun, from cutters all the way to line ships. I would like to see these types of missions return. and if looting of the sinking ships is a problem would there be a way to remove loot from NPC ships in these battles? Unlike an OW NPC fleet, I would imagine these would be much more randomly generated. For solo players or small clans, it can be very difficult to have a battle with more than one or two ships and very hard to find an appropriate NPC fleet to attack in the OW, so it would be bringing back a feature to the playerbase that is now missing. For me personally, I rarely have the time to try to find people who would go OW hunting all over the map to find an appropriate NPC fleet. Please consider this when adding new mission content.
  8. Perhaps this has already been mentioned, but I would suggest the ability to manipulate the hull somewhat. For example, lengthening the hull was proven to have a positive impact on speed, and would functionally increase both the total tonnage of the ship as well as the available tonnage (some kind of sliding scale). This would allow players greater customization as they create their ships and open the door to more interesting trade offs between speed, armor, tonnage, etc.
  9. This has all the markings of once again the elite hardcore players with 5000 hours in the game complaining about something that affects a tiny fraction of the player base. I only hope that the developers don't once more fall for this and change something else to make it still harder for the solo players and small clans.
  10. I agree with all this as well. Plus, there were historic examples where for whatever reason, the "optimum design" wasn't practical, so there should be allowances for that too.
  11. That's great to hear, thanks.
  12. Hi, Just wanted to see if this is the case for everyone or what. Every day I have to update the game, and it downloads and applies a patch. Are there actually that many updates, or is somehow something not being properly applied and saved to my PC?
  13. @Earl of Grey This is a very nitpicky argument, and if you start saying that we should have exactly precise crew amounts, then there are a lot of other changes that need to be made as well. First, every warship sized light frigate and above must have dedicated marines aboard it. Second, you'd need the ability to actually send ships you take in battle directly back to port again to simulate where most of your missing crew has gone. Third, you might as well fight each battle in complete real time so be prepared to set aside a couple days whenever you want to have a fight in Naval Action. This game has already made too many ridiculous "compromises" between hardcore and recognizing that it's a game people want to play in their spare time. The game is not called "19th Century Naval Officer Career Simulator" (though it might as well be). If people continue to get the sorts of things that you want, it's only going to make it even harder to ever have more than 500-700 people playing it GLOBALLY. That's absolutely foolish. I started playing the game at the very beginning of 2016, literally the day it was released on Steam. I loved it. I have over 1100 hours in it - less than some, I know, but more than most. In the name of "realism" it has made it almost impossible to play without having 4+ hours at a sitting. Most people don't have that kind of time. It's been made even worse by the increases in "realism", despite at the same time catering to a very small crowd who want practically fictional nations, insane changes in the rating system of ships, and "mOrE hArDcOrE" playing. Of all the things that need to be changed to help this game, crew size is about the last thing.
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