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  1. Let me try to explain... First I understand you're only interested in the end game, the finished product, that's fine but some of us are interested in being part of the development, we'll play the end game too but to be part of the journey is as much fun as the game itself. And we have quite a large sphere of influence too, like Custom Battles, it wasn't originally part of the game, I think it came in about alpha 3 (not sure exactly when), see disc post for many other items... And what we don't know if any of these items were already planned but what we do know is their suggest
  2. but the update offering. It seems no one can appreciate the situation. Core patch 1 is a massive release, it's going to be the making of the game. I don’t know why people can’t see the ramifications of such a release and why the team is not going to rush it and proof as much as possible, delay accordingly.
  3. That's not it, I think it's a privilege to be part of a development project, that's all.
  4. There are some bugs that have been reported recently that are fixes in this update (thought they could have been listed already), but nonetheless active alpha players are seeing some real progress. Things are looking really good.
  5. You do realize that you’re even going to have to wait for this update! 🙂 But I don’t think the team is going to rush anything anymore either, the campaign will come out when it’s ready….... just like a baby. The last update was a full complement of British hulls, this update has not just got German additions but nearly every other nation got something too, this is an excellent update, for everybody, CCs are going to have a field-day with this content, aren't you?
  6. This is interesting, while is not 'localization' nonetheless I think it’s a good hint to where the campaign might be, it's so close now, testers are probably doing campaign playthroughs already.
  7. no firing, it's only giving away the location after visibility lost. oh, that's shell you see is from an enemy stealth ship, that's another issue!
  8. Units still target after target visibility is lost. See targeting lines, the target has disappeared, gone out off visibility but units targeting lines are still following and you can see exactly where it is… This happens when the target is lost and there are no other visible targets. What should happen is when all visibility is lost, the targeting line should be disable. Aesthetic note: if ships lose all targets its weapons should return to there default position, amidship. It looks terrible with all guns broadside without a target and guns shouldn't look like they are stil
  9. I guess that’s going to be the major change from RTW2. In RTW2 you can sink one ship and then do a runner and win on points or win without completing any objectives (objectives are bonuses). Is UAD going to be all objective base battles? Is this how the campaign is going work from battle to battle. As objective based, withdrawing/retreating wouldn’t be an thing, only the objectives. I’m not sure I like where this is heading, since it would diminish open world somewhat, like you would never be able to withdraw to fight another day, come back with a larger/better force etc. you ca
  10. "Enemy smoke spotted to the ..." doesn't allow for a withdraw condition. This mechanic has no range limit, it's constantly active. And while it's active the AI uses it to follow you, forever, like a stalemate. While we can just end Custom Battles and call that as the withdraw, it actually isn't going to show a successful retreat result, via a victory based on points that would be shown in a post battle screen. So to include scenarios that has victories via withdraw we'll probably need: Ability to set "Enemy smoke spotted to the ....." range limit. Withdraw or full retreat
  11. Scenario: First Campaign Battle - Part 1. Cruiser battle. Difficulty: Novice. An exercise comparing UDA as the successor to RTW2 inspiration. Referencing TortugaPower Austro Hungary playthrough. Design Instructions and Order of Battle: Design year: 1903, for both sides. Design Class: CL. Design Range: Short min. Starting distance: 10000 max. To play the battle as if it was a campaign battle, where you would 'retreat' if damaged etc. Your fleet - Austria-Hungary Empire. 2 CLs. Enemy - Italy. 1 CLs, 4 TB
  12. Division Icons. See what has happen when I tried to detach ships, division group numbers are stuff up, division 4 is selected but division 3 is greyed out. In-fact, ever since the icon dragging and dropping ability was introduced the whole thing has been unstable, it has never worked properly. 😞 Not consistent either. Other issues in the same screenshot... 2) Div 8 detach top icons shows 2 ships but large bottom icons shows 4 ships in the division. 3) Same stuff up for other displays, div 7 - 3 top & 4 bottom, div 3 - 3 top & 2 bottom and div 4 - 2 t
  13. Detection Values. In designer tool we have two sections both named 'Detection' and each have an item displaying 'Surface Visibility' but each value is different... Which one is correct?
  14. I've been replaying TortugaPower's fleet battle from the video above but there is an annoying issue... In the height of battle division icons can be accidentally dragged into another, messing up your whole fleet organization... and battle plan along with it, it happen more that once! So I suggest a toggle 'lock button' to lock division ships into there division... PS, If anyone is interested in recreating TortugaPower battle too, here's the spec's... Scenario: First Campaign Fleet Battle - Part 2. Fleet battle. Difficulty: Normal. Design Instructi
  15. There’s something else in this video that’s very very very important… Saving during battles. For CCs, 30 minute videos seems about a good mark for uploading and stopping video’s. While they can cut an original longer version, this doesn’t seem to be the practice for most. They’re actually playing multiple games and recording each in episodic stages. For us it’s day to day interruptions that causes us to stop playing (like sleep!) and we have to save our progress. And given the fire rate of early weapons, those early all-in battles are going to take quite some time to finish, act
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