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Found 12 results

  1. I was bored and had nothing better to do so I went through the previous update news so that I could create an average time between updates. Excluding the outlier of initial release to alpha 2 I got a sample size of 4 items. My three samples are 51,58,41,56 in the order of release with the left side being the oldest release and the right side being the newest release. With this very consistent data we come out to an average of 51.5 days. So mark your calendars and start counting down the days for campaign release, as the wording for this most recent update makes it sound incredibly likely that there will be a campaign in the next update. If we are going by my average it would be 40.5 more days until release. However I wouldn't mind if Christmas came early this year and the update was announced next week. Thank you for coming to my TED talk and goodnight folks.
  2. I would love to be able to use the lights on the ships, Also can u add whether and aircraft carriers to. I know its alot to ask but i'm just making a suggestion
  3. Hey devs, your doing a good job with this game so far! As i‘m close to finish the british campaign as it is right now and i‘m looking forward to the next part. That leads to the following (ugrent 😉) question: When can we expect the last parts of both campaigns? Could you give an estimated date please?
  4. Every time a large update to Aos is released I am unable to complete the download, the launcher will repeatedly complete the "applying patch" process without success. I've had to uninstall the game 3-4 times and reinstall to play the new version. I'm posting this to make the devs aware of the problem and see if anyone else in the community has the same issue.
  5. I have attempted to update the client and it continues to give me the error. Any thoughts/ideas/tips?
  6. Kann eigentlich jemand von den moderatoren die völlig veralteten threads unpinnen die auch gar nicht mehr stimmen? Gerne kann ich auch bei Bedarf mithelfen paar Threads upzudaten. z.b. @Makrian
  7. I hereby suggest the following: - that the 80BR limit that separates the shallow PB from the deep water PB to be raised to 160BR - that the most powerful ship able to enter shallow PB to be 160BR and all others to be addressed accordingly, mainly Heavy Rattlesnake and Prince, not to share the exact same BR as the Xebec. Traders to be accommodated under their warlike counterparts. - that the deep water ships increase in BR equivalent to 1/3 of their present value. So a 200 BR ship becomes a 266BR ship. And so on, such as a 600BR ships becomes 798BR. - that no port PB BR to be touched. Any suggestions for the BRs up to 160 value more than welcome.
  8. Hey all, So have been off the game for a few weeks as I heard about the following, http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/9563-upcoming-patches-this-week/page-1 So we can change nation when this drops and we can keep our XP right? I have been patiently waiting as my character is currently a pirate and I would very much like to sail under the Dutch flag. With the news that this was in the pipeline I put the game on hold. As the title states 'Upcoming Patches This Week' im confused as to why we have no word on this? Last I checked the original topic has over 13k views and I presuming many others are awaiting some new on this? The Devs/Admin are near faultless on these here forums at keeping us up to date and I have seen posts from them over the last week or so since they posted this in different topics/posts, so I am a little confused as to why we have not heard anything about this patch and where things are at? I'm not looking to start a debate about this that and something else, im just looking for some clarification, is the patch still coming? Has it hit some problems that you didn't anticipate and in turn led to a delay in its release or it it simply now not going to happen? I would love to know so that I can get back on the game but am kinda waiting for this. I do not want to start a new character if this is coming very soon, and if its not coming then I can either carry on as a Pirate or suck it up and roll a new toon. Please please any information on this would be fantastic! And to anyone reading this post, Im not looking to cause arguments or start moaning or firing shots at people or anything like that so if you don't have something useful to contribute I suggest you ignore this post Fair Winds Captains, Samuel
  9. Hi, This is my first post so I'm sorry if its not located in the right area. I've just been watching some epic game play videos on YouTube. Unfortunately I'm unable to play via a PC... (I don't have one anymore ????) Which is very disappointing as I've never seen something this good before. I don't know why I've not come across you all before! Anyway I'm drifting from the topic. I've been having a read through the forum looking for any information about a mobile Android version of the game! Because I've just got my hands on the Nvidia Shield Tablet for Android. I did see a thread originally posted last year that an IOS version was soon to be released and that an Android version was soon to be in the works. But that's all I've been able to find...... Is there any news, or information about an Android version? There's nothing like this currently on the market and I know a lot of friends who would love something like this if it was available. If anyone knows anything.......I eagerly wait to hear???? May the tide be always in your favour, and a fair wind through the rigging! Temp
  10. I searched this forum for a while and could not find anything on the subject, wherefore I have started this. Sorry if the subject already exists. I do have two parts to the issue which may or may not be related. I played Naval Action a while ago, and it ran fairly well. My computer is not very good at running games, but it is capable, and it ran Naval Action well enough. However, recently, I have not been able to get in to the game, nor have I been able to update it in order to play in the open world. I cannot find anything in Steam to update the game manually, and it obviously has not updated automatically. Nor have I seen any options elsewhere to download the update. The other puzzling part to this issue is that I could not play Naval Action sea trials within the last couple months. Whenever I get into the client, it declares that Shader Model 5 is required and that I have Shader Model 3. However, I have DirectX 11, and since I have played Naval Action (which requires Shader Model 5) on this machine before, my graphics card must therefore be comparable with Shader Model 5, as far as I can reason. (I have a GeForce GT 630M, which has worked well enough for me for a long time.) Wherefore I assume that something else is wrong, but I cannot diagnose it beyond this; I am not computer savvy. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to get my client working.
  11. yamms

    still relevant?

    I have been using a free vector map and Adobe Illustrator to make a map that can be scaled to whatever size we want. However, I would hate to spend all this time compiling the work from other maps with my own only to find that the next game implemented a map. Do y'all think it is still worth working on? Do we know if a map will be part of the next update?
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