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  1. Bad Parts Error is in the campaign too. In case you missed previous post - placing components on visible snap points is fine, it's when you use CTRL-Move, or fine adjust away from visible snap points. e.g. rear funnel is placed on a visible snap point, 2 forward funnels have been fine adjusted.
  2. I'm still battling through 1900s. Yeah what Evil4Zerggin said.
  3. I only know as much as you do but IMO, and as of today, you have no choice but to play the game and unlock each decade as and when you win the previous. You know, all GameLabs game campaigns are built the same way, none of them you can start at the end or even in the middle.
  4. That looks like the barbette that rotates from the edge point, so maybe designed ok, just rendering in incorrect.
  5. Does this come with pictures! would help to debug.
  6. Wars don't last that long, if you send the enemy to the bottom, maybe action a blockade, you can win a war/campaign in 3-4 years, and unlock the next decade. I.e. you don't actually have fight for the whole decade long.
  7. I've unlocked the next campaign, 1900, and then if you start one... then, if you go back to 'New Campaign' again, to restart, you're back locked out of 1900.
  8. 'Set crew', use the slider, must have crew to be active/normal, set to 0 crew to mothball.
  9. I hope issues like "Bad Parts Error" after loading is fixed before steam release, this fix is not mention in the changelog. Because our good folks over on steam won't be so forgiving with their comments! And a special mention for the no/bad gun arc's facing hull borders. There are many issues that have been reported but are not in the current changelog (I mean bugs/errors not suggestions).
  10. I especially like how the AI emulates admirals, very humanlike e.g. maintaining optimal range, fighting in formation, retreating when it thinks it’s done for. ^^ This is another one of those humanlike AIs, since this is what players actually do, wait for the enemy to expend all their torp’s, then move in for the kill. But I would suggest making the AI active on 5-15% remaining torps, fleet-wide. Even randomize this figure between 1-15%, or set to national trait. This might have the following effects: Player won’t know exactly when the enemy will attack, general unpredicta
  11. Irrelevant to the point the game is already committed with the current visibility system. Really, you want them to change it now, good luck with that. And as I’ve pointed out to you before, it is fundamentally based on the height of the observer, i.e. RL. Again all irrelevant, this is the current game, unless Nick jumps in and says they’re going delay another year and change the whole visibility system, its’s here to stay, get use to it. Or wait for version 2. (just my opinion of where the game readiness is at) . BTW, I've never question historical truths, just accept its plausibl
  12. Tweaking/balancing yeah, battle mechanics no. Unless there’s major bug that materializes IMO battle mechanic are done and dusted. This is the game.
  13. Not now, campaign is virtually here, maybe UAD2. Sorry but you need to keep your expectations in check, other-wise you're just going to face disappointment. But quiet Dev's don't help either. That's where we differ, I accept the game in the here and now.
  14. I know exactly what’s proposed, I'm after the result. IMO the result would be that every ship would have to be sailed individually into either its surface visibility or enemy visibility range, to acquire the target. What then would be the point of formations. Your battlecruisers would be facing escorts at point-blank range, visual range. All capital ships would be facing enemy capital ships at visible range only, never at optimal gun range. see example. Meaning all battles will be govern by Tower Spotting, Surface Visibility and Visibility Range. Not by current enemy awareness.
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