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  1. There has to be a capacity to have multiple designs for each class e.g. different types of battleships, for battle re-creations (and/or for any large project).
  2. You mean one ship only! For all "ships" there need a fleet tab for both you and the enemy and that takes a programmer. Saving fleet of designs will take a game save of sorts and a programmer. As soon as Custom Battles was enable (that was a long time ago) the next step of designing and saving all was quested but not action because there only one programmer... and he/she is buzzy. Custom Battles won't take much to finish (and I don't like things unfinished either) but it is not priority, even though historical recreation via custom battles is a priority to us, Dev's have layout there plan for there lone programmer and custom battles is not planned for the interim. Remember...
  3. Custom Battles is a community driven introduction and not Dev's first choice, also Admin has said that the first draft of the "campaign is the priority" and after that is when designer tool will get improvements. With these two points in mind, work on designing & saving all ships in customs battles will be on the backburner for quite some time.
  4. Yeah that's it, my sole tactic is to reduce crew for boarding, don't care or need to do any damage or reduce armor for that purpose.
  5. @RAMJB yeah you can choose how you want to fight, drag out the battle as much as you want. My feedback is that as soon as the battle starts I switch every ship to grapeshot and then begin planning the steps on how I'm going to capture every single ship, that's exactly what I do for every battle. I'm saying that maybe that tactic should be curtail with some game mechanics. What do you think about the last US mission? to me it seems out of place, like throughtout the campaign you build your fleet up, building towards SOLs and then suddenly you have to reverse all that acquisition and try to acquire 6th rates! waste resources, shouldn't the mission be placed around about 2.0 or 3.0 and with less enemy?
  6. I’m on the last US campaign battle ‘already’, so I hope that this is the halfway mark of the campaign, I felt that I was just getting into my strides and the campaign was building nicely towards a whole lot of SOL battles. Even tripling US campaign gameplay hours would be very agreeable. I really hope that this is not the end! I thought ‘boarding’ and capturing was too prevalent, in regards of using ‘cannonball’ verse using ‘grapeshot’. Very quickly the choice of using cannonballs became obsolete and reducing crews via grapeshot was the weapon of choice. Mostly because capturing ships was the best way to collect funds and rep points but also it was the fastest way to takedown enemy ships. Overall destroying or damaging ships with cannonballs didn’t feature and in the end, it wasn’t even a viable gameplay option. I think ‘somehow’ that cannonballs needs to be made into a more viable option. Best battles were where there was multiple engagements at the same time in different parts of the map. In these battles I had to slow the game to slower than normal speed to manage the engagements, most intense and most enjoyable. I think this is how to intensify the AI, not the way of NA by buffing the AI beyond players level or pitching the greatest ship ever against the player. If there’s more campaign to come then organizing the AI to engage the player simultaneously in multiple parts of the map is the key to 'ultimate' battle action.
  7. Hammocks I, II & III, # Hull I, II & III are all grayed out, could not use them but if I could then they might get the crew up to 750, are these upgrades suppose to be grayed out? 'Advanced Gun Carriages' can get the crew up to 387, half but we can't use anything else, also I suspect we should have been able to use the said upgrades in this post. And I posted without current available upgrades to highlight those issuses. Btw some of the roman numerals don't match up...
  8. In the battle 'Stay Hungary' I captured this 3rd Rate Ardent class ship but... Can't remove upgrade 'Heavy Hull III'. Can't remove upgrade 'Hardened Mast III'. Crew overloads at 38 because weight capacity only 1260. To emphasize and query... I can't crew this ship without overloading it, bug? Are those upgrades suppose to be permanent? Why is the other Ardent class ship I captured weight capacity set at 1800 and this one only set at 1260, bug?
  9. While I understand your need to help, you are actually 'talking down' the topic, none of these are pertinent… Maintenance costs do directly impede rewards, fleet quantity and upgrade application, economy is part of the game, all of these costs needs ‘player choices’ and management thus costs should to be displayed and made available to the player to make those choices. This does not take up alot of room... And yet not all the values are available, the player has to guess them or do a series of buying and reversal re-loads to obtain the information, Dev’s can address ease-of-life issues, especially to stop repetitive re-loading.
  10. Dev's have done a wonderful job of "illusionistic likeness", fooling many. But if you study any aspect of the game nothing is actually that real, lots of compromises.
  11. Ok I'm up to US 3.5 and maintenance costs have caught up with me and now I'm trying sort them out but there's no breakdown of these costs anywhere, maintenance costs aren't even noted in the ships info tab. How are costs to be managed without any info? All maintenance costs should be listed per ship and a breakdown shown so players can determine which ships to keep and which to get rid off. 2) Weights of upgrades aren't shown in the tech tree but adding upgrades with 'weight' is important to ships loadouts, so without knowing (while in the tech tree tab) what weight an upgrade is, it makes it harder to determine the upgrade viability. Upgrade weights should be shown and known within the tech tree tab so players can make the best economical choice, instead of purchasing one and then finding out after that the upgrade is to heavy to use for there level or there indented ship. 2A) Maintenance costs for upgrades should be known at time of purchase too, ditto when selecting an upgrade for ships (but after this cost could be added to the ship overall cost once assigned).
  12. Nick is 'Rico', he'll win the day too!
  13. I’m playing AoS and there’s a reasonable amount of micromanagement with ship to ship battles, definitely not boring, very enjoyable game to play. Already Dev’s have added secondary and torpedo independent targeting as per quested by the community and this ‘micromanagement’ has added to the game immersion, not take it away as you are suggesting. You got it all back to front, It's having nothing to do in the first place that causes players to speed up battles. UAD would do well if to add more micromanagement, in fact a whole lot more such as crew based damage control or anything, something to reduce players ‘need’ to “speed up” the game.
  14. Biggest bug in the world... But Nicks one is bigger!!!
  15. If game ends with no reputation then it should end on -1, allowing the player to use every last point to try and save there game. But I have to say I think this is a rather redundant endgame attribute, considering that failing to resource via battles in enough for failure and you can't get to zero anyway.
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