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  1. You already can sail into a enemy port with a trade ship and see contracts/ port bonuses.
  2. Its a lot like freedom of speech. You can do what you want with your port, and you are not going to get banned for it. That does not mean your protected from the community shitting on you when you try to do it to them. Moral of the story if your a dick prepare to get dicked.
  3. Arranged port battles/ port hand overs are very common (polish ports from france for example). No rules are broken A port owner may do as they please with a port.
  4. The attitude of the captain going in to the fight is just as important as the ship he is sailing on. This MUST RUN attitude is most common in the nations that get beat up on they are so used to losing that I assume they cannot see themselves wining so they will attempt to flee. Yes fear factor is also a thing a well known and feared captain name will cause a un sure enemy to break and run faster. This is why I was so in favor of the open world names being hidden because often a player who was hunting would find a well known captain and just run away to look for easier prey. Anyway moral of the story when you go into battle go in with the plan to win and only run if you can. When it becomes clear you can not run turn and fight the amount of ships I have seen sink without firing a single shot of ball into the hull...
  5. I think for the Connie to see any usage she needs a speed buff to fulfill its roll of a super frig. Currently speaking the connie is just to slow and to under gunned to see any use.
  6. Aster

    Fire question

    Wood type plays a large factpr ships like fir fir have a large fire spread modifier making the fire grow faster and burn longer. Teak,cag, mahog all have fire resistance. Entering fire shock does not necessary mean death. If a ship is still fairly healthy structure wise and can repair it can put the fire out and repair enough to stay alive (it still will take a chunk of damage). Fire also grows when shot so try to avoid getting shot a lot if you want your fire to go out.
  7. Enemy ports spawn enemy ships go in that direction.
  8. Yes trade ships are still locked to three slots poor lgv refit
  9. Lol asking USA and Spain for help
  10. So are we the baddies?
  11. Surely I am not reading that they want a free port back on the U.S. coast? Not only would that increase the amount and the size of the player ships pvping the coast. It would also open all the U.S. ports to being attacked. The best way to grind AI would be to open a outpost near the frontline. Which should be pretty safe since there is no free port near by. Or to take a port surrounded by enemy ports ala what the dutch did at les cays. The problem is not unique to the U.S. Its how the game works. If you go to vera cruz it is only russian AI if you go to dutch land its only dutch AI. It is a extra security measure so you can hide with friendly AI if attacked.
  12. I have had the guns mysteriously stop working in combat for a short period happen once. It was my stern guns and they just refused to fire even though they were loaded after about 30 seconds they then started working again as normal.
  13. Navy guns are long guns check dispersion for ideas on what kind of guns it is.
  14. A tribute to Banished the hero no one wanted, but the one we deserve.
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