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  1. OBS lets you add a 16 minute stream delay. I am sure there are ways to add a longer delay, but I haven't really looked into it.
  2. The game can be hardcore and casual at the same time and I think a lot of players are defining "hardcore" wrong. Features such as no safe zones, 1 dura ships, and outlaw battles are examples of hardcore mechanics because they require greater skill from the player to survive. Adding an extra grind to the game doesn't require any more skill, it just requires the player to waste more time so I do not consider that a hardcore feature, especially since it doesn't actually add any more content to the game.
  3. Capn Rocko

    Questions about Hostility missions

    The reward is a port battle 😉
  4. Maybe you don't remember when alts, noobs, and random players without voice comms joined PBs and ruined plans for PB fleets. The clan system is much better because the players who plan and work hard for the PB get to decide who joins.
  5. I have not quit but likely will not play much (or at all) until 2nd half of 2019. There are too many areas of the game that need attention to the point that the game is not worth playing (imo). Patrol zones, hostility, shallows, PvP rewards, useless ports, 4 hour revenge ganking, pirate mechanics, the list goes on. However, my major complaint is that overnight I went from being a wealthy, self sustainable, OW PvP player to a poor, struggling, sailor who cannot find PvP nor make money doing it. I strongly feel that all currency should have been wiped and that the patch should have been delayed until PvP missions were ready.
  6. Capn Rocko

    Idea for NEW RvR/Hostility system

    I think the flag of conquest should be tried again. Notifiy the whole server when and where the flag was purchased, then hold the purchaser of the flag in port for 10-15 minutes to allow the enemy to prepare a defense fleet. The flag expires if the purchaser does not leave port within 30 minutes. A port battle will be triggered for the next day if the flag reaches its target destination. Flag should be very expensive (reals and/or labor hours based on size/importance of port) and limited to 1 purchase per day/week to prevent trolling. No more PvE grind and it gives the defender a fair chance to deny the port battle. It's up to the attacker to determine how big of fleet to assemble to get the job done.
  7. Capn Rocko

    Admiralty Ships?

    Good suggestion. Reselling NPC ships should not be a source of income imo.
  8. Capn Rocko

    Admiralty Ships?

    I just logged on for the first time in 2 months to duel a friend and I could not find any NPC 5th rates for sale at any of the free towns. They were all 6th/7th rates. Is this intended? If so, I suggest we change that. If not, then I suggest we increase the amount of NPC 5th rates at free towns. cheers o7
  9. Capn Rocko

    Epic Events in shallows

    Just curious... are there any statistics as to how many deep water epic events are attempted/completed each week? It seemed to me that not many players are participating in epic events. I bring this up because players are still asking for raids to be implemented and @admin's response 1 year ago was: "Raids are on hold. We will see how players accept the epic events. and if strong bots are interesting pve raids could become a reality."
  10. Capn Rocko

    We want outlaw battles!

    If reinforcement zones remain, then I agree no outlaw battles should be allowed in them. I am also for outlaw battles for all nations.. I am just suggesting for pirates since it seems more realistic in the sense that it is a feature that was already approved by the development team and implemented in the past.
  11. Capn Rocko

    We want outlaw battles!

    Pirate Republic of Nassau was mentioned by the developers as a possibility before outlaws were added last time. It probably would have solved a lot of issues. If not, a free nation change redeemable would go a long way for those that don't have DLC.
  12. Capn Rocko

    We want outlaw battles!

    Go read every outlaw thread in the last 1.5 years and summarize the main arguements for the supporters. That is all I have tried to do. I'm sure I could have done a better job but this thread was created by a moderator based on some offhand comment I made in another post.
  13. Capn Rocko

    We want outlaw battles!

    If new players want to be pirates that's fine, but they should be fully aware of what they are getting themselves into. Outlaws with safe zones added a lot of confusion on that part. I'm not imposing my opinion on new players. I am just suggesting something many players want and for it to be implemented with as little exploits as possible.
  14. Capn Rocko

    We want outlaw battles!

    I did not mean the opinion of "all players". I meant the general opinion of those who are suggesting that outlaw battles should return. I have followed the outlaw discussion closely (there is a new thread that pops up every few months about outlaw battles) and most supporters suggest the same changes with minor differences. The general opinion of all pirates is all over the place. Some want pirates to only sail small ships, some want no RvR, some want extra perks. The truth is no matter what is decided (even doing nothing) there is no way everyone will be happy.
  15. Capn Rocko

    We want outlaw battles!

    The general opinion from players is there should be no reinforcement zones and no capital for pirates. This does 2 things: takes away all feelings of safety (because outlaws are never safe) and (more importantly) distributes the pirate population across the game map, instead of focusing everyone in one place. Pirates should not be a starting faction that new players join to learn the game imo. You should have to perform an action in game to turn into a pirate (it could be as easy as sailing to a pirate port and clicking "leave current nation and join pirates"). There are 10 other nations in the game that are better suited for new players. After all, most pirates in real life began their careers as privateers for their home nation.