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  1. I was hoping for Naval Battle Simulator style global map where we plot our fleet/s courses, set the makeup of those fleets and converge them against the enemy. In this case "how many miles", usage and fuel conveys would be a thing, like suppling fuel to ports to re-supply fleets/ships thereafter (logistics). But no, best guess is it's going to be arbitrary like, more to do with how far away a region you can sent a ship, as described in there regional fleet type system, even possibly how long ships can stay in that region. And as described we are more likely to get only auto-generated miss
  2. Yeah, whichever nations Dev’s pick we should see an exponential increase in hulls with every update, if not then I would say they’re way behind the 8-ball for any sort of start to finish campaign. Modeling with their limited resources would be their achilles heel, time-wise.
  3. Considering all the hulls of TBs-BBs-1890-1930+, all sizeable, all stats balanceable, all components attachable, times by all the campaign nations available... "waiting" seems incomprehensible! 😵
  4. Two requests... 1) Building HMS Dreadnought using 'Dreadnought 1' hull and its commissioned armament of 12' guns, you can't rotate the side turrets to be inline with the hull without it causing indifference. Could we have the hull widen alittle (or whatever is needed) for this aesthetic... 2) SMS Helgoland and her sisters saw alot of action in WW1 and is a worthy candidate for UAD inclusion but no hulls to suit, could we have her hull and superstructures added into game too please... Helgoland has a single long flat and wide hull, should be an easy one for
  5. Maybe for you but IMO I think the main “appeal” here is the 3D assembly. Every game has some form of upgrades in which players adds to their game object. UAD does it in 3D and that’s unique, players get to be modelers at their level. And also that’s why I think Custom Battles will be the best asset (once develop alittle more) because it will utilize Designer Tool to its fullest potential. Along these lines a 'simulator designer tool' simply won’t reach its aptitude, as soon as you designate the game as a simulator is when limitations are applied (and everyone love those!!!), since with a
  6. Can it be done, is there an ini file that I could modify to reset all academy missions?
  7. This is the strongest argument I've seen in this forum for the removal of limitations, causality, meaning we don't want the same effect every time, very nice.
  8. v76 custom battles database (game's database?) of DD-BB-1939 has available... Empire of Japan, 18 hulls. United States, 15, hulls. Spanish Empire, 15 hulls. German Empire, 15 hulls. French Empire, 12 hulls. I was picking Japan to be one of the two campaign nations with the most hulls but now with... would bring the French total up quite a bit putting France in the front running. Just trying to read between the lines! 🤔 Japan vs France, unlikely, who would vs France though?
  9. As the statement says, things are back on track so not to worry anymore. 🤞
  10. November, campaign Q1 2021, custom battles Q2, steam Q3, full campaign Q4, carriers Q1 2022.
  11. Naval Action is setup the same way, tutorials merge into challenges, GameLabs just don’t do nice voiceover tutorials like War Thunder. You’re petty much thrown into the deep end. What GameLabs-UADs would probably do is more basic academy missions, if they thought it was needed but definitely no husky-Russian voiceovers!
  12. We peeps should keep this in the forefront of interest.
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