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  1. Admin talked about the possibility of war companies being added long ago. Allow players not it clans to be a part of their nation and go about nation politics. While players in war companies (basically clans as we have now) to be autonomous.
  2. I do not think reinforcement should stay open longer for the attackers side at the very least. What this will lead to is small fast tagging ships pulling battles then calling in their friends from forever away to join in.
  3. The Repairs change basically brings it back in line to what it was before. It was pretty crazy having to bring 500 hull and sail reps on an ocean.
  4. They will but that is some what the point. To teach them that the world is not safe and people want to kill them. I like the way EVE does it where there are mission lines that teach you aspects of the game, they generously reward you with basic ships, and gear. So when your a noob then do something dumb and die it isn't really a crushing blow. More like a small prick in the right direction. Also 5th rates should be relatively cheap and plentiful they are the best ships to learn with.
  5. Dismasting is the most effective way to win a fight its kind of crap all around. The ship trying to dismast has no idea of weather or not the other ship can even be dismasted. The ship being dismasted has no idea how damaged their masts are. The only thing I can think of is to lower mast thickness buffs, buff the HP in turn. Then provide a indicator just like hull to show the masts damage.
  6. As much as I want this back. Everyone would die to leak shots with waves like that with pretty much nothing you could do about it.
  7. From the little I know it seems like the rare woods are going to be hard enough to get that it will be very rare for a clan to mass build rare wood ships for that small chance at purple/golds.
  8. I would be ok with spending labor hours to scrap ships is scraping them gave a meaningful amount of mats back.
  9. I think little ships in general just need a HP buff. They all seem to just kill each other very quickly due to small ships putting out more damage for their size.
  10. If you were deemed a traitor yes I assume the people you betrayed would attempt to sink you.
  11. Battles really should be free for all's and this wouldn't be an issue. As is there really a reason why a ships captain and crew couldn't go rouge or flip sides in battle? Reputation of course. Hachi you have no friends don't lie.
  12. Talking about titles maybe make thoughs titles worth something. Perhaps when you have X amount of title points (perhaps like the old conquest points where some ports are worth more) you would be able to buy a special reward like a paint, a flag, one of the special ships. Maybe it would be a tiered system or maybe you would just get the points and spend them. Ideally it would promote RVR without promoting swapping of useless ports.
  13. How about letting any nation use any flag with the DLC. We have Pirates sailing the santisima and the U.S. sailing the victory so I don't think historical accuracy is a issue. In fact it makes more sense that they stole a flag and raised a false flag.
  14. The best pvp ship in the game the Indiaman does not have bow guns. #Indiaman Refit
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