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  1. Sums it up pretty good. Its sad to see the devs cater to the "solo 1st rate" crowd at the expense of taking all strategy and player skill out of the game. Also, 2v1 or 3v1 will not be possible now. Its becoming more and more clear that the devs have no vision for this game and are making it up as they go. The "Development plans update: 1 half of 2019" thread says nothing about damage model being a problem or even being an area of interest. I finally thought the damage model was fine and balanced after seeing adjustments being made over the last 3 years. Today they threw out all of their previous hard work (and time we spent waiting for new damage models) to remove all strategy from the game just so players can feel safe sailing their 1st rates alone in a sandbox MMO
  2. that is sooo broken. cant demast 1st rate by stern raking but it can 1 shot frigates. Cant angle shots anymore, thus no player skill is no longer important. gg
  3. I am a better captain than the Bellerophon and I do not want 1st rates 1 shotting bellonas 😉
  4. There needs to be balance and it is much more balanced than it used to be. I used to sink player 3rd-4th rates daily in prince/snow... It just seems this is the complete opposite end of the spectrum. There needs to be a middle ground.
  5. @admin just curious... what was wrong with the old damage model? Will test new patch when I get home from work
  6. PvP Mark system worked much better for the solo PvPer. 1-2 kills would yield enough money to replace your ship (depending on upgrades used). So as long as you sank more ships than you died, you had a nice steady income. That is not what I have experienced since the currency wipe.
  7. If TP comes back it should be done only with an empty cargo hold and fee deducted from bank account based on ship size (compounded fee with fleet ships) to the last port visited. I support this. BUT I don't think that is the solution to escaping campers and tagging for hours until death. For example.. you attack someone and have a good fight, you survive and leave only to find 5 ships waiting for you... 1) once you leave battle you have missed your chance to TP to port 2) even if you didn't miss your chance to TP to port, you are the one being punished (paying money to teleport) when you are the one who is being harassed. Inivisibility must be increased to the point where a player can leave render range of his/her enemies after battle. I'd argue for 15-20k distance. If you escape battle, you should be able to escape in OW.
  8. You took away PvP marks... Thats why I haven't hunted in OW since September. No way to sustain myself financially like before. People tagging AI trade brigs are richer than me.
  9. There was a card mini game for boarding in Uncharted Waters 2 that worked pretty well. But it was based around the idea of 2 captains dueling each other, not entire crews. It could be adapted to better suit Naval Action though. Anything would be better than the current boarding game imo.
  10. After trying the updated testbed today.. I am happy to see some of my suggestions regarding text size (especially the damage counters) were implemented and that the boarding prep is better highlighted when selected. Regarding grammar/text issues, I only have 3 main suggestions/criticisms left: 1. "battle sails" should just say "battle" considering that the rest of the options are labeled "full" "half" "slow" etc. When you get to "battle sails" the text seems cramped and redundant. 2. "Water" needs to go. Focusing my guns on the water makes no sense. I can just imagine a captain ordering his crew to "load cannons and aim at the water!" 😄 3. I just realized that you can hold ctrl and hover over icons to get full text descriptions of each feature. This is awesome but i doubt that many will know how to do this. Maybe there is a way to make this feature better known? Moving on... I still cannot get any information on the enemy ship to display at the looting screen. Am I missing something here? I do not want to capture a ship that I cannot see the stats for. Lastly, the boarding is still broken as hell. If this is the true vision of the boarding mini game, I suggest we disable boarding altogether. Seeing the enemies preparation still forces us to play the "last second clicking" mini-game that the original boarding mini game was built around and it only gives veteran players an advantage. On the flip side...if you disable the visibility of enemy preparation, all strategy is lost and boarding becomes completely random. You simply cannot change how a game is played by disabling visibility of enemy actions. For example (board games): you cannot remove the money from Monopoly and call the game Scrabble. You must redesign the boarding mini-game altogether or leave it as it was.
  11. It's all been reported to death here: Hopefully some changes will be made in the future. I wouldn't get my hopes up tho.
  12. The water looks fine but perhaps it would be different shades of blue in different parts of the Caribbean? My biggest gripe is the OW sailing wave size/scaling. Something isn't right, it's like watching a ski boat go 50 mph across a calm lake. Not to mention that most ships sit too high in the water with their hulls exposed in OW. Surely something could be done to make OW sailing look better. After all, players spend most of their game time watching their ship sail in OW.
  13. How about "focused" or "auto focus" since the cannons are focused on the reticule? TBH "locked/unlocked" made sense and i don't see why a change needed to be made at all. Words like "water" and "free" just sound too vague since they are nouns/adjectives and not action verbs.
  14. You should be able to understand the meaning of a core game feature without getting on the forums for an explanation. If it doesn't make sense in game, then the words should be changed. I understand the development team does not speak English natively so it's understandable that there are some translation issues. It's our job as English-speaking testers to let the development team know when language is being used incorrectly.
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