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  1. I had always hoped they would bring back the old feature where you could have goods hauled automatically from one port to another for a cost. Very few people want to haul goods for hours across the map it is a un enjoyable time sink that must be done though. I think it would be far better if we could use one of our ships to automatically go from one outpost to another. It would spawn the ship in the open world as an ai and it would sail with its hold to the destination. During this time the ship and the crew on the ship would be occupied and unable to be used until they reach their destination. I feel as this would open up so many possibilities for player generated activities like raiding and convoy escorting. Things that should be very common and important but hardly exist in the game at its current state.
  2. As much as I like the surprise. She is a shallow water ship and should be compared as such. When compared to other shallow ships the surprise is a very powerful ship. It would be like comparing a third rate to a first, while a third can out manuver a first and win typically the first will have a large advantage.
  3. Thickness cap should be 30% although im not sure how they count the base additive thickness like +5 from carta for instance.
  4. As said the amount of money you get selling the ships is a total non issue. You would be FAR better off buying alt accounts with the dlc money and doing delivery missions. Basically risk free as well and makes way more money.
  5. So first things first upgrading building reduces labor hour cost to pull out resources. Secondly Not all buildings use labor hours so without the DLC you can not gather the mats to build a ship and then build the ship. Finally you can use labor contracts for more hours if you have to do more.
  6. yes you get a new boat every 24 hours that's the point. You can sell them to the port for a small amount of money.
  7. Again if you attack 7 AI fifths the chances are the BR will be high enough the battle will close AI fifths being commonly 100-200 BR. Anyway if you Have to be super safe and can not risk a battle being open. Then do not attack AI higher then their BR so if you see 5 fifths then do not bring more then 500BR the battle can not stay open then. Even 600 BR+ should be safe depending on ship comp. Anyway I am not in favor of adding more rules for something that is a non issue.
  8. Others can only enter the other side if you have a sizable amount more BR then the enemy side. So Fight AI fleets that are equal or close to your BR and you will be fine. If not then be prepared for one enemy probably smaller then you to join. If they join with a lot of BR then your side will be open and you can have a friend join.
  9. If you can turn off survival in boarding now, you should also be able to brace in boarding. Fire which happens in boarding now just equals death with little you can do about it.
  10. Timers are good, they prevent the bad people on the other side of the round earth from hurting you when you sleep. But if we must remove the timers and set a standard server time clearly it should be set to the Caribbean time zone you know it being a Caribbean game and all. Anyone who plays outside my time zone basically does not exist right so I see no issue with this time zone being used.
  11. I fear that if new players come to the game on release they will feel far to behind when they find out others have hundreds of hours of books and rank on them. That being said it has never been easier to get book with all the various ways you can do it. Anyway I say burn it all, wipe everything.I think the game is most enjoyable when we are fighting in the trash boats we can coble together instead of the super ships with best woods, mods, books, ect. Even though I know a full wipe release will be a massive dlc boat spam I still have fond memories of sailing out of fort royal to pvp in a traders snow.
  12. I love when a small ship shoots a broadside that bounces harmlessly but a handful of guys still die. Like are my sailors hanging off the side of the ship in combat?
  13. They have internalized their defeat. Gooodddd. Say it with me, I am sorry for constantly crying in tribunal and calling you cheaters.
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