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  1. Aster

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    If you were deemed a traitor yes I assume the people you betrayed would attempt to sink you.
  2. Aster

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    Battles really should be free for all's and this wouldn't be an issue. As is there really a reason why a ships captain and crew couldn't go rouge or flip sides in battle? Reputation of course. Hachi you have no friends don't lie.
  3. Talking about titles maybe make thoughs titles worth something. Perhaps when you have X amount of title points (perhaps like the old conquest points where some ports are worth more) you would be able to buy a special reward like a paint, a flag, one of the special ships. Maybe it would be a tiered system or maybe you would just get the points and spend them. Ideally it would promote RVR without promoting swapping of useless ports.
  4. Aster

    Can we get Just our flags on OW?

    How about letting any nation use any flag with the DLC. We have Pirates sailing the santisima and the U.S. sailing the victory so I don't think historical accuracy is a issue. In fact it makes more sense that they stole a flag and raised a false flag.
  5. Aster

    Bow guns for frigates without?

    The best pvp ship in the game the Indiaman does not have bow guns. #Indiaman Refit
  6. Is this not basically the Pandora?
  7. If you sail a trade ship the ai does shoot chain at sails.
  8. Aster

    The time has come to make pirates hardcore choice.

    Implement a reputation system so players can act like pirates and they will become one.
  9. In my opinion doubloons are not that big of an issue for RVR you can easily make 2-4k a day of the patrol. Then hitting traders it really just depends on time/luck. Anyway a player should be able to get enough doubloons to build at least 1 first rate a week with minimal effort. The low amount of port battles is simply a factor of 1.)Low pop, the pop is just to low for the game to function which causes people to not be interested in putting in the effort to play. 2.) Little reason to take ports. Most ports have little value to fight over, further dissuading people from making the effort. Personally I think adding region bonuses for controlling whole regions would help giving all ports in a region some level of meaning. Also adding raiding in as a smaller barrier of entry way to do RVR. Currently it takes a sizable effort to assemble a fleet and go do pve somewhere for hours just to start a MAYBE battle. But mainly its population.
  10. Aster

    How can a new player start?

    Why must you say such hurtful things? Please bring legends back one day, maybe as a world of warships style game.
  11. Aster

    Patch 28: Flags

    Your a funny guy.
  12. Aster

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Its twilight clearly
  13. Aster

    Perk for Fleets provides unfair advantages

    All AI does have boarding mods like marines. The AI is just predictable and bad at boarding.
  14. Aster

    Loss of rank

    Have you checked your redeemable tab? It should be a little star looking thing at the top right in dock.