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  1. To be fair I think @Elrerune The Honorbound was only referring to the battle, not the wider consequences after the battle. In the context of implications after and to the merits of the admiralty propaganda (to which I think ElreruneTheHonorbound is referring too aswell), the British clearly won the battle, strategically. But in the context of the battle only, consider this… Scheer with half the size of Jellicoe’s fleet, inflected more damage and greater losses overall (it does not matter about the individual problems of either fleet). Running into the second group and reali
  2. Nick commented that the campaign was been programmed recently (possibly something else than other the sneak peek in alpha 1), this was after improved pathfinding (for the world map) was been programmed earlier, it could mean we’re going get something alittle different. I would say at least a very advance version of what we’re expecting, but what we’re expecting, RTW2 clone, isn’t a sure thing anymore. I don’t know, U-turns aren’t unusual so maybe there’s something new coming our way.
  3. Roll penalty from side placements. While I don’t exactly know what the penalty is, I know my accuracies are higher the lower I can keep it. It was a discovery (years later!). Visibility ‘is’ based on the observer. A different kind of discovery. Took it at face value first, thought it was a standard pc engine application like every other game but no, there’s a genuine attempt to simulate real world visibility. I posted that this should be better explained, like what you’re saying but better explanations here still wouldn’t defer from the discovery. Stealth per ship is not a thing, tower he
  4. Unless in the context of 'discovery'. Recently, I discovered more things about this game I didn't know 2 years ago. This game has a large technical side to it but you don't have to be a scientist to understand it, in fact you can just slap things together without being aware of the problems but simultaneously it has the depth for the player to learn/experience if they so choose. That's the mark of excellence/longevity. You're always going to get players that think they have hit a brick wall but it's more to do with them dealing with the enigma of the game.
  5. That’s actually an excellent idea, I cannot counter it, it’s optional and not available at first. But I would keep it as a minmap and not as an overall map, restricting it to 5km for radiotelegraph and 10km for RDF (or make it the range of those techs). So this then only encompasses your fleet and generally not the overall field, this would be useful to keep ships in formation and to know which ships are in range of this bonus. And keep it pinned on the capital (flagship) ship but make the flagship changeable, i.e. the minmap is pinned to the tech equipped ship that's designated. Designat
  6. I guess that's another reason why I’m countering, “cause every other game has it”, “just because”, these 'pros' don't stack up, better if UAD is remains unique, IMO. Sure all that can be done in 2D but wouldn’t it be more interactive to do it all in 3D only e.g. to pause the game, spin the camera around and go searching for yours/enemies ships, figure out relative bearings/directions/positions, that’s the content to me, UAD content, content I think should not be diminish nor devalued. Typical of Total War games is that you have to constantly click the target/redirect troops, an
  7. I do. No one will have an ability to keep multiple ships in formation for the very first time they play UAD, therefore it must be something that players learns, a skill. In large battles, if you don't keep track of your ships they will spread out to 20-30km plus, just as Evil4Zerggin added, even in small to medium sized battles your ships can get out-off position very quickly, I agree with everybody on that, but that where it ends. The game and its players should have skills to learn, i.e. to manage ships in 3D and git gudda at it. Clicking any division or ship icon will se
  8. Going by your battle description it leads me to conclude that this will happen to you even with a minmap. You’re not alone though. Feedback so far hasn’t being conclusive or evidential enough to show how that everybody obstacles will be resolve without decreasing 3D command content/volume with a 2D map. 3D interaction is this game content, to command over a battlefield in 3D, you can’t take that away for QOL, not in this case. QOL has to be balanced so as not to diminish actual game content. I see no (nor seen a) reason why we shouldn’t use what the game has already provided i.e. to
  9. Not so much. We already know that setting to over 20 ships per side in Custom Battles will get you a performance warning, 40 recommended max. So while it's speculation it's still a pretty good guess that the Dev's won't let the game experience performance issues during the campaign and will probably keep the battle generator set to a similar max number. If ship numbers are greater per region, then the battle generator would probably breakup the battles into a series of smaller battles. There will probably be optimization done to lift this number before release. And in Academy Mission
  10. It's the context to this: "250 ships per battle", followed by my opinion: "to which would require some sort of “plot room” representation, the sizes of our battles just don’t warrant such implementation.", i.e. ship numbers are low enough for this skill to be learnable and the battle still playable in 3D only. Not really, just claiming: "that admirals stood on the bridge...during battles", i.e. with field views. I hope that clarifies (sorry for repeating assertions but you didn't seem to understand).
  11. Note, if you had, for example, 28+ BBs per region, the battle generator would probably limit the ship numbers and do a series of battles. That’s how I would control performance. Therefore if this was implemented, then it would be important to show the damage levels (or actual damage) of ships, for obvious selection reasons. Exactly what an admiral would do when selecting/ordering ships into battle.
  12. Ah yes the "Grand Fleet" at the Battle of Jutland, 151 British, 99 Germany…. oh wait, game limit total is 100? (50 per side), oh no… and do you think we’ll have 28+ battleships built in 1916? will the game allow it? While I understand the wish for total realism, it’s just not possible, so back to the reality of pc gaming… Our battles (if RTW2 is anything to go by) will be mostly of skirmishes size, with multiple cruisers battles leading up to a few battleship battles of say maybe 2-4+ each, more late era, since it’s really about how many you can deploy pre region and the economics of
  13. Ah yes it does. Skill is exactly what overcomes failure (something that's to hard to start with), this actually equals content, lots of it. I know I’m against the trend on this one but reducing this game to 2D battles would defeat the team's development energy for their 3D visual aspirations of this project.
  14. I know I said this before too, NO. TBH, I have lost my bearing alittle bit at times too. E.g. when the fleet splits up into two, transports head south, you set your warships to vector away to bring broadsides to bear, some of the enemy heads straight for the transport undetected, at this point, detection of the breakaway enemy, I realize I’m not in between the enemy and the transports. A map would have been handy to keep my compass bearing on track. But this is due to my lack of skill, not a lack of a map. Games need skills to learn, to practice, to master. The skill of 'su
  15. Story Mode, well there’s something in that….....hmm can it be done..... yes, via a 'Journey' system. How a journey system works is by completing achievements, a list, creating a story. Later cut scenes could be introduced and they would activate upon achievements - could be as simple as pictures with voiceovers, like Drachinifel videos. Journey achievements/triggers e.g. Researched tech. Captured ports. Built ships. Achievement e.g. HMS Dreadnought. Trigger: Dreadnought I hull, x5 twin 12” guns, x27 3" secondaries, 20000-21000 tons
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