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  1. Aster

    Wood Chest?

    The Wood chest drops also come from raid chests from the raid missions. You only get one though, however they are much easier to do.
  2. I view demasting much like rage boarding. It can be anoying but it is a tactic. One that can even be countered if you recognise your opponent is trying to do it. If your in a larger ship then your opponent your largely immune. If your in equal ships and run a decent mast mod your largely immune. Even without mods if you refuse to give proper distance for mast snipping by taking more range or hugging their hull you are largely immune.
  3. As far as I know. Each sail provides its own speed yes to one. Mast repair is the same as sail if you get dismasted during a sail repair it will still repair masts.
  4. 100% sail=150% water. 80-20 is 100%. 0 is 50% water.
  5. If deep water ships can use shallow ports then whats the point of shallows? You can already do this sort of thing as we can trade at sea. Have a player on a shallow ship like a t brig sail in, pick up the goods then sail out and trade the deep ship.
  6. Both ships. Draw a line from the tagged ship to the tagger ship and the join circles will be straight opposite.
  7. Well more things like events would be very welcome to add some spice to the game. Things like trader fleets with escorts. We have a sunken fleet event, why not a actual treasure fleet event. It could spawn in a area of the map and attempt to leave for Europe, It could have many Indiaman full of goodies. Speaking of the raids as well why not have a treasure fleet mission that can be taken for a cost whatever that may be and the mission would be to escort a fleet of ai traders from one location to another the larger the distance the more profit. Put out a server message "a treasure fleet has left X city." . I am sure plenty more ideas could be come up with, the greater question is that of the resources put into the games development.
  8. It does make sense for a trade ship to not want to aggressively chase and instead try to escape.
  9. I heard that if you close the game through task manager that the ship instantly disappears.
  10. Someone has been trained in the Italian art of war.
  11. No bigoted remarks. Thanks. - H. Darby
  12. The AI uses medium guns on its broadside while many players use longs this gives the AI a higher damage/faster firing broadside. Their aim is also fairly good depending on the circumstances (sometimes they like to just fire in the general direction of the target). However any notion that the AI is cheating is slander and will result in a ban hammer to the gulag.
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