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  1. If TP comes back it should be done only with an empty cargo hold and fee deducted from bank account based on ship size (compounded fee with fleet ships) to the last port visited. I support this. BUT I don't think that is the solution to escaping campers and tagging for hours until death. For example.. you attack someone and have a good fight, you survive and leave only to find 5 ships waiting for you... 1) once you leave battle you have missed your chance to TP to port 2) even if you didn't miss your chance to TP to port, you are the one being punished (paying money to teleport) when you
  2. The water looks fine but perhaps it would be different shades of blue in different parts of the Caribbean? My biggest gripe is the OW sailing wave size/scaling. Something isn't right, it's like watching a ski boat go 50 mph across a calm lake. Not to mention that most ships sit too high in the water with their hulls exposed in OW. Surely something could be done to make OW sailing look better. After all, players spend most of their game time watching their ship sail in OW.
  3. It would be nice to have a global trade chat for WTB/WTS Thats a language right? 😉
  4. +1 Only been suggested 100 times before. Maybe this is the time they listen 😎
  5. The tutorial exams were designed to prepare players for PvP battles while the beginning missions are designed to teach the basics. It is misleading because its common for new players to try to finish the entire tutorial before they ever set sail in OW. If you have trouble with the exams, get more practice fighting AI in open world then come back to it later. cheers o7
  6. If you are paying for the timer with your own money, then you should be able to decide when the timer is. Period.
  7. I love the idea of the alliance system and diplomacy within nations. It would (for the most part) unify nations and clearly define their enemies, friends, and overall goals. It would also make the game easier on new players as it would open up more of the map (ally waters) for them to explore and PvE safely. But there is one problem: There will always be players/clans who will choose to sabotage their nation's efforts because it is impossible to get hundreds of players to agree on every decision and follow orders. Just look at the US nation for example: they had elected officials and rep
  8. People in different nations were never friends. All players from other nations should be treated as enemies and thus you should not be allowed to communicate with them, trade, or acknowledge their existence for any reason other than to gank them to death. Sarcasm or truth? 😉
  9. admin stated 2 years ago that if Epic Events became popular, that raids would be considered. My guess is that not many players take part in Epic Events
  10. +1 I suggested it before in the UI feedback. Personally, I don't like the nation chat part of the suggestion as I do not see how it is useful information as it says nothing about a player's skill level. It would be more annoying than anything imo.
  11. I imagine it's because it's almost impossible (with the current game mechanics) to implement this feature without players exploiting it in the OW. This is why i first suggested room-based practice.
  12. I've suggested it in the past and the devs decided against room based content. I understand their reasoning behind it and will not argue it further. However, I will argue that there MUST be a mechanic in game for friendly duels. Green v green is a crappy way to practice with players from the same nation (for many reasons). I do not understand why the devs only want us fighting our enemies with no mechanic to properly train/practice with our teammates.
  13. If a wipe were to happen, it should have happened when the new currency was introduced. Instead of letting the PvEers keep their money while making the PvPers poor.
  14. 1. RNG system is good because it makes gold ships rare. 2. Regional trim bonuses should come back (in one form or another). It would add more value to ports and help promote RvR.
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